Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Show Must Go On"

Hello again..... today we allocate time for one of the most dynamic people I have recently met, Patti Lattanzi . Many of us know, whether it's "show business" "business" or just the business of life.... that "The Show must go On". That has never been more true for entertainment guru Patti Lattanzi. If you haven't seen her show on Tuesday evenings, check it out at Filomena's - 13 Cross Keys Road, Berlin , NJ at 8 PM. From there, 2 weeks later, you can catch that same show on air at WVLT Cruisin 92.1 FM from 7-8 PM. So let's find out how this all started and what makes Patti Lattanzi stand out from the crowd...... Well if you didn't know it, Patti played in many bands when she was younger as the drummer. When she fell in love with entertainer Joey Lattanzi, magic started to happen. They started a radio show in 2001 and married sometime after that . In 2003 Patti , sadly, lost Joey to Cancer...and so did the rest of us. They were only married about 18 months.That didn't stop Patti from carrying on what the 2 of them saw together. Patti worked hard doing shows, networking events and all that it takes to make the show and the dream live on. Eventually, things started to click..... Patti knew a fabulous entertainer by the name of Billy Carlucci. Billy had worked with Bobby Rydell, Danny and the Juniors and had the group Billy and the Essentials for quite some time. He and Patt would get together and work on the shows, events etc... until the the show became "Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci and & the Gang Show". (which is the show we now see every Tues. at Filomena's) Patti also has her charming mother involved too. Patti and Billy work very hard on producing and putting on a great show. There are many entertainers that come out and support the show, knowing they will be on air and be exposed to the many guests that come out to see the show. Patti praises Billy and his family, saying that she is treated like a Sister. Today, Patti spends 2 days sending out emails for each show, working on 18 groups of people each week with 40-75 people in each group. That's a lot of work and it's a work Patti Loves. It takes a lot, each week, to make that show go on. Patti is so proud of this work, of working with Billy and some of the great talent that comes out each week to be in the show. She's proud of the guests and special interest people that come out to support the show, and is Proud of how the show has evolved. Sharing old time stories, old time standards and splashes of new and upcoming talent, Patti is moving and shaking. If you would like to audition for the show, you can contact me for a personal introduction. Just to see Patti and Billy and how they light up the stage is such a treat. Patti ends each and every show with a shout out to her love, Joey Lattanzi, or "Batch-a-gal-oop", as she refers to him lovingly... Patti makes the Show go on each and every week keeping love and fun alive on stage. Thank you Patti for all that you do and we will see you soon.