Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Are you constantly connecting dots?....THE FLOWERED ROOM....

Hi all,

Hope this week is finding you well as we enter into the middle of it talking about "connecting your dots"....
Do you ever notice that things connect to other things when you don't even realize it and then after some time you go..... Ah ha !!!

Well this happened with my idea for THE FLOWERED ROOM.  If you read my blog often, you know that my company is launching a huge project next year having to do with Pocketbooks/handbags/ empowerment and charitable causes....
Well, last year, in the midst of going to an expo about fabric etc... I met some people from
 CUSTOM FABRIC FLOWERS.  Their flowers, made from beautiful fabric, was amazing! Got into a great conversation with Adam, one of the owners, and left it at that......

So now, a year later, I'm at a Bridal expo across from another company that offers services similar to mine. It was a great expo  Joe, However, I was thinking about the fact that I needed something totally different in the wedding market to stand out from the crowd !
I thought of  THE FLOWERED ROOM. A place where a bride could have her rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour or even reception in a room of flowers. I even took it to another level and have been talking with designer Lainy Gold about creating a flowered dress ( a dress where we could put real flowers on it) as an add on.....

The wheels just kept turning as I prepared to make THE FLOWERED ROOM  a reality and be able to offer it , not only to brides, but to anyone interested in the concept for their event.

A few weeks later, I was looking for my contact to Trim Lab, the company that is doing our hardware on the pocketbooks. I came across the card for custom fabric flowers that I met a year ago.... and the Photo shoot was born for THE FLOWERED ROOM.
Special thanks to  Photographer David Mitchell of Atlantic City Network,
 Custom designers David Mark for the fabulous dresses, also Samina Mughal ,
 Custom Fabric Flowers by M&S Schmalberg and of course our models for the day, Pat, Kelsey, Naim, Lisa, Warren and Adam...Ya'll Rock ! For model inquiries reach out to me at 4 A STAR. You can find us on Face Book or click on the link below the "Eyes" for direct link to our web page !

Custom Fabric Flowers.....

Owners Adam, Warren with models Pat and Kelsey............. make a nice family !!!
and ooooh.... is that a dress from the fabulous award winning Samina Mughal???  ( also very special client of ours)  Samina's dresses get around !

Models Pat and Kelsey

                  Models  Pat, Kelsey, Naim and Lisa....

                                                   Model Lisa....................


From a long line of family in the garment industry, Custom Fabric Flowers goes all the way back in time through generations. Located in the heart of New York City, customize YOUR events, clothing, furniture...pretty much anything with fabric flowers from the best shop around !

Friday, May 13, 2016

Where is Sellersville, anyway??

Whew !  what a long day. I know many of you can relate. Good Friday everyone. Thank you for taking the time to support this blog. It is up over 12,600 readers at this point !

So I had the opportunity to follow the wonderful Bluegrass Band VINTAGE DRIVE, out to Sellersville. Where is Sellersville anyway?

Sellersville is located in Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful quaint little town, even in the pouring rain !

Two of the coolest places I've seen in Sellersville is the "Sellersville Theater" and the "Washington House"  They are next to each other and both have a rich history. The Washington House has been in this location since 1742. Once a railroad station and has passed through owners of the land over several generations. It is just a beautiful place to enjoy . With great  food and now a renovated hotel to enjoy your time a little longer. Guests spilling over from the Theatre enjoy the small town local flavor at the Washington House.

Moving back over to the theatre, a packed house once again for opening act VINTAGE DRIVE  and Headlining Act THE GIBSON BROTHERS... 
A break at the bar was welcomed during intermission !

According to House Manager , Kelly Maciegczyk, ( yes, I asked her how to pronounce it !) the theatre does 5-7 shows a week all year long. It is very community based and brings in a nice hometown crowd.  At some point, going back in time, the Theater was an old movie house and still has the hole in the "light/camera" room where the old projector used to be.

They also run an event called the VIEW AND BREW where you can come out , see a movie and purchase beer and wine.  

If you have the time, take a trip out to the Sellervielle Theater and the Washington House at 135 N. Main St. Sellersville, PA and check it out. Tell them Ava sent you and pick yourself up a mug or a T-shirt while relaxing at the theatre and enjoying some great food at the Washington House !

Thank you , Bekah, for all your help !  YOU ALL ROCK !

                                                                  Visit our Web Page

Enjoy !

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Small town Saturday Night !

Hello all,

I have been anxiously awaiting getting this particular blog posted as it is just so fun and cool. I have spent some quality time in N.Y. the past 2 days working on our big pocketbook project so I'm glad I could get this blog up this week.... I know it's mid-week but I just can't wait anymore ! LOL

So where do you go on a Saturday night in a small town? What do you do? Who do you see?  If you haven't been out to the Lizzie Rose Music room, you are missing something special. Not only do they have some great shows on Saturday's but on  other nights too !  ( see  photos below).

This past Saturday I had a real treat. I was scouting a fabulous Bluegrass band called
 VINTAGE DRIVE.   I also had the opportunity to visit and discover the beautiful Lizze Rose....  What started out as a quaint Tea Room, has turned into an amazing small venue for talent and discovery.

In 2014, the owner, Dan, was approached by a Tennant of his to try out some music in the evenings. They both figured they would utilize the space more efficiently and in 2014 the evening music commenced with no expectations. This space is an Old Victorian House from the 1850's. If you can picture it, it's a small area for the tea room, a small area for storage and a small area that could be used for an entertainment venue at your main level.  The area of performance is complete with beautiful etched windows. There is a back door for loading and unloading and the "Green Room" is situated next door in the back of the bike shop that is run by Lou during the day.  Lou handles all the entertainment coming in and out of the place . He and his wife Marsha and volunteers from the neighborhood have made this venue a hot spot in just a little over a year. Some of the resident volunteers include Patti Murgolo, Nancy Snyder and Attorney Robert Rue who told me that he rode his bike over to enjoy the evening.  Marsha told me that they do about 5 or 6 events a month and they are all sold out ! They actually turn people away for almost every show.

The venue holds only about 50-55 people and many shows have a little bit of standing room only. A noise ordinance makes them very timely in how they move the entertainment in and out smoothly and have the noise done by 10:00 PM. This is a BYOB venue so you can bring your wine or beer in. you can enjoy a short intermission where the venue sells water, ginger ale and brownies....YUM !
Sometimes there are  2 acts performing- One headliner and One opener. That is what I got to see last Sat. with VINTAGE DRIVE as the opening act for an original jug band, THE DIRTY BIRDIES. The Dirty Birdies formed in the 60's and are still going strong.   Both acts were amazing to watch.  VINTAGE DRIVE received a standing ovation. I mention this as it  was their first time performing at the Lizzie Rose and they expect to be back in October.  For a first time showcase at a venue, a standing "O" is pretty impressive !
Shhhhh....I was actually there scouting VINTAGE DRIVE  too !!!!

I had an amazing time and my hats go off to Marsha and Lou Reichert for the work they do to make this venue so cool. Stay tuned for I may be working with them further in the future.....  Comedy anyone???

If you are in the area of Tuckerton, NJ  you must make time for the Lizzie Rose Music Room  located at 217 East Main St. Tuckerton.... You can visit them on line at www.lizzierosemusic.com or on Face Book at The Lizzie Rose Music Room. Get your show tickets early for as you can see in the photos , the room gets packed quickly and you don't want to be turned away !

Stay tuned for more news on the fabulous VINTAGE DRIVE Bluegrass band and we will talk again real soon !  Thank you for all your continued support on this blog as it has grown to over 12,000 readers across the Globe !

Photos by David Mitchell of the Atlantic City Network ! Thank you , David !

Enjoy !



                                                             VINTAGE DRIVE                            

                                                             VINTAGE DRIVE


Find them on Face Book


find them on Face Book

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