Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 190

Well this 5 minutes was a real "hoot"..... First, I spent the day in our brand new Foxx Code offices in Manahawkin............ That is my partnership with Foxx Code Magazine. It was a really nice day in the office as the weather outside was getting colder and colder.... LOL

After the day was done, Laura,( one of my Foxx Code partners) and I went into NYC to the M-1 Lounge to a RAW event. If you remember we spoke about the RAW event I attended in Philly some months ago. It was pretty good. We went to support our gal NIKOLITSA as she performed there. She also does some photography for the Foxx Code family.

So this alone was a nice break from everything although driving to and from NY is always interesting....good thing I love to drive and take trips like that. Just makes for a tiring day.

So while I was at the M-1 lounge, I take a break to use the restroom. The stall I walk into, of the 3, looked like this.................

So what is wrong with this picture???? Can you see it????  I'm still debating if I should add this to the book.... LOL.... I'm leaning towards it...............

There I am in a bar restroom taking pictures while people are coming in to use the stall.........cray cray !

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