Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Area Treasures

Hello all,

It's been over a month since I've had the time to get back in here. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you are all ready for the Holiday Season upon us.
So today, we allocate time to discuss a couple of Area Treasures, one that has been around for some time and one that is brand new.

First, One of Atlantic City's best kept secrets is the IRISH PUB located on St. James and the boardwalk in Atlantic City. If you haven't been there for dinner, it is a must see. The food is fabulous and the atmosphere is just incredible. There are things to look at everywhere and right now it is decorated for the holidays. In the Summertime, there is also a wonderful hotel attached that will take you back in time. My description can't even explain the interesting artifacts creations that adorn both the restaurant and the hotel. It is full of life and it is definitely worth the trip to stop in. Right now they are doing wonderful holiday packages for your Christmas and holiday get- togethers. Santa's "Pot of Gold" includes a buffet of 4 hot dishes, salad, onion rings, chips & pretzels 2 drinks and gratuity for only 15.95 per person. There are also special packages for parties of all sizes! To reserve a party there, you can contact Frank at 609-344-9063....and tell them Ava sent you !

Next, we have the brand new "LIGHT" institute. This is the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming Hospitality and Tourism. I was so honored to be at the dedication last night. If you go to my business page at FB, 4 A STAR, you can see the image that will me made into a bronze statue of Lloyd. The artist was there explaining all that goes into making a bronze statue such as that. Also discussed was the "new normal" of the gaming industry in the country and the fact that we will have a place to work on that very idea. This is part of Stockton at the building that was recently a Dolce Resort. It was wonderful meeting people from all over involved in the gaming industry, locals involved and distinguished guests.

So let me leave you with this today....enjoy your life....live your life to the fullest. You never know when that will be taken from you. Be true to yourself and to others and no matter where you are in you life.....FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS..... we were all put here to be great !

Have a wonderful holiday and we will allocate time again in the New Year!

Ava Holly Lewis

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some of the 4 A STAR Superstars...

Good Tuesday Morning,
Finally, today we allocate time to talk about 2 of my wonderful artists in the 4 A STAR family.

First, it's Viki Wallace , formerly of the three degrees. Viki is just timeless. Not only is she beautiful and talented but she is very intelligent and has wonderful ideas to connect our relationships with music from the past to our musical tastes of the present. Now with all the retro stylings into the "80's" and all, the timing is perfect for retro shows, and things that take us back in time with a futuristic flavor. Funny, this is the 25th year re-union of the "BACK TO THE FUTURE" franchise. Funny how it coincides with all the re-living of the past styles, music, art etc. So Viki is doing a "when will I see you again" tour. Yay. This will start with travelling the tour through the college scene, inviting college students to submit entries and win a spot in the touring show at their college! You can visit the 4 A STAR fb page and start submitting entries some time in the New Year. We will keep you posted on the wonderful things Viki is doing both with her "missing child" mission and her spokesperson PERSONALITY as well.

Next,we have "Resident Stone". Our local Hard Rock Band that is blazing trails wherever they go. The unique sound of lead singer Rob Dief is going to propel the band into a great history making splash. When you add the instrumentation of Andrew Clark, Rebel Somers, Sam Ross and lead guitarist Rick Land.........you have the sensational sounds of "Resident Stone". Making their debut performance at the legendary Stone Pony last Thursday, Resident Stone shined. They were invited back for performances throughout the Winter. You can hear them on the 4 A STAR fb page and also on popular sites like myspace and reverbnation.

I am so honored and excited to work with these very talented musicians and performers.

Til we speak again.....enjoy the fall, have fun on Halloween and try out a random act of kindness, it will make you feel so good.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank You Senator, Freeholders, Mayor and Council...

Tonight we allocate time for THANKS! I just want to shout out my appreciation in efforts to make May 20th, my Mother's Birthday, a National Day to recognize all causes and charities. This is Causes/Awareness/ Pinning Day....

If you know a charity or a place that has a large group of people, let me know, or get them involved. Colleges/Universities can have students and/or staff wear caps on May 20th (C.A.P). Groups can do a pinning event, or sell caps (C.A.P) for a particular cause. When I go to Washington, I want to have a roster of groups/charities and anyone who wants to get involved on May 20th. Bring some light to whatever you are doing !

So I thank Mayor Keith Hartman and Galloway Twp. Council for our local proclamation. I thank Freeholder Frank Giordano and Freeholder Chairman Jim Curcio for our County Proclamation and I thank Senator Jeff VanDrew for our State Proclamation as we move forward on this.

I also want to send a special thank you to Congressman Frank LoBiondo for having me in Washington as we started this venture. Hopefully, we will be back there soon working on the official "National Causes/Awareness/Pinning Day"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do it for a good cause.....

Hi. Today we allocate time to speak briefly about causes. Why do we "Do it for a good cause"? Is it something that touches our heartstrings? Is it just a sense of duty? Is it done for a personal reason? What are the causes that make you stand up and take notice?

If you look it up, you can probably find a cause for most anything. It's amazing some of the things I have found like going to starving countries and actually putting in water wells.....and seeing entire villages have clean water for the first time ever.....something we probably take for granted every day.

So I'm reaching out to you, not for dollars, although that is good too....lol, but for support in your heart as we strive to make May 20th National Causes/Awareness/ Pinning Day. We are currently at the local level of Galloway Township and at the County Level and as of tomorrow we will be at the State Level as well. What can YOU do to help? You can come out to an event on May 20oth, help with an event or just wear a CAP for Causes/Awareness/Pinning Day (C.A.P.).

Check out the whole pinning idea. There will be a pinning event taking place prior to the May 20th date at a fundraiser for my foundation for Brain Cancer Research. Date to be announced. It is going to be a golf outing with the pinning ceremonies for a separate charity.

Support anything you like on May 20th or start your own event. You can always contact me to get ideas and to find out more about what we are doing as we March towards May 20th being a National Day for ALL Causes. Get involved....you will feel so good.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Investing in Yourself

Hi all,
Today we allocate time for the investment of time and energy in ourselves. Well what do we mean by that?

First off, you can have all the outside help in the world whether you spend a little or a lot but that outside help will mean nothing if you don't first invest in yourself. The old saying goes, "If you don't take yourself seriously, no one else will either ".

Outside help is great--that's what MY business is all about, but you have to remember to give of yourself too. In my company, I work with something we call a WINN chart. Many of my clients have not to this day filled it out or gone over it with me. It is so important that you give yourself goals both long term and short term and follow up. See where you've come, see where you need to go and what you need to HELP you get there. The investment in yourself still has to be one of desire, belief and constant update. If you want to succeed you NEED to do this.

Also remember success comes in many forms. What does that mean to YOU? How do you see yourself successful? These are all things you need to research for yourself about yourself. If you are dedicated and sincere with yourself, this should not be a difficult task. Be sure, though , that you NEED to do these things before anyone else can help you do them.

Til we talk again.

Ava Holly Lewis

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a new day .

Hi all,

It's Cinco De Mayo today...did I spell that right?...and we allocate time for a brand new day. I'm in Philly today looking at the beautiful skyline. It's 8:30 am and the sun is shining. I'm here with Michelle of "All Occasions by Michelle" and we are conducting some business for 4 A STAR.

Had the wonderful opportunity last night to meet locations directors and producers at a film workshop at the Prince Theatre here in Philly. It was wonderful to hear them speak about what goes into a film and how important the locations scout and director are. If you love movies, you would have loved hearing them speak. The panel worked on such films as Marley and Me, Invincible and Rocky Balboa just to name a few of the mainstream movies they spoke about.

So today is a new day. Enjoy the sun, open your mind up to something new today . Go out and do ONE thing you have never done before. It will bring a whole new perspective to your life.

I will be posting again nest week to talk about the day of Awareness coming up on May 20th.
Enjoy the day.

Ava Holly Lewis

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who is on YOUR team?

Well, the sun is shining now and I'm so over the snow!!! Hope it lasts for a little while. It's early March and it looks like it's easier for me to get in here once a month rather than once a week. Imagine that!

So today we allocate time for teamwork!!!
Who is on YOUR team? So what do we mean by team, are we all sports figures now? Well, maybe in a way.... your team is your support team. Who is there that you trust that you are buidling ties with in your business. It is extremely important that you create business relationships with other like minded people. Seek them out. Be the one that initiates the teamwork. As in personal relationships, in life- the give and take is the same. Make sure it's a win win for all parties and build it. Make time for each other-you have to in order to thrive. Learn from each other and be that support system you each need to take you further. You may cultivate a lifelong friendhip too but you will definitely cultivate teamwork, experience and shared interest.

Til we talk again,
Ava Holly Lewis

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Days seem to run into each other.....

Good Monday Morning....

Boy, the days seem to run into each other and it just feels like one big long day.....I never seem to wake up to a new day.....it just runs together as one big day....so let's make the best of it as we travel through it and allocate time today for AWARENESS !

Many of you know that I lost both of my parents and my brother-in-law this past year. It was very hard. It's still hard so my heart goes out to those dealing with these kinds of things. So I decided, over a half-sleep listen to a childhood mentor, that I was going to try to make a difference. So I started a non profit organization for Brain Cancer Research! We became official, at least for the first part of it, just a few days ago. It's been so crazy since the thought of it. Found out about 4 friends who have recently been diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Through the internet, I've heard about someone at least every 3rd day.....
On top of all of that, I wanted to find out about the causes in our area. I thought about all the things we fight for. So on May 20th, we will be doing a huge non profit event to just create awareness and have fun at the same time. I'd like to give a shout out to the wonderful organizations already involved in this event.
First there are 2 great women who started Pink Ribbon Gift. They are both cancer survivors and met during chemo....imagine....you can visit their site at www.pinkribbongift.com Then there is Cynthia Walker, who started a scholarship fund for children in the "Arts" field when she lost her daughter to a rare condition that there is still not much of an answer for. You can visit her at www.jan-aischolar.org. We also have the Community Food Bank involved, The Donald L. Perry Foundation, Make a Splash, and Community Quest so far.

This is going to be a fun day. We will have a "shoe" exhibition from the brand new shoe society and even a dollar dance..... So come out and join us on May 20th....you can get details right at my web page at http://www.4astar.com/

Take the time to be aware.......you never know when events will hit YOUR home that you will need others to help you deal with.

Looking forward to chatting again,
Ava Holly Lewis

Monday, February 15, 2010

A new beginning....

Boy it's just not easy to get here folks! So today, after a loooong and drawn out lead in to 2010...we allocate time for a new beginning....

2009 saw the death of both my parents, my brother in law, a casino friend and associate, my ex husband's father and more tragedy than one wants to see in a short amount of time. So let's start a new beginning....so many exciting things are already taking place in 2010. New horizons for 4 A STAR. New friendships and business partners. A new foundation to "Dog" brain cancer and new gratitude.

Your gratitude should be new and special all the time. Everything is relative so be thankful for what you have no matter how great or small. Be thankful for WHO you have , for you never know when they will be taken from you ....or you from them....

Live your life....Love your life....and love yourself. Stop and smell the roses and always reach for the moon....for if you miss you will land among the stars!!!

Make 2010 a new beginning.........what are you planning???? I'm in , Let's do it!!!