Monday, September 14, 2009

So let's get started already !!!

Boy, it's been quite the year. Again, I have to apologize....since losing my Mom in mid-Feb, and going back and forth to Florida to deal with my Dad, a lot has happened. Lost my Dad in early August along with 3 family friends and recently lost another family member dear to my heart. It's been really tough to get in here and share positive thoughts. So let's get started already !!! Today we allocate time to sum it up and get it started for the Fall.....

Hope Summer has been good to you and you are embracing Fall with a great outlook for your business and for your life.

Are you setting goals? Are you working with your budget? Are you thinking outside the box to maximize everything you can given today's economy?

You have to set goals for yourself whether they are long or short term goals you have to have them "somewhere". A wise person once told me that it's much more difficult to hit a target that you can't see !!! Set goals and set them often. Keep them visible or in your thoughts on a daily basis.

Work within a budget, no matter what that may be. THAT will also change as time moves on and you chip away at your goals.

Think outside the box !!! Very important. What can you do to make it different !!! You may want to blend in, and sometimes you have to, but you have to stick out to be noticed !

Make sure you network! Anywhere and everywhere !!!!

So let's get started !!! Stay tuned for tips and ideas on how to make yourself and your business stand out and get noticed.