Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 153

Now I can catch up on Monday's post...... geez..... I still have this headache !

Ok...... So if you remember way back in the beginning....I talked about doing various things to make the challenge. One of them was doing something you haven't done in awhile.............a few of the things I can think of was playing jacks, coloring, etc......

Well I picked up this hobby back in 2003. Monday was 10 years that I have been on line with it.... minus a long gap. I often thought about it, I often went to the site to just enter a "bill" but other than that, I wasn't as involved in my hobby as I would have liked to be. So I decided to challenge myself and get back there, visit with old friends I've met on this site and take a break from it all..... LOL

Check out the site when you can             www.wheresgeorge.com 

Here, you can not only check and follow interesting stories about money, but you can make friends, blog, learn and follow the money you enter with all the other cool people on the site. There are over a million users on the George site.  Here's how it works..... you follow this simple rule  EMS....ENTER, MARK, SPEND...

You enter the serial # of your dollar bill ( or whatever denomination you want). You give it a little note like....
received as change from the supermarket or whatever..... You mark it with a stamp or a handwritten note (clean) with the web site.....www.wheresgeorge.com     Then you spend it as usual. When someone else enters that same bill back into the system- you get an email notification that you have a "hit" on your bill. You can then check where it has gone ! Very cool !   I have had a bill go to Hawaii, Kuwait, and almost all of our States in the U.S.

Even if you don't want to take the time to be a part of it, at least check out the site for your blog challenge. You can also find interesting stories on money from the links there.  As we say at the site,
 "Happy Georgeing" !


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