Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kicking off the Summer....

Hello, and today we allocate time for a collection of thoughts:

We kick off the Summer and a lot of things come to mind. First off, school's out, so you have all the students out and about, looking for jobs, looking for friends, looking for fun..... Take time to say an encouraging word to one of them. They are looking..... and no matter what their ages, they are going to head back to the fall with a new outlook on a new year.... Let's encourage them!

Next, Take some of your "off " time to re - energize your own mind. You, too, will be heading into the fall with a different outlook. Maybe you have a business and your busy time is now, so YOUR outlook will be different in the Fall. Maybe your busy time is in the Fall so you are enjoying the Summer off. Maybe you do a little of both. We are always moving forward, so use some of your time to just re-energize !!!! Very important.

Take time to leave me a post. Take a minute and tell me what your energizing thoughts are. Maybe I can even blog about it. I am blogging for the Galloway Patch, and doing a networking piece in the Galloway Patriot so I'm really not in here that much anymore. If there are posts or comments, I can work them into a story for you. Take a moment and say hi.

Last but not least a thought to ponder that I heard on the radio the other day.."Why is it that a Slim chance and a Fat chance are the same thing..... but a wise guy and a wise man are opposite?"

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Think of those less fortunate, less healthy, and those that are out for the Summer. Re-energize you heart, soul and mind and use your brain to think!

See you next time......