Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some of the 4 A STAR Superstars...

Good Tuesday Morning,
Finally, today we allocate time to talk about 2 of my wonderful artists in the 4 A STAR family.

First, it's Viki Wallace , formerly of the three degrees. Viki is just timeless. Not only is she beautiful and talented but she is very intelligent and has wonderful ideas to connect our relationships with music from the past to our musical tastes of the present. Now with all the retro stylings into the "80's" and all, the timing is perfect for retro shows, and things that take us back in time with a futuristic flavor. Funny, this is the 25th year re-union of the "BACK TO THE FUTURE" franchise. Funny how it coincides with all the re-living of the past styles, music, art etc. So Viki is doing a "when will I see you again" tour. Yay. This will start with travelling the tour through the college scene, inviting college students to submit entries and win a spot in the touring show at their college! You can visit the 4 A STAR fb page and start submitting entries some time in the New Year. We will keep you posted on the wonderful things Viki is doing both with her "missing child" mission and her spokesperson PERSONALITY as well.

Next,we have "Resident Stone". Our local Hard Rock Band that is blazing trails wherever they go. The unique sound of lead singer Rob Dief is going to propel the band into a great history making splash. When you add the instrumentation of Andrew Clark, Rebel Somers, Sam Ross and lead guitarist Rick Land.........you have the sensational sounds of "Resident Stone". Making their debut performance at the legendary Stone Pony last Thursday, Resident Stone shined. They were invited back for performances throughout the Winter. You can hear them on the 4 A STAR fb page and also on popular sites like myspace and reverbnation.

I am so honored and excited to work with these very talented musicians and performers.

Til we speak again.....enjoy the fall, have fun on Halloween and try out a random act of kindness, it will make you feel so good.