Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 208

This day I took a really long break from my routine. I think you know by now that Monday is my office day. It's the only day I have to work from home. I love it for I can sleep in, work in my space and be in my home. Well the week ended so hectic and crazy that I was exhausted.! Getting to the computer was a chore.  LOL

I did, get some work done both in the office and in my home (that is sorely needed)..... however, I took a much needed break. Sat on the couch....caught up on some of my shows that I missed..... and even took a nap in the afternoon. (wow, I never get to do that !) Well, almost never.

It was just a much needed break altogether....

I did manage to get some work done, too, but sometimes a total break is good for your body and your mind.

Don't forget that if you take a break like that, your body is telling you that you probably need one !

Enjoy your day and let me know what you are up to !

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 206 and 207

So let's go backwards....seems appropriate !  Day 207 Sunday our Day of change.... ( scroll back to before day 1 to see what we do on Sundays)  What a gorgeous day today !!!!!

Day 206

Well, let's see if you can relate to this one..... was up for 23 hours straight, got 5 hours sleep and started all over again with events (Sun.) and all that goes with that......

The last thing I did in the 20th hour, was enjoy the Atlantic City Ballet in their production of "CARMEN" at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City with my talent manager Darnley.

What a nice event. Thank you Diane for having us . It was truly special !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 205

Wow!!!! From not getting a chance to breathe yesterday to having the most wonderful day today was so fulfilling ..... Did you ever play that "continental lunch party" game when you were in school? We used to have appetizers at one friend's home, main course of lunch at another friend's home, and dessert at another friend's home....it was so cool and I remember doing that very well.....today was sort of like that.
I can't say that it was different in the fact that I was running , again, from one place to the next, however it WAS different in the many things I got to experience and accomplish today INCLUDING a few minutes to relax....So let's begin....

I  met the most beautiful person yesterday in............. Addy Award winner, voice over specialist, actor, singer/songwriter...........Leonard Dozier.      Check him out at TMarquise Entertainment

 He took the time from his busy schedule to meet with me thanks to the connecting power of my good friend and business associate, Raymond Tyler of the Atlantic City Beat.

Now, Leonard and I will be embarking on a project together.............sort of........but we both know the power of how those things work. I do believe that when great minds get together and mastermind, great things begin to happen............the stars were aligned for us today. I think the stars may have been just a little surprised too over our first encounter. I think it put a little "step" in all of us (including the stars...hahahahaha) and the day was unbelievable ! We shook hands, Leonard and I and then he went to shake Raymond's hand who was standing next to me. Both extended their hands in front of me and somehow caught onto the things in my hand....my cell phone flew across the restaurant and broke open into 4 pcs. my books fell out of my hands and  my one notebook fell into a slab of honey on the table. ( I don't even think Ray and Leonard knew about that part ! I just wiped it off later.) I can laugh about it now. Thankfully, my cell phone got all put back together and it's fine. We will probably never forget that first meeting !
From there, I drove Leonard to Pleasantivlle where he went to see his Mom.... ( His wife was out and so I dropped Leonard off to his destination....) On the way, we got to chatting about computers and how he was going to get his lap top looked at in some business center.... I said, "You don't need a business center, you need Marie !" Everyone needs Marie of 1st rate computer repair.

 She is Unbelievable !!!!!! I made a call and put Leonard and Marie together. Just so happens I needed to hook up with Marie so I offered to take the lap top to her and have them make their pick up arrangements with each other.....and that's what I did....

That all being said, before we actually connected with Marie, we stopped on the way at another friend's location, Trina Byrd..... I have know Trina over 10 years and come to find out that Leonard actually knew her growing up. She even follows his success in the local papers and then some. We were going by her place and I was telling Leonard about this "bus restaurant" that she is doing..... Mrs. T's  bustaurant !

So now, 1/2 hour later, I'm in Marie's house. We got a chance to talk about some business things, about Leonard and her daughter who is breaking into the modeling world with us, and we got to sit and relax on Marie's deck, put our feet up, sip some coffee and enjoy the MOST beautiful weather today......

After that, I met up with Mari of Little Angels Princess Events to give her some things for the bags for our "Move for the Cure" event for Parkinson's on Sunday.... that was fun seeing her.

From there I wound up at an open house for Rachael Pagano's new location for her SIMPLE ESCAPE SPA.

To top off the great day ..... I had nominated Rachael for our Emerging Leader award for eWomen Network Southern New Jersey. Thank you Marilyn for sharing the great news with us just before Rachael's event. These emerging leaders are selected to join our conference in Dallas, Texas, all expenses paid to learn and be mentored by thought leaders from all over the Country. The application and selection process is not an easy one. All the Women representing their chapters come out to Dallas and One Emerging Leader is then crowned for the entire organization. Rachael has a great start by winning the spot for Southern New Jersey. She will now head to Dallas with us in August and be among all the leaders that were chosen..... Congratulations, Rachael !

At her open house, I got to eat the most delicious Strawberry cut open, filled with whipped cream and topped with chocolate morsels..... What a treat !

The whole day was one big adventure and I was honored, blessed and thrilled to be a part of this beautiful day ! What did you do today ??????  

Day 204

Well today is a bust !!!! ( yesterday , actually). Fell asleep in front of one of my evening shows.... Argh!!!! Was out from 7AM til 8 PM.... left my phone charger in the car.....

When I do our re-cap I will have to say that I missed a day. I couldn't even find 5 min. to take a deep breath!
That's not good. I will do better today !  LOL

Hope you are doing your best to keep up with the challenge. It's good for us. I'm really mad that I couldn't squeeze anything in. Ok, I'm not MAD, MAD.....just annoyed I guess.

Let's check it for today and make it a good one.
If you did something great yesterday or any of the days.... please feel free to join this FREE site and comment..... would love to hear from you !

Have a great day !


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 203

Today's post is short and sweet............literally !

I took my daughter to Dairy Queen and enjoyed every minute of it. It wasn't the ice cream , although that was sweet and good. (Don't do that very often)....

...it was the 10 minutes I got to spend with my daughter !!!!

Whether you are running in 50 million directions or not..... grab those moments that you can !


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 202

Today was a good day for a short break. I had meetings and just running all over the place. Sometimes that gets to me a little by the end of the day. Can you relate?

I happened to squeeze in a quick meeting with my good friend, Andrew. We stopped for him to introduce me to a new business associate he wanted me to meet.
Afterwards , we ran up the street ( not literally, it was raining a little....LOL) to the newest location for the "Library" restaurant. We went in for a quick cup of coffee and wound up having  a little ice cream !

Ice Cream always makes everything better. (Don't you think?)  Can't you remember as a kid when Mom would say (or Dad) , do this or do that or when you are done we will go for ICE CREAM.

I am not and Ice Cream-holic by any means but there are times when I just want to sit and have some !

I have many fond memories of events that centered around Ice Cream !

What do you remember?

Great break in the day today !  We both really needed it !

Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 201

Monday is my office day so I'm usually home all day working on things on line etc.... following up with phone calls and the like. This morning , I had to take a run to the bank. While I was waiting for the teller, who had to take my "stuff" to the service window, I noticed something interesting in my possession.....

Let's see if you can take YOUR 5-10 minutes and check THIS ONE out.....

I noticed a large car key on my key ring that wasn't mine..... Well, I'm pretty sure I know what it belongs to but that got me thinking. When I went back out to the car, I took a few minutes to look at the keys on my ring. When was the last time you DID that??  Have you heard people say something about having keys on their key ring and they don't even know what they belong to?

I went through all my keys. They were all necessary and all fit into something ( no pun intended) that is current in my life. I think there was one tiny little key that goes to a master lock I use form time to time....

What is on YOUR key chain?............... and when was the last time you looked?

It could be an eye-opener !  LOL

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 200 (Wow)

Our Day of change..... Our 200th day is the day of change..... Please scroll back to before day 1 to see what we do on Sundays. A little chilly today but what a gorgeous day ! Hope you had a chance to enjoy it !

Day 199

So today I'm actually trying something I was thinking about for a little while. You know how we have planning boards, school boards, erase boards, and ....you should have this....vision boards..... I started the T.O. board.... ( Throw Out)

This is what I figured....first of all, I live in a small rented apartment with furniture that is too big for it and an office that I made that takes a huge chunk from the living room. Let's just call it the shoebox..... on top of that, the shoebox is now too full for any of the 3 of us to be productive in there..... it has to change....

So I assigned us the task of throwing out 3 things, every day from Mon.-Fri. for 3 weeks.... that will have us throwing out at minimum 135 things by the end of 3 weeks and that is a great start....will also form a throw out habit......

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Once we have thrown out 3 things, we get to put our name up on the erase board I set up yesterday.

So now I'm in throw out mode................. LOL

Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 198

I have been toying with the blog today..... I think I'm going to leave this space empty today and ask that we say our prayers for those traumatized, lives lost, and fear still going on the Boston Area.....


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 196 and 197

Well, Had to get these last few days up when I could. Coming in late Tues. eve. from the DC area left me dead to the world on Wed. and today, Thurs. I spent the day in the Foxx Code office getting our ducks in a row up there. :)

Speaking of ducks.... we are very close to launching our publishing leg of 4 A STAR and it's going to start with the launching of my first book. In the book is a story about the "Turtle Club". It's funny how turtles just show up in my life.... ( Not Ducks - Ducks just let me switch over to animal/pet mode...Hahahahaha ). Turtles go all the way back to the little ones I used to have as pets when I was growing up. Anyway, I just thought it would be cool to google turtles.com and see if there is anything there..... AND THERE WAS..... www.turtles.com

Cool pic, huh?
That's from the web page and it has lots of interesting things including related links and such, "things" about turtles etc.... I spent a few minutes on the site....Check it out.

I thought this was really cool !

Have a great day !


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 194 and 195

Hello !!!!! I have been at a Seminar just outside of Washington, DC and I am combining Mon./Tues. to bring you the coolest stuff I did differently while I was out of town !

First off, I big shout out to Sylvia Henderson of Springboard Training and the Idea Success Network. Not only is Sylvia a friend of mine, she is a well known speaker across the U.S. and she opened up her home to me to come and take one of her workshops. I went out to her with my friend and partner of
 Foxx Code Magazine, Laura. We had a wonderful time and that alone is something different from the normal routine.....However, here are some cool things to add to that......

On the car trip up and back, Laura and I noticed some really cool personalize license plates. Now I'm not exactly sure how all of these were placed on the plates but you can get an idea.....

PUMKNHD  ( Pumpkin Head)
YR2SLO  ( Your too slow)

We got a kick out of those.....

Now check out this cool kitchen!

We  found out something very interesting about our Miss Sylvia. She likes to make "Miniatures" in her quiet "relax" time. She does this just for the joy of it.  It's very cool. That kitchen (above is actually a miniature) !!!! Yep, can you believe it? See the detail even as far as the picket fence and and trees outside the window !
Here is what it looks like when we pull back the shot !

That's the kitchen in the bottom section !

I love it. There wee several more around the house that Sylvia has worked on. They are beautiful. Some are in glass boxes and some have taken her several years to complete. How interesting......

Thank you Sylvia, Pat and Katie for opening up your homes to us. I had a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again !

Enjoy !
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 193

......and now I can just post for Sunday.................Our Day of Change ! Check it out back before
 Day 1..............

Enjoy !
Day 192

 So Sat. gets up in the wee AM.... ( just like me ! LOL)

Got to take a few minutes and visit the New North Beach Art Gallery in Ventnor. I came to find out that the woman who owns the shop is also a promoter of talent and Art and did same in Florida for some time.........Wow........even just enjoying the Art gave me a cool connection.....

Take the time to do something...............and enjoy what you do..........


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 191

We are over the halfway mark..... I would love to hear how some of you are doing? Join the blog....it's free.... let me know what you have done so far that has been inspiring or uplifting. We are over 5100 page views now..... way cool !!

So today I had my tri-annual mastermind session. It was very interesting. I think what I liked most this time around was not only the delicious anti-oxidant chocolate, but the stories that went behind the guests.....

One person even talked about their teenage days of mayhem. It was hearing the "pay it forward" story of how meeting someone  changed this person's life.
Has that happened to you?

Enjoy !

Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 190

Well this 5 minutes was a real "hoot"..... First, I spent the day in our brand new Foxx Code offices in Manahawkin............ That is my partnership with Foxx Code Magazine. It was a really nice day in the office as the weather outside was getting colder and colder.... LOL

After the day was done, Laura,( one of my Foxx Code partners) and I went into NYC to the M-1 Lounge to a RAW event. If you remember we spoke about the RAW event I attended in Philly some months ago. It was pretty good. We went to support our gal NIKOLITSA as she performed there. She also does some photography for the Foxx Code family.

So this alone was a nice break from everything although driving to and from NY is always interesting....good thing I love to drive and take trips like that. Just makes for a tiring day.

So while I was at the M-1 lounge, I take a break to use the restroom. The stall I walk into, of the 3, looked like this.................

So what is wrong with this picture???? Can you see it????  I'm still debating if I should add this to the book.... LOL.... I'm leaning towards it...............

There I am in a bar restroom taking pictures while people are coming in to use the stall.........cray cray !

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 189

Yet another gorgeous day !!! How about it..... and I heard Snow on Monday here....what is up with that????

So today I was headed to Smithville this morning for our Taste of Galloway Planning meeting. For those of you outside the area, this is an event that is an extension of the Galloway Township Business Association. We set it up in beautiful Smithville for the first time last Summer and had over 600 people come out to it. We are planning it again for this Summer.... one of our planning meetings was this morning.
That all said, when I got to the meeting, we had decided to hold it outside because the weather was so beautiful. Well, when we sat on the dock of the Colonial Inn at Smithville, with the Sun on us and the water surrounding us, we decided to just sit and enjoy that for a few moments as we waited for all of our meeting attendees to convene.
What a way to spend a few minutes of the beautiful day !

Enjoy !

Day 188

This post for Tuesday.... What a beautiful day. I really enjoyed just taking in the sun for a little bit. I hope you got a chance to do that too !

At our South Jersey Network monthly meeting, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in sort of a "speed networking" session. This meeting was run by one of our Board members, Holly Dionne. It was fun. Always a challenge when you are talking about over 60 people doing this..... I think we were closer to 75. If you have ever done this before , it's a lot of fun. With that many people it's challenging to make it run smoothly. Holly did a great job.

That is certainly something we don't do every day !  If you get the chance, attend one or set one up. It's a great ice breaker even if it is done for a social club. You should try it out.

Enjoy !


Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 187

I took a few moments today to allocate time for our challenge post ( yay ) by working on a video I had taken for our new page "The casual Chat" on my web site.

This is where I will be interviewing people that I think should have a little spotlight. Gives us a more interactive web page and gives everyone a chance to shine a little.....

Our very first guest was Bruce Davenport of Atlantic City..... you can see the video here. It is also posted on You tube under 4 A STAR's casual chat coffee table. Sometime this week it will be on our web page too under the CASUAL CHAT tab on the left....

What was interesting, and different from the norm, today....was not only the fact that I'm doing the first segment today, the fact that I needed to load the video to You Tube and then to my web page, but the fact that the video came up sideways !!!! Yep !  It took me over an hour to figure out how I could fix that....

THAT alone was sooooo different today ! Hahahahaha

Enjoy our casual chat !

Day 185 and 186


Well day 186 Sunday is our Day of change.....

Let's go back a little and roll this into one post.....S

Sat. I got to see the Wonderful Ray Tyler in Action at the After Dark party in .....where else?....the beautiful Foundation Room.....

I couldn't stay all night but I got to meet some wonderful people and make some great new connections as well as catch up with some older ones..... Awesome event.  I also got to see Darryl Scott get honored from the Movers and Shakers of Atlantic City and the Entrepreneurial Think Tank.  Very cool !


Ray Tyler taken at the Foundation Room..... Thank you Ray for all you do !
You can visit Ray on Facebook and get in on all the action by going to the page:

On Sunday..............our Day of change, I got to help my friend and business associate Mari Dattolo at her

Magical Princess Tea

It was a great event. I want to shout out to all of MY peeps that came out to make this event so special !
The attention to detail was superb . Mari will make YOUR event special with that alone . 

Visit Mari at www.LittleAngelsPrincessEvents.com to check it all out.....

Wow ! So this weekend was filled with things that I don't do everyday.....took a nice break at these events....now I need a nice rest ! Hahahaha

Friday, April 5, 2013

Days 181, 182, 183, 184......

Well with event after event after event....it's been very difficult to get to the posts. Now I find the challenge, as I have said before, NOT in finding 5 min. to take a little break from the norm but in finding moments to post those things.....Now I see why there are not many comments...YOU just don't have time !!! Hahahahaha  That said, we have almost hit the 5,000 mark in page views from all over the world ! Yay !

So let's get caught up..... Day 181    Got the chance to  turn the phone off for 5 min. and chill. Gearing up for Wed./Thur. eWomen Summit coming back to AC this year !!! Yay

Day 182...... What a great start to the eWomen Summit..... Flowers for the ladies.....
............given out by a wonderful Hollyhock Inspirations
Stay tuned for Hollyhock Inspirations to appear in our brand new 4 A STAR on line Store to be set up within the next 2 weeks.....

Day 183...........eWomen Summit....how exciting...the debut of the MAKEOVER MOVEMENT  from my good friend and business associate Tony Dody, The Make-Over Man.....

 Great speakers graced the stage including Kellie Kuecha, Shaun Stephenson, Monica Shah and
 Anne Palmer just to name a few....

 Here is Anne Palmer in her beautiful glory set up for action and also check out Kellie's husband Cliff and our own GM Brian on hand for set up.....
Many others graced the stage including the beautiful and talented Lynn Dolye.......
............and of course the CEO and Founder of eWomen Network   Sandra Yancey.............
 We can never have an eWomen anything without our very own magical entrepreneur and managing director of the year............MARILYN KLEINBERG !
I can't even describe the inspiration and dedication of all of the wonderful Women and Men that are part of eWomen and attended the eWomen Summit this week in Atlantic City.

Day 185

Today I had the chance to walk around the beautiful Smithville area.....Historic Smithville.....had lunch with my love, Art, whom lately have just been waving to as we run in and out the door..... Just a little break that re-energized me . Nothing like Smithville to do THAT !


Enjoy !

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 180

Today I really got to take a short break....just 10 min... I went on my small little balcony and looked at the beautiful sky.... then I took out the 2 wooden angels that I still had left to spray paint and did that !!!

I felt like I accomplished something ! Yay !!!!!

Make sure you take that time to really appreciate what we have that is GOOD. There is enough bad stuff to go around....... Find the Good in things.... it will make you feel good..... and when you feel good, you are productive, happy, enlightened !

Do something great ! ( or do nothing )  Just enjoy whatever you do !

Day 179
(well this just takes the cake.....this Post was done and never got published!!!! for some reason it was stuck in "Draft" mode.... ok...sending it up now..... LOL

Sunday (and Easter Sunday, Passover Week etc... ).....Our day of change !

Have a wonderful Holiday !

Do something great !