Monday, December 31, 2012

Day 91

Happy New Year !

Today I got so spend a few minutes watching a video of my very good friend and business associate on the show THE DOCTORS..... I am enclosing the video so you can check it out if you missed the show. Not only does my friend own and operate the best coffee house in town, but he is part of a wave of taking care of yourself through this breakthrough cool device.... the Elev8 Bike.... (see link below)

Mark and Debbie Becker, owner of Barista's coffee shop, are good friends of mine. We met through a business mixer and remained friends and  now business associates for over 10 years. They opened their coffee shop just around the time I opened my company, 4 A STAR.....

Enjoy this video and remember on this New Year's Eve.... to be the difference, be the change you want to see, have hope for the New Year and never be afraid to go out on a limb.....after all, that is where the fruit
is !!!!!

See you in 2013. Enjoy.....

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See the Elev8 Bike on THE DOCTORS..... LINK BELOW:

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 90

Sunday.....Our Day of Change..... so how are you doing with this? I'm holding my own with it. Been good..... check it out and try it out.... Enjoy !

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Day 89

Why is it that as we approach the New Year we tend to reflect more? Maybe we do it all year at various times and just notice it more around the end of the year. Resolutions start creeping in and we just want to focus on a new year, maybe a new beginning or a better "move forward" if you may...... Do you do all that too?

So I was riding into the weekend gig and just put Phil Phillips into the cd player..... came across song #4.... "HOLD ON".....
The song talks about life and how we learn to hang in there. We all have been dealt a hand. How we deal with the hand we are dealt is how our life evolves. So I sat there pondering life, death, and all the things we try to find answers for now and again. I reflected on things that I remembered from my childhood..... good things.... some not so good.... LOL   

I thought a lot about my Grandmother, Mother, Father.... all of whom are no longer living ....yet they live inside of me.....

So I spent time with myself today. Quality time as I listened to Phil in the background.......

Enjoy you life. Make the best of the hand you have. The only person who can change anything in your life if YOU..... Let's pull to make 2013 our best year moving forward.
Enjoy !

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 88

I love to say 88 piano keys whenever I see the # 88..... just sayin'

So today was sort of interesting..... taking this very strong antibiotic that I hate....that said, I hope it knocks this crappy cold and all out of me.... LOL

I did go out to the Brigantine Island to meet with a client today. It was very cool for this client , aside from being multi-talented, is also gorgeous and full of way out ideas. (which is all me !) She thinks way outside the box..... so I asked here, where is the box? We don't even need to be anywhere near the box. Hahahahaha

Stay tuned for the cool project we are working on that will launch the movement of "Plant Inque".... the ladies of Inque and the lads of Inque.....

All with spirituality heightened to the superpowers that they naturally bring to the table.
Going around the world discussing the things bringing us down, putting it on the table and knowing that a positive healthy outlook can make a world of difference....

Be a part of Planet Inque.......and all the good it stands for.
So today , my few minutes away from reality was on the Planet Inque.......way away from the box......  Enjoy ! 

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Days 86 and 87

Well still being sick for this entire month hasn't made anything fun. LOL   My spirits are up though. I finally broke down and went to the doctor who prescribed an antibiotic. I hate taking those things but this has been lingering for too long.............all month on and off. Made the last 2 days just miserable. I'm so staying on the positive side of it but every few seconds comes with a horrible cough..... At least I got it to calm down with tea and honey enough to enjoy the holidays. All the running that comes with that probably wasn't so I'm really feeling it...........again...........all month with this............... on a brighter note. I spent a couple of hours with Darnley , Brian and Brieanne. We took a break to see a movie today. August Rush !
Great flick if you get to watch it.

Make it a great day !
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Day 85

Well it's Christmas Day.......

No matter what you believe in, it's a time of being with family. It's a time when people are a little kinder to each other. Wouldn't it be nice if we could make just a little of that last all year long...............

I went to see Les Miserables today.................what a wonderful adaptation of this..............
I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved it when the audience clapped , more than once, too......

Enjoy your day !
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Day 84

These next couple days are tough for blogging as I know it's Holiday time. I will get in here when I can and play catch up. How dare the holiday interfere with my blog !!!!!   LOL

Today was crazy..... and hectic..... ended the night at Evelyn's home and had such a great time visiting with them......

I hope you are enjoying yourselves.............

Talk soon.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 83

Sunday is our Day of change !!!!
check it out....
How are you doing with this????
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Day 82

With the holidays right upon us and me still being sick, I haven't been very innovative lately ! LOL

That being said, I've still been running around like most of us and making things fun....hope you are too.

So Sat, I went to Philly, PA. to pick up a gift for a very close client and friend......

I actually posted something about these cool things awhile back. Seems like they gained a following from me talking about them so I went to Philly to get another one. Obviously, I can't say EXACTLY what it is just yet, however the subject today is more about the trip.

What I did to relax and have a little fun was to play the "Alphabet Game" on the way ..... It gets so addicting that we must have played it several times along the way down and back. The object is for each person to get from letter A to letter Z. You do this by calling out words on signs, cars, store fronts....anywhere you can see an ACTUAL word..... Here are the rules if you care to try.... now we set our own rules basically so you can modify your game if you like. Our rules:

Words must be outside of the car. (not part of the car you are in)

Anything can be used , even abbreviations, as long as there is a word.

We allow the letter "U" as in U-turn.

abbreviated words such as MPH ( Miles per hour) allow us the pleasure of the "M" only. Just don't think it's fair to be pulling other words out of the initials except the first letter. Other than that you must SEE the word.

We do have a slight slight exception for "X". You may use a word that starts with X or you may use a word that has X in it such as Exit.....

And this is a big one, you may not use the same word as someone else IF IT IS ON THE SAME SPOT ON THE SAME SIGN....ETC... So in other words if you see a Quality Inn for the letter Q, another person can use the word Quality on the other side of the sign or if it is at the bottom again.....but may not use that EXACT word in that exact spot.

That's pretty much it.....

It's a lot of fun. sometimes you wait a long time for a word and can catch your opponent off guard. Sometimes you are running up words very quickly. You need to be in charge of your own place in the alphabet....... You can usually catch up to the leader when you reach Q.....they usually take a little while. Find out the little trick when you play...... let me know how you do......

Nice way to take your mind off things and have a little fun while you travel.....

Have a great day !
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Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 81

Well today I spent most of the day sick in bed. This cold is really knocking me out. I've been sick all month. Each time I get a little better, I get a set back. At least I got well enough to get to NY and see the tree and Bryant the way, the pictures are up on the blog post if you scroll back a few days. So today I'm sick again.......
I actually spent my few minutes doing something really fun, even while I was home sick. I went to the Elf Yourself web page and created "elves" dancing of myself, Brian, Darnley, Brie, and India...... You can see the clip on my facebook page....Ava Holly Lewis.....

It was a really fun few minutes. You can try it out for free .....CLICK HERE

Enjoy your day !

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 80

Wow, 80 days and counting. Yay !  So I still haven't gotten the chance to post any NY pics.... can never get on the "real " computer anymore. It's always occupied ! LOL   I am in the borrowed lap top again from my bed. Well it's a good thing because this cold has been kicking me !!!!
That all being said, let's get to today !
So have you done your RAK this year yet? The year is almost over...... when was the last time you did a RAK? Do you know what that is????   A "Random Act of Kindness"......

Today I spent a few moments putting together 2 little angel pins for these 2 gals I was having lunch with. Well, I felt so lousy today with this cold, yet Art called me to see about meeting for lunch and I thought it would be good for me to get out just for a bit. Spent the rest of the day in bed.
Anyway, I was supposed to also meet these 2 gals from my weekend gig. Wound up was they had to cancel at the last minute. I had gotten these small little angel pins for them. I just love angels. As we grow together, you will come to find out that my mother's maiden name was "Angel". I think I may have mentioned that in a previous blog post. Always had a thing for Angels and the goodness they stand for. Anyway, I didn't really want to take the little angels back home. I noticed a whole group of people at a large table behind us and they were all men except for 2. They were all from FEMA and they were just out having lunch as I was. I went over to the ladies, gave them the angel pins and thanked all the table of FEMA workers for all they do.
It felt good. Spend 5-10 min. doing a RAK..... it doesn't have to be at the holidays but that's a good place to start. The smallest gesture feels so good. I always hope that it rubs off onto the next person. LOL
Buys someone a cup of coffee, pay for someones toll at the toll booth...... anything.....

As we approach the holidays, think of those less fortunate, no matter where you are in your own life.
Please let me know what your RAK is...... I love it when you comment. We are up to 2700 views..... keep the challenge going and find that few min. each day to do something different......

Have a great day !
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 79

I love the quirky interesting entries here.... you never know what will come from those.....
Today I was home most of the day feeling just crappy with this cold..... recovering from a long day in NY and getting home at 3AM....

Before I had to get ready for the GTBA event , I just sat on the couch surfing channels.... I came across this movie while I was waiting for the start of another movie..... (one of those things....) The movie was called  "3 days"  It was such a touching 10 min. before the end..... I was going to blog about it at that time but never made it to the computer. Now as I am sitting here posting, the strangest thing happened. The movie came on again..... right while I was posting this blog ...... so I'm going to see the whole thing now. (at least the parts after I'm done in here) I can't tell you how many movies I've seen the endings of before I ever saw the beginnings.....
I not only got swept away for 10 min. earlier but I chose to blog about this because of it's insight.....
The movie is about a young married couple. Without giving it all away, one of the couple dies.....the other sees a guardian angel who gives them the opportunity to re-live the past 3 days . (thus taking time back before the loss) So I don't want to give it away.... I'm sure you can find this around since it's playing for the holidays.....and more than once.....
What would you do if you could go back in time and fix something..... or does it really need to BE fixed !
Funny how the movie mentions Relaxing and meditation...... all the things we talk about here to take us away for a few minutes..... every day !!!

Enjoy your day !

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Day 78

Whew! With being sick twice this month, it's been crazy getting in here.... Today was our annual NY trip to see the Tree and Bryant Park. I could sit in Bryant Park for hours..... gorgeous ! (Especially at Holiday Season)

7 of us went up , 3 of us sick, the healing power of NYC at the holidays is great. Wish it lasted when I got back to Jersey.... hahahaha

The crowds weren't as "thick" as in previous years.... more room to view.....
St. Patrick's Cathedral is under construction. We actually got to go in for a few minutes . Can't wait til they finish that renovation for it's quite different with all the scaffolding around.

M & M store was cool and of course standing at 30 rock under the tree that survived Hurricane Sandy was awesome. I also loved the musical light show on the building !


Love the eyeball in the tree..... LOL..... funny, like my logo !  Eyeglass store in NYC...... Window display !

2nd photo is Evelyn, Miss India (model) , Brieanne,  Andrew, Brian (GM) and Art

3rd photo is the beautiful tree of 2012. This tree came from a town in NJ that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. It survived the storm and was brought to NY for all to see it's decorated glory !

. Enjoy doing special things this Holiday Season.....
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Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 77

Well I'm still sick today but feeling much better than yesterday. All in my head now. (Hate that). Could be worse though, right? So I hope you are finding things to do this holiday season.
Today, I mustered my way through putting our 4 A STAR holiday party together.... ( with much help from Evelyn) So nice to be in her home for this great time. What I did that I haven't done in quite some time, except for my meditation sessions, is RELAX..... great time with our 4 A STAR family. Thank you Dan Barry for you wonderful music. Thank you Stevi for joining in too with your beautiful voice.

With all the hustle and bustle, take time for you..............
Tomorrow we are off to NY.... great pics to come from there..... Enjoy !

Above, Dan, Dominic and Jon playing at our holiday party.....

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Day 76

Still not feeling well but hanging in ! Sunday is our day of Change....
Scroll back to see what we do on Sundays...... Enjoy your day !

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Day 75

Well Saturday was a bust !!!!!  I was working in the morning at my weekend position and I had this "tickle" in my throat. Thought it was just some allergies of the day. Little deep cough here and there. Well, by the time I got home, I was sick ! I still went out and did my grocery shopping for our holiday party, went to order our cupcakes....and by the time I got back I knew I needed to be in bed. So I called out of my weekend position for Sunday morning and the most interesting thing I did on Saturday was look at my eyeballs !
I think Brian gave me this through TEXT ! LOL.... He has the same thing. Miss India is sick too and my neighbor had a touch of this earlier in the week.
So I hope you are all well. If you have it know the deal...... plenty of fluids, take 2 aspiring and call me in the morning !  HAHAHA
Have a great day !
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 74

I have to start with a shout out to all the people involved in the RAW event last night in Philly.... I will talk a little about that and you will see how it leads into all the things that follow for today's post.....

RAW event is a group for Indie artists of all kinds. We were supporting the event as well as our good friends and associates Damalli Mills and El Poeta. Damali designs clothes and does photography and El is a "Poet" and awesome jewelry designer with gems/rocks he uses from all over the world. Check out these pics of our 4 A STAR models.... India and Brian ( without the make up, Brian is also our GM ) Love it..... See also El Poeta, Damali Mills and Moon (mentor to the designers) .....  I mentioned El in a previous post too....Amazing! Great job Brian and hear what happened after....
   So... after the event.... Brian got locked out of his car because the lot he parked in closed midnight....which no one bothered to tell him....the show went on til a little after midnight..... So we packed everyone up in my car and drove Brian and Edith out  a few towns recovered today..... however, I got home at 5 up at 9 to check on the car situation and had another situation waiting for me....
Art lost his wallet at the local WAWA and to make a long story short, it was we thought.....
20 min. after all that commotion I get a knock at the door from the local police.........found the wallet..... all intact.

Well just before that, I sat on the couch and tears came to my eyes... just a little overwhelmed with all that was going on. Trying so hard to make something of this company and giving it all I have got both emotionally and financially.... On the way home, I got to witness some of last night's meteor shower and actually saw 6 falling stars during the hour or so drive........ I always feel good when I see one. Even without a meteor shower, I can usually wind up seeing one around the holidays.....

I was completely overwhelmed until the knock came to the door this morning.................. After that, I just felt so good. The little details are not worth getting into but I spent my 10 minutes today being grateful..........for all the things that are good in life.......... I know there is always someone out there worse off than I am............ Thee are circumstances that life just has in it that make whatever we DO have a blessing..... I could go on and on about that.........
Enjoy your life, be grateful and thankful every day..........take the time to stop and realize that..........

My heart , thoughts and prayers go to all involved in the horrible tragedy today in Connecticut..........

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 73
This is really interesting.... I came across this lady selling these items at an eWomen event last week. I could not post it as one of these items was a gift for someone. Now that I have given that gift and I'm going to be in Philadelphia til about 1 AM , I thought I'd post this for today..... I spent a good 20 min. talking with this woman and the items she has are truly interesting. Check out the story behind the wooden Frogs/crickets and Owls.... I purchased the small frog for Brian. I think the story behind it alone was all Brian. The cool sounds the wood makes are so real. They are thought provoking and interesting...... Enjoy

We proudly ethically import the Rrribit brand Hand Carved Wooden Musical Animals from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The tribes who hand make these beautiful animals are the Northern Hill Tribe people. The wood is Albizia Saman (Monkey Pod Wood)...a stunning, non-endangered fruit wood found plentifully in Thailand.

Each of the animals we sell sounds very close to the real thing...Frog, Pig, Cricket and Owl Whistle. The Frogs, Pigs and Crickets are rasps whose sounds are created by rubbing the thick side of the included stick, or bat, along the ridges of the animal. For the loudest tone be sure to allow the vibrational points of the animal to remain free while playing. These are also percussion instruments, creating different types of wood block sounds by tapping on the animal with the bat in various places. The tone can be changed by touching any of the vibrational points on the animal, thereby dampening the sounds.

Thank You and Enjoy!!                  Visit the Site Here

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Day 72

We are moving right along..... went to bed late over the TV.....much needed relaxation !

So last night (Day 72) I got to do something I haven't done in awhile. Have a dinner party ! I actually have to give a shout out to one of my managers for opening up her home and having us over for a "staff" dinner. Thank you Darnley. You are the best !

We had salad, spaghetti and meatballs, celery stuffed w/ cream cheese, crackers and onion dip.....
Wine, sparkling juice and tea and cookies..........

What was way more exciting than the food , was the company.......... The 4 A STAR Staff and families........
Ava, Art and Brieanne
Brian , Anthony, Darnley, Antoine, and Cheniece ......

Holiday music playing and great conversation. What could be better at the holidays or anytime for that matter.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 71

Wow ! How interesting.......

Today I can actually get in here at a decent hour. Well, that said, I only have a few minutes....but in between the running I took the time to turn off my phone, have a small pc. of a sandwich, a cup of coffee and turned on the TV for a few minutes. Not such an interesting break in the day however it was something I decided to do to TAKE THAT  break today. I happened to flip into the Dr. Oz show. Fan or not, you can not argue with the awesome material he shares with us. I don't always get to watch the show. When I do, I am always amazed and intrigued by what I see.
So today they were talking about the majority conception of Cholesterol .  Funny, how the things we mainly worry about have been discussed on today's show with 3 different doctors and  some of our thinking about Cholesterol is just totally off !   Cholesterol is actually very needed by our bodies for many things including memory.  They were even discussing the fact that some people are putting their children on Cholesterol controlling drugs at a young age. The brain and body function doesn't fully mature til age 25, according to these specialists, and doing this to our children is not good.

The things all of these specialists agreed on today was that the best way to avoid some of the bad diseases and things that take us down, so to say, is to avoid 3 things:

 Sugar.................  that's it !  (watch out for foods that turn to sugar....breads, pastas....)
They talked about foods that cut our inflammation....vegetables, sardines, salmon, walnuts, avocado ( some of which are GOOD fats for us to have) Fruits..... apples very good.....

These are just some of the things they spoke of. I only took a 15 min. break and I felt so good just sitting and re-charging my own batteries and finding out some great information.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 70

70 days in so far.... a little delay here and there but for the most part been getting this out every day since the start of the challenge. Are you with us? Are you taking the challenge and forcing yourself to do something "cool" every day...even if it's just for 5 or 10 minutes....who knows what you will find....

I have made connections so far.... from all over the Country. I have had page views from all over the World and we are up over 2400 now. Woo Hoo !

I have also been able to re-live some fun things I used to do, some new things and some extended things of my business......

Today, I played around on a new web page that one of my staff put up for me..... it will link back to our original page and our original will link back to it. Very cool !

This was something I never even thought of. Now our models have a place where they can be seen right away without searching much.

this is designed to have people be able to go to the place that best suits their taste and needs.
Awesome Job, Darnely..... YOU ROCK !

Sister Site   Click here for the new site being built as an add on
Visit Our Web Page   Click here for the original site with link back to Sister page and vice versa....
Make it a great Day !

Day 69

Sorry for the delay....Sunday "A Day of Change"..... scroll back to see what we do on Sundays if you don't already know..... Make it great !

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day 68

It's amazing how I can find relaxation in chaos..... would that be an oxymoron????   LOL

I was actually in Philadelphia, PA all day today preparing one of my clients for a show.  After that, we decided to stop and look at shoes..... Well, 4:00 in the heart of Philly was crazy. I drop off the caravan and figure  LET THEM GET WHAT THEY WANTED TO GET AND I WILL DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK AND COME BACK FOR THEM.... Sure......

Whatever happened to .....make a left, a left, a left and a left and you are right back where you started....
Apparently that doesn't work in Philly !

Eventually, we got it all worked out. What did we ever do without cell phones.

Now on this chaotic run around the block which took about a half hour..... I had time to listen to Christmas music on the radio and just take it all in..... First, I encountered  license plates that amused me. I always find it funny when certain numbers or things pop into my life in strange moments. I passed a plate with my birthday on it, a plate with my cell phone #'s on it and then one that said "Rosin Up". That's a violin term. Music all around me............. then out of a small doorway of what looked to be an apartment building, 6 Santa's appeared. 3 girls/ 3 boys..... well, they were dressed in Santa garb and they had smiles on their faces a mile long. Looked like College students. Then I passed a huge Menorah..... people were setting up for a Hannukkah Celebration. Tents being put up etc.... the Menorah was bigger than life-size.
Then, on the next corner, 4 more Santas..... They were all decked out. People were waving to them. Just then I had to stop at the traffic light and all 4 Santas hopped across the street in unison and ran down the other side of the street. .....

What a cool way to marvel at the holidays in the midst of craziness. I had an awesome time and even got to chuckle several times.

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Day 67

I really needed my 10 min. break today !!! I've been having trouble with my cell phone and finally it got bad enough for me to take it to the store for a fix. Luckily they were able to fix it and I didn't lose my contacts or my pictures. I do have to re-set a lot of things but it's all good !

So today I shared my relaxation time with my daughter and we grabbed our coats, ran out in our PJ's and rode over to the gorgeous house on Sooy Lane. If you are from this area, you know about the Sooy Lane house.... well most people do. I still run into some that do not or haven't seen them yet. This year I want to go there many times. It's so peaceful and relaxing. If you don't know about the house, it's one of those big houses that puts up all the beautiful lights for the holidays. The house is set to music and you can listen in on 97.7 FM.....  They are up from 6-11PM all the way through the holidays. There are 72,000 lights on the house and property. You can always find  kids with smiling faces when you are there. What I also like, is that they take donations ( optional ) to help local Cancer patients. This year it's the GABT..... 100% of the money goes to local people in need.
On Christmas Eve, you can even find Santa there........

We are taking some people over this year that have never seen the house lit up before. Very Exciting !
As soon as I re-set my phone. I will post a video for all to see.....
Enjoy your day !

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 66

I love when things are just crazy and make no sense......and then something really cool happens !
I was watching a re-cap of the X-factor since I missed it last night.....the first video clip that came up was from the fabulous TATE STEVENS. He was really the only one I was interested in seeing so it worked out well. Couldn't see a full episode , they only had video clips....
At the end of Tate's performance and critique..... he made some mention about Tate Nation. If you know anything about the reality shows, when the fans LIKE you, they form little on line clicks.... like the "Claymates" for Clay Aiken. Well , Tate had said some kind of thank you out to Tate Nation.

So I go to  and think I'm going to find some web page or whatever......

What I found was:

Tate Nation, the painter.... he seems so cool. I love his work... I spent about 15 min. looking around the gallery....this is just one example of his cool artwork. He has painted for some major places too.
I never found the Tate Stevens Tate Nation but I found something really cool .
Check out the TATE NATION Gallery

This is just one sample of his cool style....

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Day 65

Today came with something both interesting and not so interesting. I think I want to go back to the day where I just went and watched the ducks have a conversation! Hahahahaha

Let's do the NOT so interesting part first so we can end on a high note.....well, I wouldn't say this was a total bore..... I just have to see if I'm even up for checking it out further. Inspired by the interesting experience today, I decided to check on line and see if there was a site for Santa Claus. Guess what, there is!  Visit the site here.... at first I thought..."Whoa, how cool is this!" Then I found it a little boring. Maybe I'm just being weird about it. Ok, there were cool places you could check out and facts about Santa and the Christmas holiday. You could even send Santa an email..... ahhh....not sure if I'm down for the on-line Santa yet.....

The interesting and inspired event was short and sweet and it made me laugh for about 3 minutes.....I was meeting Anthony DeGraaf at Dunkin' Donuts and when I left to go home I put on some Christmas music on the radio. One of my favorite songs came on , "The most wonderful time of the year". I think I like it so much because it's just a joy of people being nice to each other. I think this past year, I actually saw more of that..... nice when it goes on all the time and not just around the holidays....Anyway, Just as put the song on, a car passed me in the other direction and a cute dog , kind of like a hound dog, stuck it's head out the what's so funny about that??????
The dog was wearing a Santa Hat !!!!!!!!!

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PS....fell asleep again....over the lap top last night. Got up early to post. LOL

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 64

Another encounter with Angels today. Makes one think sometimes...... I just think it's me because Angels are such a big deal for me. Dec. 4th was my Father's Mom's name was Edith.... I had a funny experience surrounding my Mom's name and I saw an Angel in the sky............

So first let me apologize for being so late with this post. I was out at an event til late last night. I was at the wonderful Filomena's Restaurant in Berlin watching the "Patti Lattanzi and Billy Carlucci" show. We had our own Jim Shire singing in the show along with many other favorites. Of course we hear incredible voices from Patti, Billy, Greg Martiello, and Frankie Diamond just to name a few. You can check out their show every Tues. at Filomena's at 8:00. They tape the show to air on WVLT 92.1 on the following Thurs. So you can catch THIS show on the 13th on line. I have also blogged about this entire show sometime in the archives. If you like, check it out...... (before the Blogger Challenge)

So while I was waiting for my manager, Brian, on the way up. I stopped for a cup of coffee. I really needed it. I got done a little early and went to our meeting spot early and stopped in my favorite coffee house, Baristas, for a cup of Joe.
After I was done, I thought I would enjoy the gorgeous day and take my 10 min. to just relax and enjoy the fresh air...... I started my car, gave the radio a little volume, and just hung outside my car enjoying and relaxing..... next thing I see...... in the clear blue sky..... is a set of Angel Wings..... now look closely....if you know anything about cloud watching, the shapes disappear very quickly. It looks almost like it could be a butterfly too (which is also special in my family), but if you really look closely, you can see it is Angel Wings....pointed at the bottom of one side.  So this was a special relaxation break today. What did you do?????
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 63

This was interesting.... I was at dinner with the family and a couple of friends. On the way out , Brie notices this cool bumper sticker. ( or as I saved it in my files....BUMBER STICKER).... it said, "Kindness Matters" and it was on a mosaic background. On the other side of the same car was the cutest little "Tweety Bird"....above it, it said ANGEL.... well, I guess I have to tell you that Angel is a big deal..... I love angels.....
Angel was also my Mother's maiden name. Angels seem to follow me everywhere. (stars and angels).....
So I thought it would be cool, on this gorgeous day, to go around and snap a couple of photos of bumper stickers..... I only have a handful here for my phone ran out of power before I could even get my own in there..... of the handful I got..... I found it interesting to see the ones I found. Mind you, there were no others that I saw in the several places I stopped..... I was going to add mine to the mix and my phone died  so this is what I got..... I find it truly fascinating that this is what I got..... and the only ones I saw. Made for an interesting break from the day ! Oh, and I have to admit that I am a die-hard Steelers Fan. ( Hope I don't lose any readers now.... LOL ) That said, I am from NY so seeing this particular sticker was just so funny. We'll save the Steeler story for another blog..... Hahahahaha  The one with the flag missed the "T"  There's only one.... but here's works too I guess..... the back of YOUR car here?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 62

It's Sunday.....the Day of Change !   Make it a great one..................Follow initial blog page to see what we do on Sundays.

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Day 61

So you know how you can sit and bring up memories when you look at old pictures..... well, I didn't DO that  today..... I did, however, bring up memories and do something I haven't done in a long time.

Those that know me, know I lost both my parents 3 years ago. I feel like I carry them in my hearts all the time and many things happen in my life that relate to the experiences I shared with them. I'm sure you must have the same feelings for people close to you.

My parents had a jewelry shop in Florida. (among many businesses that they owned and ran in their lifetime). To make a long story short, when they passed away, we had a bunch of jewelry (both real and costume) to deal with. We are still going through things of theirs as my Sister (and family) have to fit that part of it into our already busy lives.

I found myself going through large amounts of  jewelry to put into a consignment shop. It's a task, however it definitely brought up some warm memories and cool feelings of when we used to go buying in NY for the businesses and all that.  It was definitely something that stuck in my mind. Here is just one of the Flag Pins they sold in their shop. They loved Flag Jewelry and the items ranged from tiny little push button flag pins to large Flag Pins with beautiful crystal stones in them. Now you can't really see how shiny  the crystals are in this photo but it's still pretty.

Precious moments..... our memories........ make it a great day ! ( You can see how I'm getting in here at 6 in the morning) All that stuff to go through..... LOL......

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