Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 236

So today is my day at the new Angel, Inc. office along with Foxx Code Magazine and of course,
 4 A STAR..... A lot was accomplished today as we are  finishing up all the log sheets, donation forms etc. from the Love LBIM2 event.....

I just got home and decided to play around on Pinterest for my little break.... ha, break at 10:30 PM... LOL....
That said, I found some cool pics on facebook that I pinned and I thought I would share them with you. Sometimes Facebook and Pinterest are my little escape...............Shhhhhhh!!! I didn't really say that !


Love the smiles.....

India, this is all YOU !!! Hoot Hoot

The hot color for the Summer---Teal!

Oh Ok.....found black and yellow shirts....had to get a guy thing in there !

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 234 & 235

Tuesday we had our South Jersey Network mixer.... yes, I know we do the evening mixers once a month , however this time we were in a very cool place !

The brand new Revel Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. I have to say I wasn't that impressed with the food. Other than that, the staff was awesome, the atmosphere was awesome and it was a great venue to hold an event.

Got to view the Ocean from up above. Not your ordinary view ! LOL

Wed. (today) I had the pleasure of spending some phone time with Dr. Kimberly Balas. She is a health and wellness expert and public speaker who tours the Country many months out of the year. Thank you, Andrew, for connecting us. I think this will be another good connection as we all move forward in our lives.  Our phone time was nice. It's not everyday you sit and chat with someone from Casper, Wyoming.
 ( when you are in N.J.)  LOL

Enjoy !

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 232 and 233

Well it's a holiday weekend so let me lump Sun. and Monday together
We should know by now that Sunday is our day of CHANGE! How are you doing with this? I'll be sharing that experience in the next 2 months as MY Change is going towards a road trip. Scroll back to just before Day 1 of the challenge to see what this is all about !
(Went up to Cherry Hill to visit family and wound up having a quick meeting at Wegman's! Never been in one before. It was really cool....I also put some money in the can for our Vet's and got a red poppy !)

Monday- Memorial Day Monday ! Hope everyone had a great weekend !
I did something I haven't done in awhile and that was just chill out pool-side. Actually, we were invited by a friend to a local swim club. Too cold to swim, really, but the Sun did get hot in the early afternoon.

Just sat and chatted, enjoyed a burger and hot dog, crackers and cheese and chilled out.
The Sun is sooooo draining.... now I feel like I need a nap !

Ok..... Hope you enjoy !

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 231

So today, another great weekend, I began the 2nd session of recording my book. I know we talked about that the other day. I spent a good amount of time in the studio with Leonard and Mike. It was great  ! When we took our first break, Leonard and I got into a conversation about Zodiacs ! Funny, even if you don't follow them, you usually know what your sign is.
We talked about our "Acting" worlds and how they relate to characters of the Zodiac.
It was an interesting break on an interesting day !

Enjoy !

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 229 and 230

So let's begin with Day 229 Thurs....
I was set up an an eWomen event at the Blue Heron Pines Country Club. Nice to meet the owner, Liz Jaworski. Husband is Ron Jaworski of the Philadelphia Eagles. It was great to hear their story about how they got into the Country Clubs and working around the game of golf............then how they got out of the whole thing...............then how they got back in.....

Found out they do a Women's Golf clinic on Thurs. evenings...............very interesting. Me, I consider myself half a golfer for I grew up on "mini -golf". LOL
We shall see about all of that.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Liz and hearing the story behind the family. They now own the Country Club and have made some great new changes !

Day 230 Friday....
Weekends are always strange for me. I try making Friday a 'house' day to actually do work IN my house. Lately, with all the recent obligations during the week.... a lot has been pushed onto Friday so the house is suffering....................that means.......DON'T COME OVER !
Anyway, I got to meet some very interesting people............First there was that name because it's 3 letters, just like mine, and spelled the same frontwards and backwards just like mine ! Hahahaha
Hopefully, Bob and his band will be signing with my company and we will be doing a huge promotion around the Hard Rockers  SACRED SWORD !
Then I got to meet Mike who has this State of the Art Recording studio that I spent some time in just admiring what he has done inside of a very old building. You enter the studio and you are transformed from what you see on the outside. Looking forward to working with him. ( I believe I will be packaging my books there) Yay !   Then I got the pleasure to sit back and enjoy the sounds of Nick at one of my favorite cafes,
The Malelani Cafe ! ( Find the Cafe on Facebook)

It made for a beautiful mix of business and pleasure !
Enjoy !

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 229

Wed. was a crazy day. I definitely broke out of my norm by getting back into the studio.............this time, not to record a song or a commercial but to record the first part of my brand new BOOK !  It was so exciting....

What made it even more special is that I got to work with Addy Award winner Leonard Dozier

You may have seen this pic. before as I did one of the blog posts on him when I got to meet him for the first time. He will be doing 2 voices in an upcoming movie..... I'll keep you posted. One of the nicest guys you will ever come  across .  I am so honored to have him working on my book with me.
When we launch our publishing leg, we will be using his studio for our recorded versions.  Leonard is usually away 10 months out of the year, but he did say that IF he is in town, he may possibly stop in while we record other books..... and that would truly be special....
Can't wait to share my book with you all.............. in the meantime, I will keep you posted on the progress. Right now, I am issuing 11 of a signed signature series of the drafts of the book ( with all the minor imperfections)
Have a great day  and do something different today to make you feel great !
Enjoy !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 228

Today I have the rare opportunity to get this post up without toothpicks holding my eyes other words, earlier than 5AM..... LOL

I had the great pleasure of meeting 2 awesome people recently. I actually spoke to one of them last night and met one of them this morning. Quite interesting to see what a small World it really is. ( all the more reason we need to work together rather than apart ! .... wherever we can)

Last night I had the honor of speaking with Radio Host Scott Golberg.   JCA Radio , Jam City America is the pillar of bringing you content and exposure on the West Coast and beyond. Scott and I had a great conversation and I felt the energy coming right through the phone. Hahahaha.... it's amazing how we can make these connections of feelings like that. The good positive energy was just flowing from Scott over the phone. I was so enjoying speaking with him . I even got to meet his wife over the phone briefly and it was so cool to have all of that come together as it did. I felt like we were sitting in the living room chatting. Very similar desires in our businesses and communications made it that much easier for us both to try to fit in do they say............edgewise !   I have to say we did that, and we did it well !

Check out  the show right here on line and become a member..... stay tuned as we may have a couple of 4 A STAR artists on the show !!!!   Shhhhhh................... will keep you posted.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Marjorie Preston. It was quite interesting as we found out that we have had many similar traits growing up. We have some wonderful mutual friends on Facebook, and we really enjoyed chatting over the things we are doing as we move forward in life. Some things were the same, some things were different for each of us and in general , we had a lovely visit. Marjorie is an accomplished editor and freelances for some of the best and brightest in our area. She also does face painting in her spare time and her work is beautiful.

                                                                      Visit This Page
The interesting thing, and one that made me want to include this in the blog challenge, is that....
 I met both of these people through Linked-In. I have to say, honestly, that Linked -In is not one of my favorite social media sites. I think it's because I just don't get how to navigate on there as well as I can at some of the others. That said, I am learning......and I got to meet 2 wonderful people by poking around in there. LOL

We will be seeing and hearing more from Marjorie and from Scott as we all move forward in 2013 and beyond.

Enjoy !

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 227...........

Yep, you guessed it.............STAR TREK !

Hope all the "Trekkies" pick this up............

Went to see the new movie this evening and it was fabulous. Saw it in 3D with the family. The 3D was very cool. Not a big fan of the 3D...............this one was awesome, the ONLY way to see this movie....

So check it out....maybe that is YOUR break from your routine.....

Enjoy !

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 225 and 226

So let's go backwards again and start with Sunday (today) Our day of change !!!!  You know what to do !!


Looking back on Sat. I just crashed and burned after working all morning at the casino job and then trying to fit in at the Mayfest in getting our Idol fundraiser off the ground.

Our Museum board, consists of Kelly Lavgina (V.P.) and roughly 23 others including myself. This is how much we support this viable charity.....

After all this, I run a little ways down the road to engage my promise to myself and this blog. I actually went to Miss India's photo opp. for her Prom !
Got to see a brand new Quest Mini bus/limo van) Only 100 miles on this one. Brand Spankin' News ! LOL
All the Prom students etc.... looked so beautiful !  Postcards to promote competiton on June 28th


Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 224

OMG this is so cool !
My daughter got this cool bag of matches at the antique store.... We have a booth there with my Mom's things and she does a few hours a week at the place. Funny, my Mom had a collection of matches similar to this....don't know what happened to them but I thought this was interesting. I got to look at some of them and found this box with the Eiffel Tower on it. I just love France..... studied the language in school and got to go there once. Want to go back someday ! This was so crazy !
I spent my few moments looking at these matches....some from Casinos that were here some time ago, some just with funny sayings and of course, the Eiffel Tower box !
Check out the photos.... Now, the Golden Nugget is back in town but these matches came from the Nugget when it was owned by someone else..... wasn't here anymore, and now it's back with a new owner..... Hmmm!!!

Enjoy !

Day 223

Early morning post once again. Had an awful headache last night after Idol finale and I just can't seem to totally shake it.... trip up to Toms River this morning to interview a young model so let's get this going and I'll be back later on tonight....

I'm not a big Instagram person yet. My daughter loves it. I find myself liking Pinterest and find it easier to follow around....However I stepped out my "comfort zone" to look at Instagram on line.
Honestly, still a little bit of a newbie there but I found something interesting..... an Instagram Blog....
I found out that today is the second annual Food Revolution Day started by chef Jamie Oliver.

Jamie states that, "Revolution Day in 2012 as a way to spur impactful conversations and community action around supporting local food options and developing basic cooking skills to maximize sustainability and nutrition in the food we eat.".... 

I found this quite interesting. Go out and see who else is into the Food Revolution day. What kinds of foods do you like to cook? Share them here with us..... 

I like to make Tuna Casserole . Very easy recipe. It's Tuna, Pasta and a can of cream of Mushroom soup. Cheese slices on top and grated Parmesan. Bake for 1/2 hour and it's done. YUM!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 223

Spent the day in NYC. That in itself is enough for the challenge, however, I go to NY more and more these days! ( LOVE IT). Sometimes, when I'm up there for a photo shoot with FOXXCODE Magazine, we go to the shoot and come home. This, too, is usually something cool and different each time. That said, it doesn't give me much chance to just walk around and enjoy things .  I love to do that. This particular time, I went up with Art, Brie and our new PR director - Deridre. We went up to meet a young new singer/songwriter who was absolutely a doll. You will be seeing and hearing a lot from her.
  One of the things we did was take a walk to one of my favorite spots, Bryant Park. I can't remember when I've been to Bryan Park that wasn't around the holidays or slightly before that. That, too, made the trip there extra special. We got to watch people sitting around the beautiful large lawn, milling around the fountain and off in the distance was a private party under a huge tent.
Very cool. It was supposed to rain but it didn't and the night was just gorgeous.
I will try to post a couple of pics later on ......  My phone ran out of juice so I'm having a couple of pics sent over to me from other phones. Well I got this one anyway.... gorgeous ! One of my favorite places in NYC.

Speaking of phones, as soon as we entered the park, I noticed a cell phone sitting on a chair. It was crazy trying to find out who it belonged to. There wasn't really any place to turn it in....
After some checking and some calling with Matt, we located a friend of the owner who was meeting the owner in the park. One of them came to pick up the phone. Turns out he's a photographer.....check out his

What an interesting World.  \
PS....Matt joined us for dinner. He is a friend and Pres. of the New Children's Museum we are re-opening in the South Jersey Area. He's a doll. We all had an interesting, fun time in New York.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 222

This is our blog at the Galloway Patch !

So I got to write the blog post today, reach out to some exciting prospects for exhibits in the new museum to open some time next year, and to meet up with the executives behind the new location !!!! How cool....

More news on the children's museum to come.... in the meantime, enjoy the blog in the Patch ! I had fun !

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 219, 220 and 221

First we have Sat. and the Love LBI M2 event....Pictures did not turn out well so let me just say it was a fabulous event considering it was pouring rain. We had 2 huge tents on the island and also had our musical part and food inside at the Foundation of the Arts and Sciences Building.
Rhett Tyler, a Rock N Roll Hall of fame inductee took the house down !

Silent Auction items brought in lots of money and were donated from different parts of the Country. It was awesome ! I was surprised at all the people who turned out in the rain.

Thanks to everyone involved.

Sunday as you know, is our Day of change .......... 

had a wonderful lunch for Mother's Day with my Sister and my niece and a couple of our friends. While I was there, I spoke with the owner of the Restaurant owner about our plan for the "REAL GRIM REAPER" siting promotion for this Summer and Fall..... 
So.................that being said, stay tuned right here on the blog for clues to where you can site the Grim Reaper and be entered into our Summer/Fall contest for cash and prizes ! If you are local, you can participate and if you are can follow all the "Scary" details right here in the Balcony Blogger Challenge !

Enjoy !

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 217, 218

Plugging right along..... well, well, well..... it's amazing how big events keep me FROM POSTING MY BLOG! Hahahaha

It's true, though. I have to say that being a part of this event has taken me to do great things that are part of this challenge..... something I've always wanted to do or something that I haven't done in awhile....

So let's play catch up a little....

These past couple of days I got to run around all day ! Well that's nothing new, however, this particular day I made a schedule and just ran right through it.... it worked so well. Not just working out of my datebook but making a daily agenda on the road. I also invested in a business cell phone. (still haven't had time to learn how to set it up) . I got to view BEAUTIFUL art that is going to be in the silent auction at the LOVE LBI M2 event on Saturday. Trust me, I will have some awesome stories for you on Sunday for this will be the first event of its kind so it falls right into the challenge.....   .with Rock N Roll Hall of Famer-Blues/Jazz.........RHETT TYLER !!

I also made sure that I enjoyed dinner with a friend and business associate and one of our newest models, Hasheley Chery..... Atmosphere was awesome.

Now we are ready for this event for "Sandy Relief".....Well if we can all keep our eyes opened.... Come out if you can ! I will share what I can on Sunday....

Enjoy !

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 216

This is very short today.....

I sat in a chair at home....closed my eyes.... and just relaxed for about 8 min..... very cool.....
I needed that so much !

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 215

Well, something different for me today is something I've always wanted to do...... I write all the time, have written for many people with speeches, commercials for groups, songs, all kinds of things... even started a children's book some years ago but never quite got that one finished....
Thank you Mom for always being my inspiration............. even now that you are are with me all the time !

I have finally finished my first book and it is ready for print. I have just picked up today, the first 11 un-published signature series. These are 11 copies prior to print that are signed, numbered, dated and being used for special give aways..... With all the minor imperfections still left on the first draft, this is ready to go before we go to print.... I am sooooo excited !

I am going to give you a sneak peek here.....
Sometime this month, pre-orders can be purchased via my web page.... I will let you know when.

thank you to all that helped get this off the ground and continue to run with me every step of the way ............

Flush # 13 (by Ava Holly Lewis)

“Where do I wave?...”

On this day, I was out at a luncheon with a bunch of gals. We all used to work together at a local swim facility. It was great getting together . We had to have had a table of 20. We were at one of those long rectangle tables. This was at a nice country club . The d├ęcor was really cool. Dark wood, dim lighting, nice linens, tableware etc...

Naturally, I excuse myself to use the restroom. Now think back if you can on a time when ALL those motion-censored “things” in the restrooms just started becoming popular. I had never seen any of those at this particular time. So......

I'm done in the restroom, wash my hands and come to this thing that kind of looks like I'd get the paper towel out of it. I didn't see any paper towel hanging out and I didn't see any way to roll it out, squeeze it our or pump it out. What I did see was a sign painted onto the contraption that only said,
“WAVE HERE”. Well where do I wave? I was standing in front of this thing I had never seen before, waving at it and laughing.... nothing happened. It was just craziness. I felt like I was on some T.V. show or something. I'm just waving and waving and nothing happened. I eventually had to use toilet paper to dry my hands.

When I got back to the seat, I told my Sister, who was with us, about this. We then both had to go into the restroom again and figure it out. Of course, then it worked !


Things aren't always what they seem. Make your own choices and decisions. Weigh out your information so you have it down correctly and can make an informed decision. You may have to go back and check the situation again. Do it. Find the answers you need to find before you decide on the next steps. Know that when YOU make your own decision, whether it is right or wrong it is YOUR decision and you can't blame anyone else. Take your time and don't listen to all that is buzzing around you when you need to think. Signs are important and sometimes are a way for something bigger than we are to talk to us.... but do the very best you can, be informed. Take charge of your own life and your own business.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 214

Sunday all day..... LOL....

Feel like I'm trapped in the , "What day is this?" syndrome..... Hahahahha

Sunday- Our day of change......

Day 213

Well I'm blogging today from different location.... LOL.... It's not allowing me to post the photos here. Well, actually, I can't save them first so let's just get this up and I'll get the photos up for you later....

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit another Art show opening out in the Shrewsbury area of N.J.
The weather was absolutely beautiful.....

This time, the Art and poems of  PAUL HANSON was the subject of the afternoon.

I will get the beautiful photos up a little later. As I said, I love it when work becomes a way to take a little break too.....

Remember, find something you love to do and make money with.....and you will never work a day in your life.....right?


Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 211 and 212

Well these days lately have all been running together. I love when I can break my routine. I know I mentioned that before but it is just so cool.....

Thursday, I had the opportunity to meet Jr. Celestino.....famous in Puerto Rico for his amazing Art..... I got to relax at his Art showing in NYC..... Here is his take on Madonna
 ( which he has donated to our LOVE LBI M2 Sandy event fundraiser)  and his take on the CEO of the facility where the Art showing took place. Spanish Harlem, NYC.....very cool !

Today I had the opportunity to create a special home for a new client..... all I will do is show off his picture.... we shall chat about him again soon.....................

Which one do you think is the client????

Did you guess????

How is this guy scaring our children into better behavior!
I know you are dying to find out !  LOL
Stay tuned ..........

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 210

Today my break was really cool, even though it was business related.... funny, I can still find a break in that routine.... LOVE IT...

I was out looking at a studio today. Very unassuming, in a home office (as many of them are). Very professional and all that. I found myself sitting and chatting with the producer  for about 20 minutes...... It was so nice to just sit and relax and share our background stories and all.

We even took a minute to watch a Robin, another bird, and a bunny playing in the yard ! The producer said they all hang out least when the new puppy is in the house !  LOL

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 209

Well this day was not so much a break for I set appointments up with Laura, my partner from
 FOXXCODE Magazine, to do some handshaking and some meeting of the minds out here. That said, it WAS a break in the way that we set it up..... we jumped from one person to the next, one office to the next one restaurant to the next and it was just an amazing round of enlightenment.

I can't disclose all that we did but let's focus on the ART right now..... We met with Marcos Montiero and Monica Zane and I just want to give you an example of the amazing work they offer us......

Monica Zane Art
Marcos Montiero (This is a Painting!)

Seeing these makes the day just breathtaking...... relaxing in Monica's brand new studio and then going to lunch and hearing her story is just a huge break from the normal routine.....

Find something special and then find out about it ! It is soooooooo worth your time and will take you away from the norm.
If you would like any information on these artists, feel free to contact me through my web page......
Enjoy !