Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A little laughter, A little change with Greg Martiello part 2

Part 2 with Greg Martiello, the man of many voices....

What a few weeks I've had. I can't wait to get to part 2 of this post yet first let me say that A little laughter and a little change go a long way.....

I'm going to change my posts to Wednesday's and see how that goes. It's been a long time for a change and considering it's HUMP DAY of the week and I'm usually home in my office that day, I thought a little change would be good.

 This past week, my husband was in a terrible car accident. I believe my 2018 Miracle was my husband coming out of this with only minor injuries. The car was totally destroyed and crunched. They had to cut my husband out of the roof to get him out. He was in the hospital all last week and now I'm playing double car duty until we can get another car. Been a little out of the loop lately... That said, I'm so thankful, grateful and happy..... On to a little Laughter.... 

When Greg Martiello walks on stage, you know you are in for a treat. When he is doing his voices, a little laughter is in order and when he is singing in his special way, he lights up the stage....

At the US Stage Door Canteen we got to see the best of them....Holly Faris as Phyllis Diller and Marilyn Monroe.... and the beautiful voices of  Donnah Lisa Campbell and  Danielle Spence.

Not sure who took these great photos.... mine were light obstructed for the most part. Grabbed these from the FB page of the amazing Holly Faris !

Of course everyone went crazy when John Monforto showed up as "Elvis" 
He always brings the house down !

Other great performances included Kenny Jeremiah, Greg Armstrong , Michael Jones. James Lee and more. All performances were AMAZING.... so mark your calendars for the next US Canteen Special Event. 

Above James Lee

Above Kenny Jeremiah

So many people made this event great.... from on stage to off stage.... front to back,  Left to Right.... everyone was so awesome.....Thank you all for your hard work . You made us all feel special....

I know thsre were more of you involved than I could get photos of....know you were all fabulous and I know who to reach out to when needed. Thank you all !

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