Monday, June 23, 2014

Finishing up the Brand re cap

Well, it's Monday again and here we are..... I hope you had your thinking cap on with regards to brand recognition. What things did you think about? How are you changing or bettering your BRAND?  One of the things to help with that is to evaluate your ups and downs ( not only profit and loss, but just highs and lows of your business in general) in some kind of time increment..... 3 months, 6 months, one year...whatever works for you. You need to actually set up an evaluation time whether it's alone with family or with staff and write down the things that you did right and the things that maybe didn't work out so well.

This way you can visually see where you spending your time, energy and money and re-evaluate your goals etc....

Contrary to some opinions, I believe that once you come up with your logo, your mission statement or idea, and your need to make sure EVERYONE knows what that is.....  It is crucial to keep these things out where people can see and hear about YOU and what you are doing.....

....and our squats????.... Hope you are keeping up with that and burning some gorgeous lines... Haha

Time has been crazy for me so I will get back in here when I can. In the meantime, work on your strategies both physically and emotionally to keep moving forward....

Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What is YOUR brand????

So it's been a week since we last spoke. How are the squats coming? I'd like to see some major change in all of us over the Summer. A lot has happened recently and I think it's a time of transition.... I feel like it is good transition ! I hope I'm right ! LOL

I think we can up our doses of squats now if you haven't already. Let's see if we can get a couple of weeks in at 8 per side..... 16 8 starting with the right leg and then 8 starting with the left leg.....

I want to get into some brand recognition for this remaining part of the week..... let's start by putting our thinking caps on when it comes to branding.....

If you are branding, you need to be EVERYWHERE with your brand. I don't care what anyone says about it, knowing what I know..... your brand needs to be all over....

When someone asks for a Kleenex, is it always Kleenex brand? If someone asks you to hand them that coke.... is it really coke? .... or is it some other dark colored cola..... what about glass cleaner? Is it really always windex???  These people have build empires on brand recognition..... if you have a branding story, share it with us !  We would love to include you in this weeks discussions....

Check out the photo here...  I saw and ad on TV for target.... it was all around coffee...... THIS photo is from a Kiosk as you walk into Staples.... what brand of coffee is on your lips when you speak of coffee??? Is it Dunkin' ( who by the way changed their branding around coffee, "Everyone runs on Dunkin")  Is it Mickey D's and "I'm lovin' it"???  Is it Starbucks.... is it Javita????  
Put your thinking caps on and let's talk branding for a few days.....

Enjoy !

Visit our web pages....

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weight loss anyone?

Good Wednesday afternoon !

So I hope you are doing your squats. I think we should stay with 5 on each side as we are already into Wed. of the new week. Let's hold on that and on Monday we can look to add a few more. This way you are preparing your body. When these few squats become easy, you know it's time to add more !

Are you monitoring your body??? Remember it's not always about the #'s on the scale. Your body composition goes into a transition when you start to change it. You may notice looser fitting clothes or jewelry, inched that go away.... that doesn't always reflect on a scale right away so don't get discouraged. Your body will change once you get into a habit of changing it.

So let's talk weight loss... many of you have seen the company we are now involved with- JAVITA.
This is an all natural weight loss coffee and tea. It's Kosher and Gluten Free.
This is Brazilian coffee infused with natural herbs that suppress your appetite. The Japanese Green Tea is also infused with these herbs. This tea comes from a 4th generation of tea growers. This particular tea is found at the base of Mt. Fuji.
Also infused into our energy and mind blend are herbs that help with ADD/ ADHD and herbs used in treating Alzheimer patients. Very good for clarity and focus. Excellent for a college student who wants to stay up and study without using a DRUG to do it !

Visit and check out the videos and information. There is also more information at  and 

If you are in the area, join us tomorrow for a coffee tasting and presentation  ....followed by an optional training and lunch ( 10.00 for lunch- tasting is free).

11:30  JD's pub in Galloway, NJ

Have a wonderful Day !

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wednesday's Information Station

 Good morning,

So here we go where I fall asleep over some program and wake up at 3 AM and need to wind down .... LOL

How are we making out with squats..... 10 should be easy ( 5 starting out with each leg).... you can learn how to do them correctly with just 10. Take your time..... We are going to rock the squats!

Next healthy coffee presentations to take place Thursday ( later today) at 11:30 at the Sunryser in Absecon/Galloway, NJ   and next Thurs. at 11:30 at JD's pub in Galloway. ( Next Thurs. followed by training).

If you are not local and are interested in seeing  the full presentation, you can reach out to me at    We can set up a live Internet presentation too !  You can also watch the videos on your own by following the butterfly or by going directly to 
With the live presentations, I can answer questions and explain how it all works.
All natural healthy weight loss coffee and tea ! Delicious !

With Atlantic City Fashion week heading for Sept. Fashions, get your chance to shine at the castings coming up the end of June.... here is a photo from the past Season at the show.... Love the wedding ideas ! Hint, Hint....  Visit our Web page for casting information or Visit Atlantic City Fashion Week on Face Book !

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Information Station continues...

The Information Station comes in at night this evening.... Did you start your squats yet? I'm doing 5 starting with each leg so that's 10 total. Make sure you squat into a sitting position and your knees should not be over your toes ( in other words no bending over..... just sit position as you pull one leg out.... when you get up from that is when you tighten glutes !)   I am no expert in this, I just know how to do them from the work outs I've done and from my Theatre training....

I also like to look things up so if you are not sure, look it up.... let's see if we can do 10 squats each day for the rest of this week.....

So I flipped into Dr. Oz the other day and he was talking about that flame that burns sometimes in our bellies.... one of the things he recommended was a green tea with cranberry juice....

I think this will work great in our Javita lean and green tea.... check it out at 

Just add a splash of cranberry juice.... ( using a 1/2 pack will also decrease the strength of the tea if you don't like it strong)....

For our new ideas today.... take a look at our good friend and business associate Lisa Scott....   Lisa's business surrounds coaching and mentoring... She is such and exceptional soul and so easy to work with and talk with.  Take a look at her page and see all that she is doing to help make our lives better as we learn to listen to our voices within.....

make it a great week and stay tuned to the information station here for great ideas, notes, healthy coffee and of course....SQUATS !  LOL

Monday, June 2, 2014

New Challenge: The Information Station

Hello Balcony Bloggers !

Well, I did some thinking today, and I must say it was tough to think coming off a busy event-filled weekend.... and I want to try another shorter blog challenge.... not because it's shorter.... because I missed blogging everyday...when I did the challenge I was forced to do it and I loved it ! Then the new challenges just didn't cut it.... Now we are going to cut it !!!! LOL

Granted, a few things I've tried did not pan out the way I would have liked them to but we will try again.... since out 365 day blog challenge, I miss my time here ! I loved some of the things we did in that challenge. 

This time, going to do a Summer Challenge..... June 1st (today) Til Sept. 1st..... 3 months.... so this is going to be the Information Station for health and new ideas....

We are going to focus on health challenges  with simple exercises you can try at home.  Also, new ideas and information on healthy , weight loss coffee and tea !

I want to start a squat challenge going. Let's see how far we get. Easy squats, 5 each day for the first week. We can all do that. Make sure you are just sitting like you would into a chair, and when you come up that you squeeze those glutes!

Tomorrow we start with squats.   Tomorrow we start with coffee info..... AND Tomorrow we start with the eWomen Radio show and your host Sylvia Henderson....


So start with 5 squats today, I'm enclosing your coffee short tip today and check out Sylvia's show !
As we start to explore here with the  INFORMATION STATION...

See the latest info from Sylvia's Show

Coffee Talk today:      Studies have shown that our all natural coffee can help in the stand against breast cancer. It is to your benefit to just check it out !  Find the info at

When you are ready to try our brand go to