Wednesday, August 8, 2012

eWomen Network topic for today....

So I'm finally in here again to chat a little..... let me know what is going on with you all? Do you have a topic you would like to discuss here? Send me a note through my web and we will consider doing a blog topic with you at this site. Lots of things going on as we move through this hot Summer. It has been a cray one , huh?
So today we allocate time for eWomen Network. I have to bow all of my hats to Marilyn Kleinberg, managing director of eWomen Network , Southern New Jersey Chapter. Marilyn is such a dynamic woman. She knows the power of networking and uses it to make all of us succeed.
eWomen Network, what started out as an on line place for women to meet and exchange inspiring ideas, has flourished into a Nationwide platform for women to connect not only on line, but in person. Women started creating meeting groups and soon after it formed, eWomen was now hosting women meeting face to face as well as on line. If you go to the eWomen site (listed below), you can see what is going on with Women Business Owners and Entrepreneurs today. The group also has a handful of men, ( we like to call them), however it is primarily a Women's Networking group. I can't tell you how much influence eWomen has had on my business and my life. My 1st book is now in the editing stages and the passion for my ideas keep on going as I meet and connect with Women all over the Country.
Thank you Marilyn for making this all possible for me. It's funny how I believe that everything happens for a reason. I met Marilyn many years ago. We were both doing other things but even then I think all the eWomen wheels were turning for us ! We ran into each other again. .....and the third time (things magically happen in 3's) we connected over eWomen. The personal and professional relationship has grown since then. Check out eWomen at     Click on find a chapter and go to NJ to see what events are coming up for you to check out. There is a great one coming up on the 17th at the Atlantic City Country Club. Topic is women in politics and among the 3 awesome speakers is my friend and business associate Whitney Ullman. Whitney is currently a Council Woman in Galloway Twp.
(she is also an eWomen Member)
Soar to the best version of you that you possibly can. Let nothing stop you from attaining your goals. Others are there to support you along the way!