Friday, March 6, 2015

What inspires you???

What inspires you???

So let's talk for a moment about Inspiration.....where do your ideas come from? What inspires you to not just think about something but to take action. 

I'm making the executive decision to nix the challenge at this point. At least THAT challenge. I think the inspiration was there for the first one and then pulling that off again became a challenge and a lack of inspiration for the blog part. NOT for the doing..... I do something crazy different almost every day and I hope you do too. I think we can go back in the archives and be "re-inspired" if need be for some really cool things that took place along the initial challenge. 

Since then, I have also done some cool things....just getting the time to blog about it has become a challenge. So my inspirational thought to you is to continue to find those things that take you out of your daily routine and onto some cool adventure, game, idea or a re-visit of something fun. 

Now...we move forward with new inspiration and new roads to travel. 

My partner and I are starting a line of handbags and accessories that will hopefully be out next year this time.... ( shooting for a Spring Launch).  They will be based around empowerment with some very cool ideas..... So stay tuned for that.... In the meantime, let me leave you with one small clue.... 


That's all you get for now.... stay inspired , stay focused on goals, take time for you and experience all that you can while you are here..... 

For now, I'm enclosing a video of a great concept, Open Space meeting.... creative NJ has been doing inspiring work to bring NJ to a new creative level.... one of those is creative AC.... enjoy this clip and remember I'm available for any questions.....