Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 176 , 177, 178

Wow, wearing all the hats for this event certainly wore me out a little. ( at least it was fun too, just cray cray) LOL

Once I get the photos, I will share this great event with you that we would like to do each year.

So let's say the 5-10 min. break these last few days came in the mix of things..... a beautiful sunset off the balcony of the Foundation room at the Showboat. I hug and a catch up from some old friends ( well, not OLD friends, just friends I haven't seen in awhile)

Taking the time to pick up "swag bags" ..... that was different.... How often do we do that??? I hope more and more....

Take your 5-10 min.  Do something extraordinary !!!!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 175

Crunch time for events always takes a bit of a toll..... I did get to take a slight break and do something a little different. Today, I brought a little Passover to a friend. She was commenting on wanting to try our traditional "Matzoah Fry" ( or Matzoah Bry as we called it growing up)....

I went to her house. She provided the eggs and the chopping of the onions  ( what a great thing to supply....the onions tears for me !!!! )

We sauteed the onions in a pan....broke up the eggs and scrambled them.... wet down our matzoah slightly and salted each piece slightly.... added some pepper to the egg mix, added some water and broke up all the matzoah in a large bowl to make 3 portions..... Once the matzoah was soaked up with egg mixture, it was time to pour it into the hot pan..... mix it up until the eggs are cooked and it's done ! Easy Pisi ( that's the Italian in me...... )

We kicked back for all of 10 minutes before we got back to work on the event....

It was quite enjoyable..... accompanied with coffee and vanilla creamer..... mad my day very special !

What did you do today?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 174

Interesting day.... as I have said most recently, I am swamped with all kinds of things to prepare for this upcoming fashion event. It is our designer, URSULE BADA's first real runway show. We at 4 A STAR are very excited !

That said, In the middle of all the running and doing, not to mention other events and things that have to get put into place too, I was able to take that few minutes and have a little lunch with a couple of great friends and business associates....

We were in a very relaxing atmosphere and cozy. The decor was so interesting as next to us underneath a counter top was a fireplace.... yep ! One of those cool fireplaces that look like a movie screen in front. It was so cool. We all made a comment about it and how special it was to sit in this place and chill in front of the fireplace. So even if you are doing your routine things, you can find that little teeny break to tantalize your senses !

What did you do today?

Day 173

As you can see, keeping up with the "posting" part of my challenge has certainly been a challenge for ME while I prepare for a big event.

This is something I can still work on. As I said, prior to this post, I'm meeting the challenge, just having difficulty posting it ! LOL

I hope you are taking advantage of even 5 minutes each day to refresh, revisit, and revitalize yourself and your senses...... you will be so grateful when you do. Who knows , you may even get a spark of some great ingenuity, some great transformation, or at the very least, a chance to kick back and relax for a few minutes.

Monday is my office day so you can imagine how hectic THAT has been too with preparing for this upcoming event.

It snowed here in our first few days of Spring !!!  I spent a good portion of the morning out in the mess, dealing with a tow truck for Art's car, driving him to the rental car place and that is just the aftermath of the crazy story about his car. !   Thank goodness all is well and we can talk about it in this fashion .

It was also our first night of Passover so later in the day we drove up to Cherry Hill to celebrate with family and friends. Funny thing is that I connected one of our family members to a childhood friend through Face Book some time ago..... this friend was at our Passover Dinner..... I find that truly amazing !

Enjoy your day !
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Day 172

This is our Day of change !!!!  Scroll back to the day before day "1" so you know what we do on our

Day 171

Today I was running around all day for the fashion event coming up. The posts have been very crazy since this event is eating up my time and I'm exhausted by end of day......

I have been meeting some great new people that I will be able to blog about in the near future....

Make your weekend great......


Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 170

Today I got to get away a little at a local gift shop. "Joelle's".... They have cool and interesting gifts and I happened to be in the are so I stopped in. (not mention  the owner is the Sister of one of our wonderful photographers   Larry Berman) 

So I went in ....even left my phone in the car on purpose so I could get away for 10 minutes in this fantasy world of gifts.

One of my favorite things in the shop are these awesome wine goblets....  Inside the wine goblets (glasses) are girls! ( No silly, not real girls...although they look real)  Like......models that fit in the glasses..... models with cute little outfits on sitting inside the wine glasses !  Little statues if you may. You can even remove them so you can actually use the glass. I loved them !!!!!  I didn't have my phone with me so I couldn't take a picture of one. Maybe I'll go back and do that again for a later post.   It was a cold day, but sunny today..... Spring is somewhere...............somewhere soon I hope. I enjoyed getting a bit of a break in a hectic time preparing for our "Good Better Best" Fashion event......

I also liked these cute little napkins they had (coasters too) that had various sayings on them. This one said, "There are days I wish I had a delete button".....

Make your weekend great. Do something to break up your hum drum routine !  LOL

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 166/167/168/169

I'M BACK!!!!!!  So something to be said about the human condition. Remember this is a "challenge" for us to do something everyday..... I'm keeping up with my end of the challenge.....just days are hard sometimes to keep up my end of the POSTS !!!!!! LOL

With organizing this fashion event coming up, the days have just been running into one another..... just like they are in this post.... So let me catch up !

I have been running around in a whirlwind the past few days.... picking up dresses, finding models, working on the newspaper ad, the venue, the models the  "art" for the room , the shoe display..... OMG my head hurts..... and all the while I'm excited about the show, about the designer coming in from Philly to do his first real runway show.....the excitement alone takes the headache away......

All these things are things I don't do everyday however I find myself thinking still about the future, about the growth of my daughter, my business, my relationship..... All good things.....

One of the things I thought about was a way to lose weight in a comfortable, safe, way.. I know there are all kinds of things around to help us do that..... I have ways that have worked.........and ways that haven't......

I even started by doing a body analysis this between the running around.....THAT was different..... I have some things I want to try out.........maybe I will even blog about them

So my thoughts also lie with the next "blog challenge" after the 365 days ............ I already have my ideas on that one !  Now I just have to get through THIS one .......  I have been doing and learning a lot on this challenge. I hope you are too !

Today we celebrate Art's Birthday...... geez....talking about losing weight and I have cake here......
That, of course, is a once a year celebration and I thoroughly enjoyed it !!

Let me know what you are doing.............what is your daily "challenge" fix for us....???

Talk tomorrow !

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 165

Sunday our Day of change !

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 164

This Day was interesting as I was on the road all day. Started the day at 2:00 AM to work my weekend "gig" and then wound up in North Brunswick later in the evening. Got home at 12:30 AM ..............(following morning).... Geez....

Anyway, on the way up to Brunswick it started raining with that icy mix.....
We ( Brie and myself) saw many accidents along the way although I didn't think the roads were bad at all. ( I wouldn't have been on them if they were)

Where I spent my few extra minutes is admiring how pretty the trees looked  on the way up. In fact, Brie did an Instagram.....The picture is not loading to here properly....also, it doesn't show the trees the way I described it so I say at this point, use your imagination.... :)

Just a slice of something beautiful among all the wet, nasty day ............. LOL

What have you admired lately? Take those few minutes to find it...............

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 163

Today I got to turn off my phone and sit with a sandwich and the TV for a little bit. It was really nice to just take a break, catch up on a show and do nothing !!!!

That was my time today !  I loved it ! ( well for a little bit, anyway !)

When was the last time you took just a few moments for yourself? I hope when you did or when you do, that it is longer than 5 minutes !!

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 162

I think I traveled the world today but in actuality it was only 2 counties ! Hahahaha.....

I have to say that my few extra moments were both happy and sad today......

First I met a Woman that was so inspiring.... I first met her on line through a recommendation. Then I kept finding people that looked like her ( and her daughter)....just signs that our meeting would be awesome ( and it was).  We hit it off when we spoke on the phone yet when we met it felt like we just picked up where we left off. I am very happy to have her daughter involved in the 4 A STAR family..... Not every meeting is one that is a heartfelt connection..... I have had several in the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013..... it's very heartwarming............Lainy Gold and Sarah Ferguson

Then I went to heart wrenching as I drove from RT. 37 in Toms River, over the bridge into Seaside.
At first I thought it was better after 4 months since "Sandy"....then I saw the worst............the entire boardwalk from Seaside Heights to Seaside Park GONE !   I had tears in my eyes taking that time to ride through the town I spent my childhood in............. The memories of the boardwalk and the piers came flooding back to me...........

My only thoughts of happiness was seeing people working on re building the town. I know they will however the sights were brutally harsh..............the day was beautiful so hope was in the air................

Enjoy your day !
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 161

This was so interesting. Now that we are moving ahead with locations and places for the next issue of
 Foxx Code Magazine..... photo shoots are a little more often...... So the photo shoot wasn't the subject of the "little break" today but the place was...... UNBELIEVABLE !   Also a little bit of a funny afterwards.....

So we shot today at the gorgeous CUTTING ROOM. Converted from an old carpet store into this very cool Dinner Club. Re-surging as a number one Hot Spot, you must visit the Cutting Room. The Mark Kostabi Art that graces the walls is so worth the trip by itself.....then you add the other artists, the decor, the fabulous entertainment and you've got a great spot to relax and enjoy in town. Located at 44 E. 32nd Street, NYC. Grand Opening to feature Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones coming soon ! For now they are getting the kinks out and feeling their way around. Go enjoy the Cutting Room !

Here is some of the art.... yes, Kostabi painted on that guitar that sits in the front window.....
The lit up shot is not so clear however it is stained glass guitars hanging from the ceiling, that grace the lobby area when you walk in.

So if you want to take your "Balcony Blogger Challenge" to the next level, and you are in the NYC area ( or surrounding area) Take a trip in and visit the CUTTING ROOM. You will be swept away.....

Also having to take the bus out of the City, I got a glimpse of the people waiting on line ahead of me at the terminal.  There were only 4.  Funny, they didn't have very much to say !!!!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 160

Today I have a short post...... only because I can not disclose some of the things I was researching today. That said, I spent my few minutes today doing some research on some people and companies I was introduced to recently. It was fascinating finding out about some of this.....

I strongly encourage you to use your Internet in the best way you can.... I met the love of my life on it....... it's truly amazing when you combine it with traditional forms of living...... it can't be solely about the Internet, or solely about doing things WITHOUT the Internet. That saying, "Everything in moderation" can also apply to all the tools we have to live today..... Mix it up. When you are on the Internet, see what an amazing place it truly is when you use it properly...............

Make it a great day !

Will be in NYC tomorrow....probably get post up very late or early AM..... Who knows what will happen in NY ! hahahahaha

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 159

Wow ! What a day. I have to say that being on set at a photo shoot is not something that is totally different per say from my line of work or from my background, however I don't get to do it every day.... It's not a routine event. They come up when they come up. We get them done when we need to get them done.

Being out on the A/C boardwalk was definitely tiring all day but it was so enjoyable to work with great people from Foxx Code, affiliates from Texas, people from the Atlantic City Alliance and people  from the Atlantic City Beat.

The blog today is not about the shoot itself but about the day.....taking the time to walk the A/C boardwalk for a few minutes, to watch a photographer in motion , to see a beautiful model, to admire the structures the people and the history of the boardwalk, and, oh yes..... to wash cotton candy off our hands.....

Take the time to walk somewhere, laugh with someone and enjoy the things in life you don't do everyday ! Challenge Yourself......

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 159

Sunday our Day of Change...... Do you know what to do???

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Day 158

Let's stay with the theme, "BE INSPIRED".... this post is going up late for a good reason..... I was inspired at 10 PM and didn't get home until 1 AM ..... thank goodness for laptops for I am an hour away from home and can finally post..... LOL

So what inspired me, in my 5-10 min. journey, was a conversation with the beautiful Kim Ross. I met her at Kat Quarterman's fashion event. Kat owns and operates SENSE OF STYLE BOUTIQUE.

During the event, I was instructed by my good friend and business associate, Sandi Tuttle,to visit this table and see Kim....

What is extraordinary about Kim is that she puts on these fashion events with Prom what's so special about that??? Lots of places put on fashion events with Prom Dresses......

Well...............Kim started this event 4 years ago....(funny that's when I started 4 A STAR) to show our young girls that they don't have to get rid of their expensive Prom Dresses after they wear them to the Prom. That makes sense, Yes? Well, now into it's 4th year, this event has really grown into something special. Any girl that walks in this event, gets a certificate of participation, a meal, AND..... a Prom Dress !!!!!

How awesome is that!
Kim and I had a brief, wonderful, conversation about how this came about, how it has evolved and of course, how we could help each other down the road. I  had heard something about this event last year but I never connected to it until this weekend.  What a beautiful way to get out of the noise and hoopla, just for 5 min., and connect with someone as special as Kim Ross and what she is doing.....

For details on this event visit 

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 157

Today I got to meet one of the most gracious, talented, and beautiful people around.  It's not everyday that you make that awesome connection with someone very fast. I always say to follow your heart, your instincts and your energy...... I got that beautiful energy from singer/ songwriter Kelly Lavigna  of Route 9 Entertainment

Not so much that we shared the same love of music and the arts, but we shared the same energy..... we had breakfast together and got to talk..... something I love to do..... LOL

It was really nice hearing how she started her entertainment company and how I started mine. It was something I love to do, but don't get to do that often............connect with someone on that energy level . I love it when you  "spark" with someone and it just flows....there isn't that awkward silence at all because you both have a lot to say....

I expect that we will be friends for a long time and that our business connections will only help each other thrive.

Check out Kelly, if you are in this area, every Friday at
 Joseph's Restaurant part of Renault Winery,  in Galloway, NJ 6:00 PM.......

This was a few minutes away that was so refreshing and enjoyable!

Who did you meet today ?

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 156

So how do you know that when you meet someone, you are going to be connected for a long time?.....It's a strange feeling but my best instincts tell me to TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.  Many of the things we read about and see, that talk about us moving forward in our lives and careers, talk about how our bodies tell us when we feel GOOD and when we feel BAD. We should do more of the things that make us feel GOOD !
I always say that people come into your life for a reason , a season, or a lifetime...... Lisa Scott is one of those Lifetime people that I have met. I must say that we are both out there finding our ways to move forward, however, when we first met we connected right away. I'm not saying that we are hanging out every chance we get, but we have connected in a way that gives us purpose when we meet, on top of a very good positive aura that is in the air when we are together. I met Lisa today at one of my favorite coffee house's.... BARISTAS... (Best coffee around....just sayin'.... LOL )

She had never been there before and I think she fell in love with the place just like I did.  Our conversations were around this massive enlightenment that Lisa had in her journey recently..... it revolves around her newest venture to grow..... The Empower Network   You can click there and check out Lisa's amazing new vision for herself and her business, MOTIVATION MADE SIMPLE.

My few minutes today were not only spent with a great friend and business associate, it hovered around great conversation and learning on both sides.

When was the last time you reached out to someone in your life and said, "Hey, let's grab coffee and chat?"  ..........or water , or tea, or soda or lunch or breakfast or dinner or a walk or a ride or whatever.............

We already made a time to go up to the Sculpture Garden  (Grounds for Sculpture)  and be inspired ! We couldn't even set that appointment for another month but that isn't the point. The point is that we DID set it. We even both commented on where we may be in a month from now....growing every day !

Life is short. Grab the wonderful opportunities when you can..... be grateful every day, be inspired, and make time for those important relationships in your life..........on ALL Levels !

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 155

So many of my close friends know that I am a huge Idol fan.... these are my favorites so far. This week was tough competition as the 10 girls and 10 guys get cut in 1/2 to create the top 10 ( girls and guys combined).

My few minutes was spent installing the brand new Idol app on my droid. was certainly a break from the normal routine however I guess the app just didn't like me. It was so slow installing.... anyway.... when it finally did load, I tried to play around on it today. That was actually fun until it came time to vote !  It's so cool how you have 50 votes and you can designate them anyway you like on this app. The problem arose when I needed to actually CAST the votes. I had to put in some code to show that I wasn't a computer.... LOL.... but a real person.... When I went to put in the code, I got NO keyboard to type it in !
What a crock !!!!!
So I went back to the other voting method of calling in. I just figured I'd give my fav's some extra the tune of 50 ........ NOT

I did have fun playing around in the app. but it was not fun trying to get the vote in.

If you'd like to follow contestants in this season just Visit The Idol Page..................
Thanks, and have a great time trying new things !

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Day 154

Well today was interesting...... (Tues).... I sat with tax receipts all day ! ( Monday and Tuesday)..... I will definitely have a better system for next year !  One can only hope..................

There were times when I just dozed off and times that I came over to the computer for a break. My 5 minutes was to go into my room, sit on the bed, turn off the phone and the TV and just sit there and breathe...... I really enjoyed that. It gave me the little push I needed to go back to the grind and I was able to finally get finished . (for the most part. LOL)

Don't go crazy! If you only have 5 minutes to do something.....just take that 5 minutes!

Enjoy your day !

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 153

Now I can catch up on Monday's post...... geez..... I still have this headache !

Ok...... So if you remember way back in the beginning....I talked about doing various things to make the challenge. One of them was doing something you haven't done in awhile.............a few of the things I can think of was playing jacks, coloring, etc......

Well I picked up this hobby back in 2003. Monday was 10 years that I have been on line with it.... minus a long gap. I often thought about it, I often went to the site to just enter a "bill" but other than that, I wasn't as involved in my hobby as I would have liked to be. So I decided to challenge myself and get back there, visit with old friends I've met on this site and take a break from it all..... LOL

Check out the site when you can    

Here, you can not only check and follow interesting stories about money, but you can make friends, blog, learn and follow the money you enter with all the other cool people on the site. There are over a million users on the George site.  Here's how it works..... you follow this simple rule  EMS....ENTER, MARK, SPEND...

You enter the serial # of your dollar bill ( or whatever denomination you want). You give it a little note like....
received as change from the supermarket or whatever..... You mark it with a stamp or a handwritten note (clean) with the web     Then you spend it as usual. When someone else enters that same bill back into the system- you get an email notification that you have a "hit" on your bill. You can then check where it has gone ! Very cool !   I have had a bill go to Hawaii, Kuwait, and almost all of our States in the U.S.

Even if you don't want to take the time to be a part of it, at least check out the site for your blog challenge. You can also find interesting stories on money from the links there.  As we say at the site,
 "Happy Georgeing" !


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Day 152

Sunday is our Day of change............

Wow, I'm still falling asleep over the taxes receipts. I got a lot accomplished  but I have a headache and still not done......

If you are new, scroll back to see what we do on Sundays !


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 151

Wow! Sat. I had the honor and pleasure to attend the Birthday Party of Hon. Theresa Freeman in NYC.
I always say that you never know where life if going to take you. I honestly believe we are guided and the choices we make move us around life in very interesting patterns. We need to embrace those and flow with those and make life the most interesting journey.................

I'm not going to go into how this all happened. Let's just say there are no accidents and at some point in life we realize that everything happens for a reason...............Thank you, Brian , for being who you are and sharing your journey with me, my company and my family !

Thank you O. Aldan James and Theresa Freeman for having us at your Birthday Dinner Party where we danced the night away with some of the most interesting people on the planet. These people will take you into their hearts, make sure the right thing is being upheld, and embrace the challenges and the triumphs we deal with on a daily basis.  Sweet...............................  and , oh yes,  you guys all ROCK !

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 150

It's the 150 day mark and it's going strong.... I hope you are enjoying this experience. Even if what you are doing is related to your business or your daily life in some way, it should be something you either wanted to try or haven't done in awhile.  Today I did something I haven't done in awhile....and should really do more of..... maybe now, after today's great experience, I can.

Today I had a massage !!! How many of you have done that????? Isn't it the best?  Well, maybe not..... have you ever gone to a massage person that actually hurt you?  THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

Let me tell you that you have never had a real massage until you have had one from Bill Curry !
Bill is a Certified Massage practitioner with 22 years experience in Therapeutic Massage.

Bill specializes in stress reducing relaxation techniques for those who are looking for the ultimate massage experience. He has also done extensive work in medical, lymphatic drainage, pre-natal, geriatric and cancer massage.....  Bill's web page is like a walking ( or surfing) encyclopedia of health and wellness tips. You can even get special lotions/ oils/ creams at a discounted price. ....and speaking of discounts..... as a first time customer you can receive your first massage for only 39.00..... that's almost half price !
Bill has a comfortable place for your massage OR for 10.00 extra, he will come to you if you are in a 40 mile radius of Mays Landing, NJ.

Not only is Bill an expert at massage, but he makes you feel very comfortable and enjoys having some great conversation with you too. (which is right up MY Alley ! )
What sets Bill apart from some of the others in the area is that he uses a technique that is used more widely in California and parts of Hawaii.... he calls it California Style and basically it consists of Long Strokes up the side of the body. It's amazingly relaxing !

Take a moment and  VISIT BILL'S WEB PAGE  to see what he has to offer there. Better yet, enjoy a GREAT and RELAXING massage from a wonderful person.

You can also catch Bill doing a presentation at my next "Knight's of the Round Table Happening" event in Atlantic City sometime in April.

Thank you, Bill, for a great experience !

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