Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 151

Wow! Sat. I had the honor and pleasure to attend the Birthday Party of Hon. Theresa Freeman in NYC.
I always say that you never know where life if going to take you. I honestly believe we are guided and the choices we make move us around life in very interesting patterns. We need to embrace those and flow with those and make life the most interesting journey.................

I'm not going to go into how this all happened. Let's just say there are no accidents and at some point in life we realize that everything happens for a reason...............Thank you, Brian , for being who you are and sharing your journey with me, my company and my family !

Thank you O. Aldan James and Theresa Freeman for having us at your Birthday Dinner Party where we danced the night away with some of the most interesting people on the planet. These people will take you into their hearts, make sure the right thing is being upheld, and embrace the challenges and the triumphs we deal with on a daily basis.  Sweet...............................  and , oh yes,  you guys all ROCK !

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