Thursday, October 31, 2019

Day 30 iPohone or Android ??

Happy Halloween Y'all !!!  Fell asleep over the computer ... LOL... so here is a quick day 30 and our Halloween Candy Debate will go up tonight !!!!  Let's go techy and see where you stand....
  Enjoy your day....

I have never had an apple iPhone. I tried to use a friends once and felt so confused. I have always used and Android once we got out of flip phone mode... LOL... I don't know, I love my android. I know people that love their iPhones.... so for you....

iPhone or Android ???? 

Enjoy ! See you back tonight after the Withching hour !

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Day 29 Trick? or Treat? LOL

We are getting close to Halloween and the end of the October Great Debates.... still a few days left and today we discuss  TRICK  OR  TREAT  ?

I'm pretty sure I know where the scale will fall on this one ... I bet some of you like both Tricks AND Treats... haha

I remember loving going out 'Trick or Treating" as a kid and also enjoying taking my daughter out when she was little. We would have a blast together..... I know she also liked to hand out candy at the house for a bit before going out.... ( sometimes).... I've been handing out candy at friends' homes for several years as I live up in a cloud and no one comes up here.... I enjoy handing out candy too.

This year, since none of my friends that usually hand out candy will be home, we are opting for a Movie on Halloween....

So anyone for tricks????   I prefer treats !!!

Enjoy !
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*images from google/ pinterest

Monday, October 28, 2019

Scarf or no Scarf?

Well we are almost at the end of the great debates.... Day 28 brings us to fall weather ( well, soon...)  ...  and we talk warm necks ! HaHa

This one is simple.... Scarf or no Scarf? 

Me, I love the infinity scarves that just loop around in a circle. Yet I am a scarf diva... LOL... I just love all kinds of scarves....

Enjoy !

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 27 Cold feet?...or Not?

Day 27 brings us back to bed while we take a look at an age old practice....
Do you wear socks to bed or do you sleep barefoot???

( gotta love the little faces on some of these toes.... hahahaha)

I remember going through a sock sleeping stage. I had to sleep with socks on....then, at some point, I began taking them off during the night.... Now I can't imagine sleeping with them on....just gets too hot.... I really don't think about it much. I guess I could sleep with them....yet I prefer barefoot.

So sleep with socks? Or NO socks ??

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*images from google

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Day 26 To "George" or Not to "George".... Hmmmm

Hey all, First like to Birthday shout out to my good friends Evelyn Licona and Diane Metivier.... Love you guys !

Day 26 brings us to a topic that is not necessarily a debate yet possibly an introduction.... makes for great conversation and great fun if you like this kind of stuff....

So I've been a "Georger" for 16, can't believe it myself.... I'm not that active right now yet the beauty is going in whenever you can. You can set up a free site or upgrade to be a "Friend of George".... it's a clean, fun site and a great way to have fun with your family or on your own. I've had bill "hits" from as far as India, Armed Forces, and  United name a few.... there's things you can do like 50 STATES BINGO and facts you can learn about money.... Check it out...

This is a site where you can track your dollar bills ! You can track other denominations as well, yet mostly dollar bills or "Georges" are what you see.....   Have fun ! All you have to do is sign up with an email and enter the serial # on your bill.... then SPEND IT ! LOL
Once someone else enters the serial number, you will get an email about your bill and you can see where it was entered again.... You should mark you bill with the web site ( above). You can even get an inexpensive stamp to do that !   Mine says, track Ava's Bill at

So..... George or don't George?   Just a fun way to navigate money....

Enjoy !
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Friday, October 25, 2019

Halloween or No???

Day 25... woop..

Well, since I participated in the annual Mays Landing Ghost Walk this evening.... I was wondering about Halloween. I've always loved Halloween. I loved it growing up and I loved sharing it with my Daughter when she was little.... Those memories are so precious to me....I never put much meaning into it, I just enjoyed it as a fun holiday....still do...

That said, I know there are people that either don't like Halloween in general or don't like because of Religious beliefs.

So, again....short and sweet. I don't want to put any thought into why or what.... just as a fun debate...

Halloween or NO Halloween ????

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Late Day 24... we go again... LOL...stressful long days these days so let's call this  LATE DAY 24 and Day 25 will come tonight....

This one is another very short one.... ( that's expected when we do these everyday blogs).... short, yet not so sweet... hahahaha

So going to say this quick. I believe there is no right or wrong here..... just saying THIS is the way I grew up..... I believe it's a regional thing...coming from NY this is the way we did it....

So here it is.... Aghhhhh !!!!!

Sauce? or Gravy ?

Enjoy !
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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Day 23 Matte or Gloss?

Hey all,
Day 23 of our October Great Debates... so this one MAY be geared towards the business person yet the receiver may like one or the other as well.....

Just an observation....

How do you like your business cards?  Matte Finish or Gloss finish?

Here is what I've grown to like.... I love glossy things yet I have come to love the matte look, especially in business cards... the reason being, you can write on them !  Also, with the matte finish , a great image on that finish makes it pop... in a way that I don't think comes out with a glossy finish.

That all said, there are times I think the glossy works well.... yet for business cards- I prefer the matte finish....

So matte or gloss????

Enjoy !

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

sheet or no sheet ... LOL

I have to laugh at this when you say it , it's just so funny ! OK...maybe it's just me ! LOLOL

So , I'm not talking about NO sheet on the bed... I'm talking about that in between sheet, the one between the blanket and the bedsheet, the one they call the TOP sheet..... Do you love it? or do you just get tangled up in it, sweat too much in it etc...

I'm not saying our beds are like this one.... at least not all the time.... yet I'm sure we don't want it to look like this one.....
Do you think the "top sheet" has an bearing on the way we feel about our beds ?? LOL

I think I can take it or leave it. Once in awhile , Ill have a top sheet on my bed....

So sheet or no sheet???

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Monday, October 21, 2019

To drive...or to drive not....hmmmm Day 21

Well as we get closer and closer to the end of the month and Halloween.... Day 21 has us talking cars.... well , maybe not the way you think, yet just another Great Debate....

For me...... I am not down with this at all. I LOVE to drive. I even took my first long road trip alone this year.... I just love driving.... I can not imagine that in a sharp quick second decision, a car of this caliber could make the right decision.... despite that, many people love this idea.... I'm still not convinced.....

Self driving cars !!!!!    Well.... Jury still out on this one for me....

So if you were able.... drive or drive not ???  ( in your car.... self driving car)

This is WAY more my style.... 

Enjoy !

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Umbrella or Raincoat?

Day 20, on this rainy New Jersey Day,  Umbrella? or Raincoat?

I remember the days when I was a kid and I used to love to walk in the water on a rainy day.... barefoot...I can't even imagine doing that with the way the rainy climate is these days. LOL

I guess I went through stages.... liked the umbrella, then didn't, then liked the raincoats, ponchos, etc... then didn't, now I go both ways yet I do like the umbrella as long as it's a sturdy one, haha

Today I waas out in the rain for a good portion of the day. I had the umbrella in the car yet I chose to use my scarf around my head....just sayin'....

Pictures courtesy of google images, amazon and racked.... 

So, umbrella or raincoat??

Enjoy !

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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Day 19 Ask or Don't Ask ?

Hello Day 19....
Before we get into Day 19 of our Great Debates...let me just remind you that we are doing a Candy debate on Halloween and then we move back to our weekly posts in Nov... Exciting stuff coming up as we talk about National Kindness Day and Dance for Kindness.... back to our ETA tributes kicking it off in November with "Diamond Reno"... local ETA  and of course, Ava's Eye Bagz updates and more on our new shared office space building.... so today let's get some direction !!!!

Is it really true that Men are less likely to ask for directions than Women?  I find that funny and I know when my husband doesn't want to ask for directions, I just laugh !

So do you stop the cop and ask for directions? Resort to your GPS? Refer to a map? Just ask GOOGLE ? or wing it...... ?????

I never mind asking anyone for directions. I love using my "On Star" and I use google maps too in my phone.  There's no way I can just wing it.... 
In any case, when everything else fails.... I just ask google !  
Much easier these days with all the Intel we have at our fingertips !

So...................ask for directions or not????

Enjoy !

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