Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 150

It's the 150 day mark and it's going strong.... I hope you are enjoying this experience. Even if what you are doing is related to your business or your daily life in some way, it should be something you either wanted to try or haven't done in awhile.  Today I did something I haven't done in awhile....and should really do more of..... maybe now, after today's great experience, I can.

Today I had a massage !!! How many of you have done that????? Isn't it the best?  Well, maybe not..... have you ever gone to a massage person that actually hurt you?  THAT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!

Let me tell you that you have never had a real massage until you have had one from Bill Curry !
Bill is a Certified Massage practitioner with 22 years experience in Therapeutic Massage.

Bill specializes in stress reducing relaxation techniques for those who are looking for the ultimate massage experience. He has also done extensive work in medical, lymphatic drainage, pre-natal, geriatric and cancer massage.....  Bill's web page is like a walking ( or surfing) encyclopedia of health and wellness tips. You can even get special lotions/ oils/ creams at a discounted price. ....and speaking of discounts..... as a first time customer you can receive your first massage for only 39.00..... that's almost half price !
Bill has a comfortable place for your massage OR for 10.00 extra, he will come to you if you are in a 40 mile radius of Mays Landing, NJ.

Not only is Bill an expert at massage, but he makes you feel very comfortable and enjoys having some great conversation with you too. (which is right up MY Alley ! )
What sets Bill apart from some of the others in the area is that he uses a technique that is used more widely in California and parts of Hawaii.... he calls it California Style and basically it consists of Long Strokes up the side of the body. It's amazingly relaxing !

Take a moment and  VISIT BILL'S WEB PAGE  to see what he has to offer there. Better yet, enjoy a GREAT and RELAXING massage from a wonderful person.

You can also catch Bill doing a presentation at my next "Knight's of the Round Table Happening" event in Atlantic City sometime in April.

Thank you, Bill, for a great experience !

                                                           Visit Our Web Page

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