Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 155

So many of my close friends know that I am a huge Idol fan.... these are my favorites so far. This week was tough competition as the 10 girls and 10 guys get cut in 1/2 to create the top 10 ( girls and guys combined).

My few minutes was spent installing the brand new Idol app on my droid. was certainly a break from the normal routine however I guess the app just didn't like me. It was so slow installing.... anyway.... when it finally did load, I tried to play around on it today. That was actually fun until it came time to vote !  It's so cool how you have 50 votes and you can designate them anyway you like on this app. The problem arose when I needed to actually CAST the votes. I had to put in some code to show that I wasn't a computer.... LOL.... but a real person.... When I went to put in the code, I got NO keyboard to type it in !
What a crock !!!!!
So I went back to the other voting method of calling in. I just figured I'd give my fav's some extra the tune of 50 ........ NOT

I did have fun playing around in the app. but it was not fun trying to get the vote in.

If you'd like to follow contestants in this season just Visit The Idol Page..................
Thanks, and have a great time trying new things !

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