Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 223

Spent the day in NYC. That in itself is enough for the challenge, however, I go to NY more and more these days! ( LOVE IT). Sometimes, when I'm up there for a photo shoot with FOXXCODE Magazine, we go to the shoot and come home. This, too, is usually something cool and different each time. That said, it doesn't give me much chance to just walk around and enjoy things .  I love to do that. This particular time, I went up with Art, Brie and our new PR director - Deridre. We went up to meet a young new singer/songwriter who was absolutely a doll. You will be seeing and hearing a lot from her.
  One of the things we did was take a walk to one of my favorite spots, Bryant Park. I can't remember when I've been to Bryan Park that wasn't around the holidays or slightly before that. That, too, made the trip there extra special. We got to watch people sitting around the beautiful large lawn, milling around the fountain and off in the distance was a private party under a huge tent.
Very cool. It was supposed to rain but it didn't and the night was just gorgeous.
I will try to post a couple of pics later on ......  My phone ran out of juice so I'm having a couple of pics sent over to me from other phones. Well I got this one anyway.... gorgeous ! One of my favorite places in NYC.

Speaking of phones, as soon as we entered the park, I noticed a cell phone sitting on a chair. It was crazy trying to find out who it belonged to. There wasn't really any place to turn it in....
After some checking and some calling with Matt, we located a friend of the owner who was meeting the owner in the park. One of them came to pick up the phone. Turns out he's a photographer.....check out his

What an interesting World.  \
PS....Matt joined us for dinner. He is a friend and Pres. of the New Children's Museum we are re-opening in the South Jersey Area. He's a doll. We all had an interesting, fun time in New York.

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