Thursday, January 3, 2019

Why doesn't New Jersey have a State Song?

Hello Wednesday ...( well, still a little under weather and fell asleep so it's still a Wednesday post... LOL)..........and a whole New Year ! Happy New Year to all of you . I ended 2018 and began 2019 in Gratitude.  Only a handful of you already know yet my husband was in a very bad car accident last month...then we both got sick on top of it . Still not 100 percent better yet moving along today ! So I am grateful that he survived the end of 2018, and is here to begin 2019.....
That said, we have many challenges right now yet I have him in one piece and almost as normal as before , whatever that is.... LOLOL

So I start this year's posts with the MUSIC.  Something that connects us all.... so growing up, we regarded "Born to Run" by Bruce Springsteen as the Jersey State Song. Many years ago there was this really cool song put out by the Phil Bernardi band called "I like Jersey Best". Great, cute song, did not hear anything about IT being thought of as our State song....

                                                Wow...found this....AWESOME ! Take a listen......

....then a few years back, there was talk about "Who says you can't go home" by Jon Bonjovi being in the running to be our State Song. I heard that it lost..... so I was under the impression that "Born to Run" was still our State song. So the other night , while sick in bed, something about a State song came up on Jeopardy....hubby and I got into a discussion about this and we looked it up.

                                            Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles..... Love the vid too !

"Born to Run" was never declared as an official State Song.... WHAAAAAAT???????

While most other State's have a song to represent, New Jersey sit's on the list with NONE next to it !

What the heck????

Bruce and "Born to Run"

So do you think we should send something to our legislature to officially adopt a State Song?

I just think it would be nice to have one and "Born to Run" fits the bill. ( I also love "Who says you can't go home")

Anyway, just a musical thought as we connect to great things in 2019.  Again, I thank you all for taking us close to 65,000 viewers now..... See you as we move to Wednesday posts for this year... at least for now. I'll be checking that out....

Enjoy !

Welcome to 2019 !!!

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