Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Days 333-343 Well this has been a frustrating closing to our challenge. I hope you are all still finding your 5-10 minutes of "change", difference, re-living.... in your lives. I have been so busy that I haven't been able to follow up on the problem here with the site. I'm going to try to have it fixed before the challenge runs out.... We will be starting a new one b/w this challenge and Jan. 1st. then on Jan. 2nd, we will start over again with something new..... I apologize for the miss of these days. I am annoyed that I can't share a link or post a picture for you and that kind of messes up sharing MY challenge with you to keep you going..... I'm still working on it. In the of the cool things I did this past week or so was attend MEDIEVAL TIMES for my daughter's birthday ! That was a very cool experience and I had a wonderful time. I wold love to share pics with you.... In any case, there are about 8 of them across the U.S. If you are near one, take the experience, it's very cool. You can also attend free in your birthday month when you purchase one ticket at full price. So now, I am preparing for our STEPS event in Dec. ( Success Talks from Extraordinary Platform Speakers), our mastermind series that starts up again on Friday, and a training workshop for my clients featuring a celebrity from N.Y. Make your day count.... do something for 5-10 min. that you have never done, or haven't done in awhile, or just something you find interesting . Share it with us if you can ! Enjoy !

Monday, September 16, 2013

Catching up !

Days 321-333 So I guess it's time to play catch up. I'm extremely frustrated in the fact that somehow this site has changed.... I can't seem to load in any links or pictures and the font is totally different on my end. If anyone knows how to fix this , please let me know. I have trouble shooted all that I can here with no luck. This has gotten me quite behind in the blog challenge, aside from the fact that it took me almost 2 weeks to get caught up from the various trips..... Regardless.... we have 7,746 page views to date.... and very little time left before we move onto something new. I hope you are enjoying finding something interesting and different each day of your life..... In catching up.... I went on a fundraising cruise around Atlantic City for the Donald Perry Foundation, I set up a photo shoot with "The Real Grim Reaper" for Halloween photos at the local mall. ( If you are in area, every Sat./Sun. in October at the Hamilton Mall), I sat at my first "Author signing" in AUTHOR'S ON THE GREENE , I took a beautiful photo of the sunrise from the top of the Golden Nugget Casino, I re arranged my furniture in our small apartment and trapped myself in until I finished that part of it, and I posted a nice note on Facebook about my beautiful daughter..... just some of the things I have been doing these last 2 weeks. I have to say that I still have some clothes in my suitcase however, after today, I will be getting back to a routine... Go out an enjoy the day !

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Days 318, 319 and 320.... I'm extremely frustrated that I can't get this site back to the way it was. It is stopping me from getting the posts in.... I will try to fix this by the weekend and catch us all up. Thanks.... Enjoy ! This is NOT one of the things I propose we do for 5 minutes..... or even longer ! LOL