Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...don't stop giving ! Day 27

Day 27

Hello, Thanksgiving falls on my favorite # this year, 27 !  I want to take a  moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate this holiday and just Happy "Thanks" to those of you around the World reading our blog and taking our blog challenge.

Today I was up early doing the weekend "gig". Only worked an hour . I spent a couple of hours with a friend who has his MOM in the hospital. He is going through a tough time with her . That said, he is quite dedicated and concerned about her health and well being . That is so admirable today. Not to get into it, but I spent some time with him, had a bite to eat with him and was there so he wasn't alone.  On the way, I had the opportunity to , once again, see the SUNRISE.  It was barely turning light out as I traveled down the Black Horse Pike into Atlantic City. The cool thing was that there were no cars around me at all so I propped the phone up on the steering wheel and with one hand snapped this shot ! I'm so glad I did, it's just a cool shot. Sorry it's not as clear as I would have liked but I WAS driving..... like I said , no one around me at all....empty roads, it was so beautiful !

I also drove down to Sooy Lane. If you've been following or viewing this blog you may remember that the House on SOOY lane is the one that decorates to the NINES and gives back to local charities. People come in droves to this house. That said, they don't set up the lights every year and last year was a big disappointment to me as I love going there to watch the lights and music and relax. So I drove down the dark street to see if anything at all was going on. I figured that if the lights were to be up this year, that SOME stirring would be going on there on Thanksgiving...... Well, it was around 5:20 AM and drove and saw an empty lawn and felt a little down....then I realized I was 2 lawns away !!!!   When I saw the lights strung up in the dark I got so happy and stopped to clap my hands and sigh out loud. The Sooy lane house will be bright this year and I will have photos and stories to share from there this Holiday Season.......

In the meantime, Happy Turkey, Give thanks wherever you are, and we will talk again soon !
 What will YOU do today that's different?????

Enjoy !

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Days 22-26

Hello again,

Whew! It always seems like around the holidays time just seems to fleet by. I remember the old cliche that as we get older a year seems like a week, a week seems like a day and a day seems like an hour..... now I feel like a year seems like an hour..........WHAT is up with that ??? !

Nursing a bruised hip and knee from a fall last month. Seems to just not want to heal so quickly. Actually going for an X-ray this weekend..... Has slowed me down a lot. (...but not so much as to try to find my 5 minutes or so...

Been a fun few days. Hectic but fun. Find the FUN in whatever you do !!!!

 This one above was taken when I took a few moments to check out the lake. I even got the ducks in the lover half of the photo.... they were just doing their thing.  It was amazing to watch them and get away from a routine. I was watching the ducks do their own routine.......
 This one above is a shot of a great site to explore.... fun for the family or for the holidays to check out this site and see where your money travels. This particular bill has traveled 321 days before it was entered into the system again. It started out in Vineland and traveled to Galloway. Another bill I recently obtained traveled for 5 years before it was entered again and it started in NY. Over the years, I have had bills that traveled all over the Country and even a few out of the Country. This is a fun activity and it's free ! ( I don't get on the site all that much anymore as I'm so busy with the business. This challenge has forced me to spend a little more time to explore..... when I DO get on the site, it's so cool ! ) 
Taking another little break with my friend Andrew at the Blue Coyote cafe on Main Street in Mays Landing. It is now under new ownership and is a very cool place. I love the coffee mugs ! Check them out if you are in town !

To all the followers of this blog, the people who are taking the challenge and to our page-viewers from all over the World..... HAPPY THANKSGIVING... and a wonderful Holiday Season to go out to all of you !

Enjoy !

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Catching up ! Days 15-21

Catching up !

Whew! This has been a whirlwind of a week. Some health issues set me back a little however it's pretty good now and I'm back in the game ! ( I'll keep you posted on all that)

So remember that Sunday is our day of change..... I'll remind you all how that works this coming Sunday. Last Sunday we did our workshop at Dave and Buster's and it was fabulous !

Shout out to Raymond Tyler and Darci Doran who graciously gave of their time and expertise to make this event so special !  Thank You !

From beautiful sunrises to 5 minutes of the "Jerry Lewis" story to 40 years of Happy Days- this week was incredible on the challenge.

Check out "Happy Days" as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary.
Teach our generation and beyond about the ultimate comedian , Jerry Lewis
And if you dare, get up and see a sunrise !

Enjoy your weekend as we approach Thanksgiving.... and stay with the challenge, even if you have to catch up !

Friday, November 14, 2014

Never give up ! Day 14


So last year around this time, I wanted to do a holiday event with my clients. A few guest speakers, holiday photo shoot for my models and lunch and shopping.... not too much to ask, right???

It never came about. For one reason or another, I couldn't get the location, get someone AT the location etc....

This year, I tried again. .....and this Sunday we are going to Dave and Buster's in Philly for this event. I am giving away a few gift cards for models and family to go shop at the Franklin Mills Mall outlet center.

This location is about an hour from me. I felt it was a great spot as I have models and artists of all ages. Dave and Buster's is so cool....pool tables, shuffleboard tables, arcade games, skeeball and of course the entire Mall. Inside the mall is now a skateboard part too !  WOW !

This will be the 2nd "In the Director's chair" Workshop we are doing.

Speakers sit in a casual atmosphere and talk from the director's chair. Then all the guests get to sit in the directors chair....

Don't give up on things, even when they may not work out the first time around !

Enjoy !

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Did you do something interesting today??? Days 12 and 13


These 2 days have been interesting.  Yesterday I went to one of my favorite new places in Smithville.  It's called THE BEST GIFT IDEA EVER.  They have a few locations but this one is fairly new. I went in one day for I didn't know what it was . I passed by it several times but never took a second look. When I went in--- I couldn't believe the love I had for this idea. These are the 1st things I got.... The 4 A STAR name  ( Do you recognize it in the letters?) and my name AVA..... I love the Eiffel Tower so I had to get that !

I've  been back but not in a little while and I went yesterday to bring a friend there to purchase a birthday gift and of course, I purchased a holiday gift for someone there too.... what a great, different and interesting gift idea ! Love it !

Today, I am doing something I've been intending to do for a long long time.....that's to unpack some of the boxes in my tiny apartment that have been haunting me for some time.  I even packed up new boxes when we got my Mom and Dad's bed in from Florida and there they sit.....

So at least I'm getting to it. Forcing myself to do it today !!!!

Enjoy !

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sitting Days 10 and 11


So what happens to you when you just sit !  Do you reflect on any parts of your life? Do you rest your weary bones... LOL.... or are you just thinking about what to eat !!

Sometimes, when I sit, I think about all the things that happened up to that point.....

Let's go back to the day I posted the story about the PROSPER stone.
A friend of mine recently had a fire at his place of business. It wasn't a total loss, in fact, I do believe it was only a few days before he was up and running again. It is still a very scary and costly event.  So I went back to the store to get him a PROSPER stone. I felt like with all the new things he was trying to do in this renovated place , he needed one.

The next day, another friend posted on line about making a new way in her life..... I figured she could use one too. So I went to the store to get HER one also. I got them together, hoping there would still be a few left to get.                                

I also picked up one of my favorite kinds of stones and that is a Worry Stone. Do you know what that is? It takes the worry away from you when you use it.
Rubbing the stone in general is a good way to release the tension and worry. The indentation makes it easy to rub the stone without hurting or straining your hand muscles.
 Remembering that your left and right brain work opposite sides of the the stone in the hand of the side you want to release....for example if you want to release your creative side or your right place and rub the stone in your right hand- this occupies the left side of the brain and leaves the right side free-er so to say. Either way the benefits of the worry stone can be great.
Sometimes the color or type of stone you get warrants different healing properties.

So I picked up a worry stone for my friend. When I handed it to her, she dropped it and it landed on the pavement and it broke. Immediately thinking it was bad luck, she said, we determined that it was just something speaking to her - as she was going into her wallet to reveal a little folded note about the worry stone, just when I was handing it to her. So I went back and got one in a different color. I think this will work out fine.
Needless to say , it's been a busy couple of days......

What makes you think when you "plop" yourself down into a chair for a few moments......

What gives you that energy to get back up and moving again. ( or are you done for the night/day )

Found on Google: 
The brain's right hemisphere controls the muscles on the left side of the body, while the left hemisphere controls the muscles on the right side of the human body. When you wink your right eye, that's the left side of your brain at work. Because of this criss-cross wiring, damage to one side of the brain affects the opposite side of the body.

Maybe we should think about what we thing about when we just sit still..... maybe a different form of meditation !

Enjoy ! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What did you do today? Day 9


So last night I went to a drag show and enjoyed so much the singing and styling of The Edwards Twins. These brothers, identical twins, have a wonderful show that they take all over the World. If you are in the Atlantic City area you can catch them at the Claridge Hotel for a wonderful Christmas show. They do all their own make up and use their own voices for all the characters and Celebs that they represent.

I was delightfully intrigued to see the next character come  out on stage, and the next and the next. They work very hard to make this a great 2 man show !

Their voices are fantastic.  I took 2 of my business associates with me and we had a great time.....

Look them up wherever you are and see if you can find time ( or make time) to check them out !

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day of change Day 8


So here is how Sunday works if you don't remember or if this is your first time joining the challenge.

Sunday is a special day for a lot of people. Family, Church, Spiritual what have you.....

So what we do on Sunday is save our change for some special event that may be coming up later in the New Year.

How we do it is like this:

Count up your change each Sunday. ( any way that you like to do that). Whatever is an even or full  number of dollars - For example- 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 and so on. Goes into an envelope. ( no change goes in these envelopes)  Seal the envelope, DO NOT Write on it and put it away. Any odd or left over change goes towards the start of the new week.  The trick here is to be consistent ( as with anything) and to REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT YOUR ENVELOPES !  

See what you can put towards some special thing by doing this each week. That gives our brains a little shift and doesn't challenge us to do anything on Sunday but enjoy our families, our faith and our fine Weekend day as we prepare for Monday's start to a new week.

So Sunday's will only have   "A DAY OF CHANGE"  in our post except for the occasional reminder of how this works. Pass it on. My goal is to save more than last time.  :)

Enjoy !

"Live long and PROSPER" Day 7

.....This is my wish for all of you !

So sharing this story is going to be fun as it's inspirational to me so I hope you can find some of that for yourself..... Let's start with the photo:
So I had this stone.... (and I love these kinds of stones and the plain energy stones too)..... that said PROSPERITY.  When I do my mastermind series I set these stones up from time to time on the table. I also have this one:

Many of you may recognize it as the logo for my business. So I had the stones in a bag and when I finally went back to them , the prosperity stone was broken ! I believe the other stone was just too heavy in the bag and somehow that stone got broken. Well , of course, I did not and would not believe that my PROSPERITY was broken, I just decided and intended that I was going to have a "different" Prosperity and one can only hope this was a good thing. I made sure that THAT  is how I saw it. I believed in my heart that things were on the "change" again....... for the good......

So the next day, I go to the shop where I got the stone and try to get another one. They are out !  The ordered more of them while I was there. So I go back 2 more times and hey haven't come in yet. Then on this one particular day I go in ( 3rd time a charm) and they got in a handful of pcs. only. That was still great news for me . I ran over to the box where they are kept and I saw beautiful stones.....except they didn't say PROSPERITY.....................they said PROSPER !

I took that stone home and placed it on the counter. Since then a lot of good things, I mean REALLY good things started happening..... nothing overwhelming, however, it was exactly the positive change I wanted and look to the future for.......

Today, I will embark on a short trip to the stone store. I need to pick this stone up for someone else.... let's see what is in store for them with my strong energy beliefs.....

Follow your heart, live full, honest and loyal. Be kind to one another and of course, "Live long and PROSPER !"

Enjoy !
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

What a jam packed couple of days ! 4, 5, and 6

So it's starting again.....Day 4, Day 5, Day 6.....

Just having to play catch up. I know it's just my crazy routine...... I'm making it great ! LOL

So Tues. I had the opportunity to visit again with Patti Lattanzi and Billy Carlucci at Filomena's Restaurant.   Each and every Tuesday , they record a "cruisin' oldies" show with Live entertainment for the radio. In fact, today is the day you can hear it on line at   ( cruisin' 92.1)  between 7 and 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci and the 2nd "LA- Lucce"  Billy's brother in photo !

              Sneak Peek of Gentleman ( Diamond) Jimm and production Manager Dennis Burke !

It was great to see some of the people I haven't seen in awhile and meet and make some new friends.

Sat next to a gentleman who started a Beatles tribute group called "From Me to You".
Looking forward to going back again in 2 weeks to hear them on the show.

The show was fantastic, as usual. Just like I remember when I first met  everyone with the late Ted Prior. I find it so strange that I go up there this Tues., after not being there for some time, and there are 3 Elvis performers. Great job guys. See you again soon.  The magic and the power of 3's !
 I know Ted was watching !  Shout out to the late Ted Prior Star and founder of the "El -Live Show" - miss you my friend. May you rest in Peace and continue to watch over us !

Wed. I hired a director in my company. Yay !  See her photo below and help me welcome her to the 4 A STAR family officially. She has been helping us for some years now as we also manage her daughter, India. She is a super-star model and has the World at her feet.

Today, well it's early yet but I can tell you that I'm having lunch with a couple of friends and business associates at a local Indian Buffet near me. The real spicy stuff is not up my alley but I like the food on the milder side.  I haven't been to this buffet in awhile so I'm looking forward to a great lunch !

Go out and make it a great day !

Featured person of the day today is Evelyn Licona- Our new Director of Special Projects.
Evelyn will be working on finding events/clients for our Wedding division, castings for our models, and also eyes open for our new Balloon Artists doing "Deco Art" for special occasions.  We will talk about them tomorrow !

                                                                          Miss India

                                                      Our New Director- Evelyn Licona

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Does your mail make you feel popular? Day 3

Good Morning!

So I went to the thrift store looking for some kind of shelving and I found this great white piece of something..... It looked like sort of bread box without a cover with a shelf on top and a dowel going across .  It seemed to be part of something bigger by the markings on the back.

So I got this shelf/box thing and proceeded home to figure out a way to keep the thousands of pcs. of mail off the floor in my bedroom.  Does this happen to you???    There is NEVER enough room for any mail.  It is just so annoying lately.   I've made spots for mail before but I never designated a piece of furniture ( even though it's fairly small) just to the mail.   I'll keep you posted if this works. Now I have to make a system for it.

I'm looking forward to stepping outside on this Sunny day.  Just to take a breath of fresh air will feel good. Everyone in the household has been sick lately and I'm trying to avoid that. Been over-tired lately, if you may, but otherwise ok. I'm sure many of you can relate as this is the season for colds and various things that "bring us down".... So find a breath of fresh air to keep your mind clear.

Today's featured business/person is  Michelle Barber Verbit.   Not only is she one of our Javita Coffee leaders in this area, she is also a rep. for Melaleuca. ( products that are all natural and chemical free). She is one of the founders , along with her husband Andy, of GBAM industries. Here they work on many projects most of them to do with Green aspects of the environment.

This is a photo with Myself ( in the pink boots) Andy and Michelle, Chris Mantzaris ( Javita Guru) and founder of Javita, Stan Cerelstein.

Check her out at

Take care and make it a great day !

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Is it just me? Day 2

Good Morning,

Is it just me?..... or do many of us leave that "thing" that we've walked by in the house time and time again and said, "Got to get to that". So I got to that .....finally.....
Nice to see an empty table for a change, however that won't be the case for long for this is where i put my Holiday stuff !  So it's been almost a year of "Got to get to that".....

Does that happen to you?  This was a simple task yet I just kept putting it off over something else.
I can't say that I WANTED to do that but I got it done today.

Also today, I went to the local mall and walked off my breakfast about a half hour before they opened. It was interesting to see so many people in the Mall waiting for stores to open and hanging out.....

I met one of our featured people today for breakfast. Her name is Erin and she owns and operates
MAINSPRING SOCIAL MEDIA.   She is a social media expert. Not only can she help with Face Book, Twitter and the like, she also can come into your employment place and speak on Internet safety in the social media world. I'm really excited to have Erin speak at one of our upcoming workshops.  Check  it out  and enjoy your day !

And away we go ! Day 1

Good morning..... Hope everyone remembered the time change for Sunday.  It's 4 AM and I am putting up the first day of the new 365 day blog challenge. The Balcony Blogger is back !  So here are the set up guideline. First, Love for you to FOLLOW the blog. You can see we have 21 followers ( double from the on set last year) and we now have over 9,000 page views from all over the World ! ( started with 900 last year)

So, this is your challenge :    do something for at least 5 minutes, everyday, that you haven't done before, that you haven't done in a long time, or that breaks you away from your everyday routine. This time we are adding our attempts at the new blog..... random acts of kindness and exercise moments / tips  to share. We are also adding a featured person or business to each blog.  ( that will start tomorrow- or later today as it may ! LOL)

So you can chime in on any or all of it, this is the time to change your life even if it's only for 5 minutes a day. You never know what that 5 minutes can do for you. If you like, go back in the archives and see some of the cool things we did before. Please encourage your friends to follow this blog.....

We are also bringing back our day of change ! That is Sundays (as this is a family or Church day for a lot of people) So all we do on Sunday is take all the change you have accumulated for the week, change it to dollars if you can and stick it in an envelope. Seal it and do not write on the outside. PLEASE REMEMBER WHERE YOU PUT YOUR ENVELOPES !  If you have an odd amount of change , that goes into the following week. Use this money for something special later in the New Year.  I will disclose what I'm using mine for as the time gets closer .

Let's make it a great year of discovery and fun !
Welcome back to the "Balcony Blogger Challenge" !

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