Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 209

Well this day was not so much a break for I set appointments up with Laura, my partner from
 FOXXCODE Magazine, to do some handshaking and some meeting of the minds out here. That said, it WAS a break in the way that we set it up..... we jumped from one person to the next, one office to the next one restaurant to the next and it was just an amazing round of enlightenment.

I can't disclose all that we did but let's focus on the ART right now..... We met with Marcos Montiero and Monica Zane and I just want to give you an example of the amazing work they offer us......

Monica Zane Art
Marcos Montiero (This is a Painting!)

Seeing these makes the day just breathtaking...... relaxing in Monica's brand new studio and then going to lunch and hearing her story is just a huge break from the normal routine.....

Find something special and then find out about it ! It is soooooooo worth your time and will take you away from the norm.
If you would like any information on these artists, feel free to contact me through my web page......
Enjoy !

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