Monday, September 16, 2013

Catching up !

Days 321-333 So I guess it's time to play catch up. I'm extremely frustrated in the fact that somehow this site has changed.... I can't seem to load in any links or pictures and the font is totally different on my end. If anyone knows how to fix this , please let me know. I have trouble shooted all that I can here with no luck. This has gotten me quite behind in the blog challenge, aside from the fact that it took me almost 2 weeks to get caught up from the various trips..... Regardless.... we have 7,746 page views to date.... and very little time left before we move onto something new. I hope you are enjoying finding something interesting and different each day of your life..... In catching up.... I went on a fundraising cruise around Atlantic City for the Donald Perry Foundation, I set up a photo shoot with "The Real Grim Reaper" for Halloween photos at the local mall. ( If you are in area, every Sat./Sun. in October at the Hamilton Mall), I sat at my first "Author signing" in AUTHOR'S ON THE GREENE , I took a beautiful photo of the sunrise from the top of the Golden Nugget Casino, I re arranged my furniture in our small apartment and trapped myself in until I finished that part of it, and I posted a nice note on Facebook about my beautiful daughter..... just some of the things I have been doing these last 2 weeks. I have to say that I still have some clothes in my suitcase however, after today, I will be getting back to a routine... Go out an enjoy the day !

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