Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 215

Well, something different for me today is something I've always wanted to do...... I write all the time, have written for many people with speeches, commercials for groups, songs, all kinds of things... even started a children's book some years ago but never quite got that one finished....
Thank you Mom for always being my inspiration............. even now that you are are with me all the time !

I have finally finished my first book and it is ready for print. I have just picked up today, the first 11 un-published signature series. These are 11 copies prior to print that are signed, numbered, dated and being used for special give aways..... With all the minor imperfections still left on the first draft, this is ready to go before we go to print.... I am sooooo excited !

I am going to give you a sneak peek here.....
Sometime this month, pre-orders can be purchased via my web page.... I will let you know when.

thank you to all that helped get this off the ground and continue to run with me every step of the way ............

Flush # 13 (by Ava Holly Lewis)

“Where do I wave?...”

On this day, I was out at a luncheon with a bunch of gals. We all used to work together at a local swim facility. It was great getting together . We had to have had a table of 20. We were at one of those long rectangle tables. This was at a nice country club . The d├ęcor was really cool. Dark wood, dim lighting, nice linens, tableware etc...

Naturally, I excuse myself to use the restroom. Now think back if you can on a time when ALL those motion-censored “things” in the restrooms just started becoming popular. I had never seen any of those at this particular time. So......

I'm done in the restroom, wash my hands and come to this thing that kind of looks like I'd get the paper towel out of it. I didn't see any paper towel hanging out and I didn't see any way to roll it out, squeeze it our or pump it out. What I did see was a sign painted onto the contraption that only said,
“WAVE HERE”. Well where do I wave? I was standing in front of this thing I had never seen before, waving at it and laughing.... nothing happened. It was just craziness. I felt like I was on some T.V. show or something. I'm just waving and waving and nothing happened. I eventually had to use toilet paper to dry my hands.

When I got back to the seat, I told my Sister, who was with us, about this. We then both had to go into the restroom again and figure it out. Of course, then it worked !


Things aren't always what they seem. Make your own choices and decisions. Weigh out your information so you have it down correctly and can make an informed decision. You may have to go back and check the situation again. Do it. Find the answers you need to find before you decide on the next steps. Know that when YOU make your own decision, whether it is right or wrong it is YOUR decision and you can't blame anyone else. Take your time and don't listen to all that is buzzing around you when you need to think. Signs are important and sometimes are a way for something bigger than we are to talk to us.... but do the very best you can, be informed. Take charge of your own life and your own business.

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