Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 188

This post for Tuesday.... What a beautiful day. I really enjoyed just taking in the sun for a little bit. I hope you got a chance to do that too !

At our South Jersey Network monthly meeting, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in sort of a "speed networking" session. This meeting was run by one of our Board members, Holly Dionne. It was fun. Always a challenge when you are talking about over 60 people doing this..... I think we were closer to 75. If you have ever done this before , it's a lot of fun. With that many people it's challenging to make it run smoothly. Holly did a great job.

That is certainly something we don't do every day !  If you get the chance, attend one or set one up. It's a great ice breaker even if it is done for a social club. You should try it out.

Enjoy !


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