Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 174

Interesting day.... as I have said most recently, I am swamped with all kinds of things to prepare for this upcoming fashion event. It is our designer, URSULE BADA's first real runway show. We at 4 A STAR are very excited !

That said, In the middle of all the running and doing, not to mention other events and things that have to get put into place too, I was able to take that few minutes and have a little lunch with a couple of great friends and business associates....

We were in a very relaxing atmosphere and cozy. The decor was so interesting as next to us underneath a counter top was a fireplace.... yep ! One of those cool fireplaces that look like a movie screen in front. It was so cool. We all made a comment about it and how special it was to sit in this place and chill in front of the fireplace. So even if you are doing your routine things, you can find that little teeny break to tantalize your senses !

What did you do today?


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Unknown said...

What did I do today?...
Well, for starters, I was one of the lucky people dining with Ms Ava-Fireside! We had just come from an organizational meeting to plan a fundraising event to raise awareneness for Parkinson's Disease. As an early on set patient myself, I had planted this seed several months back. It had already gotten rained out once in October and now has grown to include a 5k run; 13 mile bike ride and hourly Yoga Classes! With the team we have since assembled, this April Event should prove to be yet another Great Event! Now the REAL work begins!