Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 208

This day I took a really long break from my routine. I think you know by now that Monday is my office day. It's the only day I have to work from home. I love it for I can sleep in, work in my space and be in my home. Well the week ended so hectic and crazy that I was exhausted.! Getting to the computer was a chore.  LOL

I did, get some work done both in the office and in my home (that is sorely needed)..... however, I took a much needed break. Sat on the couch....caught up on some of my shows that I missed..... and even took a nap in the afternoon. (wow, I never get to do that !) Well, almost never.

It was just a much needed break altogether....

I did manage to get some work done, too, but sometimes a total break is good for your body and your mind.

Don't forget that if you take a break like that, your body is telling you that you probably need one !

Enjoy your day and let me know what you are up to !

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