Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 2
Today we allocate time for the Balcony Blogger Challenge Day 2. So I know Sundays are , for many people, either Church days, family days, days of rest or sort of do nothing days..... so here is what I will be doing for our challenge on Sundays.......this is going to be called the Day of Change..... take that as you may....
In years past, I have saved much change. One year, I saved 600.00 by myself to use for a vacation. Well, this year I thought it would be easy pizi to save change for a trip. Every time I would save a bunch of change, someone in my family would cash it in. So here is what I propose. ( Now I am planning on using this saved change for a trip in August of 2013.... I will continue on the path past that, but I will be using the change at that time.........already declaring that I'm going to make it that far)
Each Sunday, as we break a bit from our regular part of the challenge, I propose we gather all the change we have on us. If you carry a purse, get it from there. If you use your pockets for change, get it from there. Under you car seats, under your bed, wherever you think you may have change. Now here's the trick. If you have under a dollar--you can spend it on your favorite coffee or whatever. The trick is to have at least a dollar or more. What you will do is cash in your change and put all the "dollars" into an envelope. Seal the envelope and put it in a safe place. Whatever odd change you have, you put into a jar or container for next Sunday..... Now you may find it easier to cash out a large basket or jar of change than you would just an envelope that is sealed with 1, 2 , or 3.00 in it. You need to restrain yourself from busting open your envelopes etc.... Do not write on the envelop with how much you have in there. Just put it in a safe place. We will do this until our challenge is over.... I will be using mine in August but I will continue the challenge and report on the total saved for the year. So this is our Sunday Day of Change. We will do this each and every Sunday as part of the total Challenge. We have already picked up some new people on this blog..... pass along our challenge and feel free to put your "things" for the challenge on here...... make it a great day !

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 1
So I'm starting off with something really simple today...... Weekends are a little tough for me. Today I spent 5 minutes and re-arranged the magnets on my refrigerator. What I found was a lot of things that made me think. Tucked in one of the magnets was a coupon for Friendly's chocolate chip mint ice cream cake..... Yum .
Don't get too excited...... the coupon expired ! Waaaahhhh
Then I found some great pictures/magnets of my Mom, who I lost to Brain Cancer a few years ago. A day doesn't go by when I don't carry her with me. I also found one from my good buddy Ted Prior, who also passed away from Brain Cancer. He had the "El-Live" show. His show magnet remains on the door. I got an email just this morning telling me that our good friend, Mark Soifer, of Ocean City, is having a ceremony at 1PM on Sat. Nov. 17th  1PM. There, we are honoring Ted with a STAR on the door of the Ocean City Music Pier remembering the great "El-Live".
I also found a Nascar magnet that says "Parking for Nascar racing fans only" and one of my favorites, which is also on my keychain...."Help, I'm talking and I can't shut up !"
I moved them around and reflected a little..... haven't really looked at them in awhile.....
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Welcome to our newest "blog" challenge and I guess "life" challenge..... today we allocate time to challenge ourselves.... I'm linking this blog to my new pinterest account.... here is what I propose....... 
We all need to challenge ourselves to move forward, to enjoy what life have to offer us no matter where we are in the scheme of things. I have been posting my blog about once a month or sometimes even longer.... I've been toying with this pinterest thing for a few months now, but after meeting a great gal named Carolinn, I decided to challenge myself to do this. Now bear with me for if you accept the challenge we will be in it together...... Many of you know I'm a big movie fanatic..... so if you have seen the movie Julie/Julia you know that Julie decided to blog her way through Julia Child's cookbook..... No, this has nothing to do with cooking unless that is part of your challenge.... this DOES have to do with doing something each day for 365 days....... 
Today is Day 1
I challenge you to take 5-10 minutes (that's all, if that's all the time you have) each day and do something that you haven't done in awhile, that you have NEVER done or that you just have an interest in finding out about. Maybe it's walking, maybe it's watching the sunrise or the sunset, maybe it's wishing on a star, maybe it's picking up those weights that are collecting dust, maybe it's cooking, maybe it's visiting a nursing home....... every day, once a day for 365 days ! Are you up for the challenge? Most of you know I wear all the hats in my business and I am taking the challenge to make time to do this blog for each thing that I embark on each day..... I certainly do not have the time. That being said, what kind of message will we tell ourselves when we give this a try. Maybe at the end of the year, you will be an author, a runner, a car mechanic, a painter or something else. At the very least you will see something differently. When they say, "Stop and smell the roses...." if that's all you have time THAT for 5 min. I'm so anxious to see how much steam we gain and who will also be blogging about what they tried or re-visited in their lives. I figured if I'm going to embark on Pinterest, let's do it with a purpose..... so go there, re-pin for me and let's embark on this adventure together..... Just look for Ava's eyes on the Pinterest board sometime today and see what I've put in for day one later today....... 
Are you up for the challenge? On Sundays, we will collect our loose change.... sort of a day off but with a purpose..... save your Sunday change and see what happens in one year ! So here we go....... check back withing the hour and see where we start...... 
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