Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 286 and 287

Mon. / Tues. :

So Monday I took the opportunity to sleep in !!!! That alone is something I don't do very often...hahahaha
I woke up with a bit of a headache but managed to get through the day. Monday is usually my office day . That said, I took the better part of the day to rest my head and my body from the crazy weekend. ( and the week is starting off with a bang..... ) What I did that I haven't done in awhile was watch the Titanic.... Mostly all of it....The one with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio..... amazing movie ! Like seeing it for the first time even though I knew what was coming....

Today, I had the opportunity to visit with "The Brain". This is an 13 year old boy, Matt "The Brain", who is a young graffiti artist. He does his work on many canvases. One of them being skateboards. What makes this little boy so special is that his Dad helped him open up a store where he creates his boards.... when he sells a board, he donates a board..... by that I mean to orphanages in Brazil !  This is a fascinating story.... I am holding off from pictures and more elaboration on it because they will be one of the first subjects in our new entertainment publication to be launched in October. In the meantime, you can see them and hear more of the story on our casual chat at www.4astar.com  in September. They will be our featured guest.

What a great experience finding out about them and visiting the store. Thank you Andrew P. for that AWESOME introduction !

Enjoy !
PS...we are over 7,000 page views worldwide now.... Monday we will speak about our "change".....

Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 283 ,284 and 285

Somewhere in these past few days was Sunday, our day of change..... I will be posting about all that very soon..... and probably recapping the year as we approach 300 days of this blog challenge.... I'm still challenging you every day to do something you don't normally do, even if it's just for 5 minutes.... ( or something you have always wanted to try or have never done before.... )
I attended a car show . ( heading to a bigger one later today).... Just a peek at that.... also watched 2 cool videos and spent some time doing both of these things.... check out the video for the beautiful and talented Jade Starling and learn about the kickstarter program..... I have recently become friends with Jade and I wish her all the best with her new single INSOMNIAK !

Blog to follow from alternate location so here are pics for now....:)

Kick Starter Program featuring the project of Jade Starling !

Enjoy !

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

More from Day 281 and 282
& Days 283, 284, and 285....

OMG! If I told you what I did these past few days you would be exhausted just listening.... so let's do the
"Catch up the blog for dummies"...hahahaha

So we saw the beautiful Miss India, our 4 A STAR supermodel, take the local crown of Miss Puerto Rico Atlantic County..... Check out the link and see India with 2 previous winners.... this was the blog I did for the Galloway Patch !  Patch is an on line paper that is found in many places in the Country. Check it out and see if there is Patch near you. Somethng you can do for you challenge is Blog for the Patch....

Above see India in her crown and also with Celebrity Radio Host and Painter/Artist 
Junior Celestino
I believe we blogged about Junior before....... 

In these few days we did beach shots of India and 2 of our newest models, Cassandra and Olivia
Phots by Larry Berman

 We also spent time in NYC with our 2 little 6 year old models, Oli and Aurora..... here they are together in one of my favorite places: Bryant Park

Also in NY, I met one of the best street artists I've seen in quite some time: PAVEL
You can find this work on our web page and purchase your own....stay tuned as we Pave the way for PAVEL

 Also spent some time just watching the daylight move into darkness as I roamed NY....

...............and finally, I got to talk with a facbook friend, the wonderfully talented Jade Starling..... Do you remember her from the 80's??? Check out this video clip and see Jade launching her Kickstarter pledge program to release her new single..... Anything you can do to help will be great.... Pleas pass this clip around. Jade will be on tour soon and this will "Kick Start" her new project..... 
We will be collaborating on few things with Jade so stay in touch at the 4 A STAR web page !
Here is the clip for Jade:

It's been a crazy good few weeks !!!!
Enjoy !

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 281 and 282

I will come back to this post to add the other exciting things from the past 2 days.... for now, Let's congratulate 4 A STAR model, the New Miss Puerto Rico Atlantic County !!!!

Photo: congratulations to miss india the new Miss Puerto Rico/ Atlanta can t

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 281

This week is jam packed with things that I have always wanted to do.............I can't fit them all into this day ! LOL

Tomorrow will be a continuation so let me focus on the last event of this great day today..........I picked up my hard copies of my 1st book!!! Yay.... so I spent a few minutes looking at it.... of course, I cried a little bit when I saw Mom and Dad's picture staring back at me from my published book !.... I hope they can feel the excitement I feel tonight......

You can purchase a copy right now at the 4 A STAR web page in the on line store ( tab is Store/Shop) or maybe it's (Shop/Store)..... you will find it..... cost is 12.95 plus tax which brings it to 14.00..... 3.00 shipping fee on all merchandise in the store.

On line version and recorded book will be available soon.....

We will do an official launch sometime in September.....

Enjoy !

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 279 and 280

Wow ! This week is crazy and it's early in the week. We are preparing for our own Miss India to enter the Miss Puerto Rico Pageant. It's a small local level Pageant and we are going to have so much fun watching her in it. It's just a stepping stone for her to bigger and better things. I am proud to be involved in this Pageant in some way.

This all said, these past 2 days have been filled with wonderful little escapes.... Riding down a back road and watching this truck in front of me with a large tree cut in half in the back.... it was like following a big animal!
I would have loved a picture of that, but not......... I was driving!   I spent 20 min. behind that truck on a long back road and it was just cool watching that tree.....

...........listening to the beautiful sounds of Ben Clayton..........the next huge folk singer to break records..... I got his promo cd and I just love it ! I got lost in his music.......trying to figure out my own meanings to his beautiful tunes....

..........enjoying a cup of coffee and just reflecting on the times and condition of our World today.....
We all live on this planet. The only one we have so far TO live on..........be a positive influence in any way that you can. Do not let injustice, strife, and all the sad things dwell in your heart. Positive will breed positive.
Enjoy !

Day 278

Sunday , our day of change.....

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 277

Today I got to spend time at Dance Explosion , in Hammonton. I took Miss India as she is practicing her talent portion  for the Miss Puerto Rico Pageant.

It was fun to dig up those old memories of being in the studio training.....

Watching her move on the floor was a great time. It all turned out good.
Enjoy these moments when you can make them happen !

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Day 276

What are your favorite movies? I just love, love , love movies..... I can't even pick a favorite however, some of the ones I love are the Shawshank Redemtion, When Harry Met Sally, You've got mail, The Lake House, of course, BATMAN and one of my fav's...........TOOTSIE.............

Check out the Dustin Hoffman clip. He posted it 6 months ago but it's just starting to circulate in large #'s and has over 3 million hits recently.............

What was it about the way they did TOOTSIE that was so interesting.......... I do believe it was Dustin Hoffman and what he was able to bring to the table in his dual role...... I spent a few moments reading the article and watching the video............

Enjoy !

Taling at Tulipano's....

Let's work on  Day 275 first.....

Got to eat at a location that I pass all the time and never noticed it ! Met with the famous Tony Dody and he took me to this quaint little hideaway ! In a way, I'm glad this place is moving for it's great and needs to be seen more. What's that called when you pass by something all the time and then you say, "How long has THAT been there?" When it has been there all the while...................LOL

So let's talk TULIPANO'S. A great little Italian Restaurant tucked away off the White Horse Pike just the side of the new Star Diner (used to be the Galloway Diner).............

The people were friendly yet on top of that, the Pizza was AWESOME !  If you are in the area, visit TULIPANO's or give them a holler at 609-652-6444. Ask for Ron or Guitano.....
 and tell them AVA sent you .....! You can visit them at Facebook too .

Thank you, Tony Dody, for taking me out there and for all the great ideas we shared !

Enjoy !

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 274

Today I got to meet the lovely and innovative Doris....or as her fans now Know her "Dee" of "WhoDee" !!

With a passion for keeping her hair in good condition to visit clients, Dee, created the WhoDee....a rain resistant hood !  

I had the pleasure of forming a collaboration with Dee as we embark on the "Robin Hood" type clothing for our Rockers, SACRED SWORD

What a wonderfully fascinating Woman ! I wish her much success............
Stay tuned as we look out for Dee on a VERY popular invention show..... 
Stay tuned !

Day 273

Our day of Change.......................
Day 272

Re Arranging the apartment.................don't do THAT  too often.....

and that's all I have to say about THAT !!!  Not quite finished yet so I'll leave this one alone.........LOL

                                                                 Visit Our Web Page

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fireworks 2013

Day 271

Wow !!!  Spectacular Fireworks at the Borgata Hotel /Casino this year. As many times as I've seen fireworks, I can't remember getting the felling I had last night as they were just right above me . The sky was filled to where you could barely see sky anymore in that section.

My mind always wonders back a little at Fireworks. I remember watching them from atop the Lifeguard station in Seaside . My Father, Eddie, was the man who originally brought Fireworks into Seaside. George Zambelli Fireworks. We would go early and My Dad would watch as they set up all the buffers at the beach. Many times, I was allowed to watch from the tower above with my family.

One year, there was a tragic accident there.  Fireworks were not shot off from the beach for quite some time. I also remember a meeting with a decision to bring them back. There is always a lump in my throat when I watch them being set off and I think about all these childhood memories..............

In the meantime, these Fireworks were unbelievable last night. I hope you got to see some somewhere around the World.

Enjoy !

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Day 270

Yay! Back to the single digit days.... LOL

Let's start by saying happy 4th of July to all those that are celebrating !  ( Tomorrow on the 4th we can talk fireworks !)

Today, on the 3rd, we launched the opening of the Angel, Inc, FOXX CODE Magazine office in Manahawkin. It was also Carl's Birthday. ( Co founder of Angel , Inc. and FOXX CODE). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CARL!!

We also had the theme, 'FOXX CODE MEETS PAUL HANSEN'  .    Paul Hansen, local artist and poet, displayed his works at the opening and it was just a beautiful event !

See food table, beautiful cake and Paul's capture of Kevin Tooley, Rock Star of the Ghetto Rats !

What a grand day for a grand opening..............Now let's "Rock and Roll"
Shout out to co founder of Angel, Inc, FOXX CODE MAGAZINE, managing and investing editor of FOXX CODE,  and  personal friend........Laura Westmoreland.  She put this together, along with Carl, Paul, Mitch, and several others including myself....what a great day !
Enjoy !

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The glorious butterfly .....

Day 268, 269

Monday  was a little crazy as I found myself wiped out from the events that went on every single night last week and through the weekend with one casino day attached ! Whew ! Made it !  Woke up with a dry throat..... not sore, just felt like I was dehydrated !  I did some office work but mostly tried to hydrate and relax a little. In the evening drove out to Linda's for our 'wrap up' idol meeting !  The drive into her development was worth just hanging out for a few min. It was so gorgeous....... I admired the beautifully cut lawns, trees and the winding roads of the development. One place was nicer than the next.... :)

Today, Tues. was interesting..... spent a few moments admiring a butterfly that I found on the stairway heading out today. You can't see it in the photo--the wing tips were a cobalt blue.... I never saw coloring like that on a butterfly. I know someone from above was coming to say hello..... 100% humidity today.....very hot, no other butterflies in sight all day that I could see.....

I also spent some time on Pinterest today uploading some of the newer models photos and also, this glorious butterfly ! ( check out only1ava pins... )

Make it a great day !!!!

Another day in the "Balcony Blogger Challenge"

Days 265,266,267

So this Summer is starting off with CRAZY BUSY things going on. You can see how difficult it is for me to post....however, I am using 5 min. or more, every day to reflect, try something new, or do something I haven't done in awhile..... What have you been doing..... we are close to 7,000 page views since we started the challenge.... please hop on and "join" us.... it's free.... then you can comment and tell me what you have been up to this year..... we are moving right along.....

So Friday was our 1st big Junior Idol Competition.... Congrats to Angelica and Juliana and ALL the contestants. This was a fundraiser for the Children's Museum. I was the MC along with the lovely and talented Kelly Lavigna.  How fun was that to watch these kids perform , some for the very first time.

Sat. I attended the Hometown Celebration, 200th Anniversary for Mays Landing. I volunteered for a bit at the Children's Museum table . Got to walk around and met some great people. I tried these Chicken and Cheese Fries that were out of this world. Company is the FOOD GODDESS.... out of Wildwood. They have a bed and breakfast out there too. ( and this food truck that travels around). Check them out next time you are in the area.

Sun. as you know is our day of change ! Scroll back to before day 1, if you are not sure what we do on Sundays..... I'm getting close to cashing mine in for my trip to the Women's Conference this year. That will be so awesome !

Make it a great day !