Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 60.....

60 days and counting...woo hoo !

Today, I went to visit "Days of Olde". This is an Antique shop in Galloway that has been there for about 14 years. Very cool stuff in there , you can spend an entire afternoon looking at all the collectibles and antiques....

So we went, Robin and I, to put things into a showcase that belonged to our MOM and was in the store she had in Miami..... The showcase is awesome and it's really cool how they have it set up. While I was there, I thought I would take a walk around.  I DIDN'T WANT TO LEAVE !!

There are such cool things in there. I'm sure no matter what age you are, you can find something very interesting in Days of Olde.  They are located one mile South of Historic Smithville and 9 miles North of Atlantic City..  609-652-7011

That was such and enjoyable 15 minutes of walking around. I'm going back ! Haven't been there in a long time. They are open all year long from 10-6 everyday ! On Saturday the 8th, the one time each year they open late, they will hold the 5th annual holiday by candlelight ! 6-11PM

See you there !

I just had to share this.... for this getaway, even for a few moments in between tasks is worth it !

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 59

Well this is definitely doing something I haven't done in awhile. I love to say , "I used to close the bars, now I close the MALL !!)  That expression wouldn't work tonight.... or last night as we have it for it is now 2AM and I just got in from business in Philly. Funny thing about the business I'm in, it takes you into wonderful places........

I had the pleasure of seeing my friend, EL POETA. I only met him once before at my friend and business associate's event. That would be the extremely talented Raymond Tyler.  When I first met EL, we hit it off right away. He is such a cool guy. Not only is he a proven spoken word artist and model but he makes extraordinary jewelry from cool stones like jade, rose quartz, amethyst and more. His work is spectacular.
You can catch him at a holiday Fashion event in Philly on Dec. 13th. ( I will be there too and would love to say hello to you) Tickets are only 10.00 if you get them on line. I will post the link as soon as it goes up. El will have jewelry there to sell and he is a big part of this fashion event. We also have 2 of our models in the event ..... India and our own General Manager, Brian. Come out and see them rock the runway....

So today I got "high on life". It was a great day. We had our walk through for the show this evening.  DeMali was there, Fred was there from RAW, many beautiful models,  and of course ---- my buddy and true talent EL POETA.  We did a lot more than close the mall today !  (and I loved every minute of it.... )
Truly enjoy your something special..........and then do it again !
                         EL---you are beautiful my friend ! (see him on our power partners page too)
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 58

Well this was fun. Many of you know that I am embarking on my first book. With that, we are adding a publishing leg to our business and have already received several inquiries about publishing books. This is a great way to promote yourself and what you do....... anyway, my book is going through the editing process right now so I'm getting more and more excited each day as it gets close to coming to fruition.....

So this evening, I had to go through some of the stories in the book as I am sharing a few of them with certain people to get their reactions..... (not that I'm changing anything, just getting reactions to different aspects of the book.)

Well, I haven't picked up the master copy in awhile.Just going through some of the stories made me feel so good . I still get a chuckle out of these stories and I can't wait to share it with you.

Do something that makes you feel good ! ......and if you like it again ! 


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 57

Wow , what a joy to be on the Internet today !  This video was taken from a very cool blog.....
Let's go back just a tad.... I was talking with my friend, Whitney Ullman, today on facebook and found out about a cool blog page.... so "Who is the lady in Red" ?....who loves me !!! I also love Bon Jovi and remember when he used to shop in my Dad's store. It's crazy to see all he is up to these days. I ran into Jon at a wedding that I D.J.'d  some time ago. He was the best man....he spent a lot of time hiding around the restroom as not to take away from the Bride's big day....

So I spent my few "out of the ordinary" minutes today making a new friend and finding out about the Lady in Red. Shout out to Whitney....awesome, my friend!

I will link you here to  the lady in red blog..... seems like Laura, the girl behind the red, is a spirit that is close to my own. she is fun loving, daring, and most of all, thinks outside the box. (Where the best things are found)

Her blog is so cool, I can't wait to start a business relationship with her and promote her in my life adventures.  Please check out her blog page and tell me what you think. You can comment here...have to get you guys doing that too....

The lady in red is from the Toms River area. She is also a blogger on Patch Media ( just like me). ...and how funny is it that I grew up near Toms River.
She had the wonderful experience of meeting Jon Bon Jovi at the SOUL KITCHEN..... she is also in this promo video several times. She will tell you how to find her in the video on her blog page....

I can't wait to see where we are at day 365 with all these cool things going on from this blog.....especially one of THE coolest....finding  The Lady in Red.
So funny, I always carry my parents with me now that they are both gone. I think about them everyday and I see things that they pass along to me to let me know I am on the right path. I say to you, DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING STRAY YOU FROM STRIVING FOR YOUR DREAMS.... my Father's favorite song was " Lady in Red". He used to have it played whenever he was out with my MOM so they could dance to it.

My hat is off to the Lady in Red and thank you Whitney for sharing.....

Here you can take a peak into "awesome moments" from the Lady in Red blog including her appearance on WOND....girl talk with Whitney. Also seen in with Janet Garraty of Go Jane News and Maria Sacco Handle......Visit Janet     Visit Whitney

                                            VISIT THE LADY IN RED

We are over 2100 page views now.... please click on "join this site" to follow this blog
We will also talk more about the Lady in Red as we move to do something different every day ! 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 56

So I wanted to go back to a bit of an old fashioned distraction for a few days now. Today, I decided to attempt this, after I got "computer head". THAT is where your head is ready to explode from sitting at the computer and filling your head with all kinds of things. Not even a chance for the wheels to keep turning.... hahahahaha

So you will see in the pictures below that my attempt to do this failed....epically.... LOL
The 2nd photo with the Ace of hearts in the forefront, was about as good as I could do after 15 minutes of focus !!!

My attempt at a house of cards was fun but frustrating because I couldn't do it. At the same time, it pulled my focus away from the eye straining, back breaking, time consuming computer.....

I picked all the royal cards.....ACE, KING, QUEEN, JACK
A royal house of cards. LOL

Didn't get very far, but I had fun............eventually................

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 55  (Double Nickels).... LOL

It is Sunday.... our "Day of change"...... follow back the Sundays if you are not sure what to do today.......

Talk tomorrow.....

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 54

So this post may be a little controversial.... No, not the next big politically correct argument. No, not the debate on Iceberg's melting or Global Warming but controversial issue of ..........Gangnam Style !

So some love it, some hate it and some just don't give a flip....
Well , if you know me, you know I love all styles and kinds of music. Music is, after all , the universal language.....

No matter where you sit on the issue, I just thought this was interesting. A tutorial on the dance !
Today at lunch with Art, Brie and Brian.....we were discussing the fact that the dance has a tutorial and that doing is correctly is a "thing" !

Anyway, I spent some time talking with them about this, then decided I would post this tutorial that I saw the other day.

If you are into this, check it out.......... Have a great day !


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Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 53

Also known as FlyLo.... Steven Ellison - of  Flying Lotus was brought to my attention by my daughter Brieanne. She asked me to listen to this awesome song..."Do the Astral Plane".... which is a combination of great beats and jazz flavorings...Although I listen to just about anything....this was all me as soon as she started playing it.... Since I spent my day working  on the computer and just hanging around the house, this was a great way to kick back for 6 minutes and listen to some cool music..... You can check out the video on the link below  under the "About" section.... Enjoy !

About Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus "Do the Astral Plane"

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Day 52

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I know many have a lot to be thankful for this year. Remember, no matter what, when you have your health, your life, your drive.....the human spirit can do ANYTHING......

So yesterday, Thanksgiving, I got in quite late and I wanted to share what I did differently...... I know it's a family holiday so if you didn't do anything different, I forgive you.............hahahahaha...... I couldn't even get in here yesterday...... so I'll be back later today for Day 53 LOL.

Since I wasn't cooking a whole meal and we were heading out to Cherry Hill, I decided I was going to make a pie. I love to bake but don't get to do that as often as I would like. Great time for me to do that. So I set out to make an apple pie from scratch.  The only thing I was missing was more Sugar. I knew we were running out so I run to the store and get a bag. Meantime, back at the ranch, I go to start the dough and I find I have 3 containers of Sugar, including the new bag, and NO, zippo..........

I could have sworn I had flour.............. Like I said, haven't baked much lately. All I can think of is that I had some old flour and threw it out ! Who the heck knows................

I had already started the crust so I had to figure out something..... I found a container of cornstarch !   I  used that to keep my hands dry and the baking mat dry and it worked out fine. Cornstarch saved the day.......and by the way.........the pie was delicious!!!!  Hope you enjoyed......:)

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 51

Today I also did something I haven't done in awhile. Now , mind you, if you are a business don't have to step outside the box to do these things..... just do something a little differently. I guess that could go for anyone !
I had lunch with a friend at the Courthouse Diner. It is locate just off the Parkway in Cape May Courthouse, NJ.
It's about 40 minutes away. It was a beautiful Day. People preparing for Thanksgiving and in good spirits.
I enjoyed the small trip very much.
I hope you are going to do something special for Thanksgiving. No matter what it is, it is a time of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way.  Enjoy !
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Day 50

As we head into the 50 mark, just a reminder that this blog was started , not to get you to do crazy things all the time, but to get you to change it up a little. Do something you don't normally do once in awhile....not all the time. Do something you have always wanted to try.... once in awhile..... or do something you haven't done in awhile...... If you can only find 5 minutes....then do it for 5 min.... you never know what will happen in that time....once a day for 365 days..........
So I don't know where the time is going to..... Today, what I did that I haven't done in awhile was fall asleep at 9PM and sleep the whole night..... Wow ! 
They say you can never catch up on sleep. I don't know if that's true, however I would just love to know who "They" is.... Hahahahaha  
I do know that if your body is telling you to sleep.....then sleep, you need it !
I usually stay up quite late on days I'm not giging in the casino.... I guess I really needed the sleep.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 49

So I'm back on line this evening..... stumbled across some interesting "likes" while I was chatting via text with my manager, Brian. We got into a conversation about FRINGES.... I just love fringes.... I went to look at pictures of fringes and found some really cool things.... I spent 20 minutes playing around on line in a type of clothing / accessory that will probably NEVER go out of style.....

Definition of Fringe: " An ornamental border of threads left loose or formed into tassels or twists, used to edge clothing or material"

I also stumbled on a cool web site:

They are out of California. I saw some really cool things there including this cap....

These are some of the cool pics of fringes that I found including these crazy pumps from designer Christian Louboutin....

This bracelet can be found in the Neiman Marcus Collection

Gotta love my fringes !!!!!

Enjoy your day and do something fun !!!!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 48

Today is Sunday....."Our Day of Change"...... look back and see what we do on Sunday's....
Have a great day !!!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 47

Well today I certainly got to do something you don't do everyday. I don't know that I would say I WANTED to do this in this way, but it was a good thing all in all....

I went to a dedication ! Not just any dedication. This was naming someone "Forever". That's pretty interesting. That someone was the very talented Ted Prior. Those of you that knew Ted when he was alive, knew that he strove to be every bit of "Elvis" that he could............Not just as a performer, but in all parts of his life. He was a perfectionist when it came to the "KING". He adored Elvis so much, that everything had to be JUST SO !  (All the way down to his REAL Hair and REAL Sideburns.....just like Elvis)

Today, Nov. 17th, Ted Prior was named Ocean City's Forever Elvis !I had the honor of being asked to speak at this fine event.  A beautiful plaque was unveiled with his Wife and his family there. It was really very nice. Ted loved being the "Elvis" in Ocean City , NJ. He loved being Elvis all the time..............and that he was. Not only was he a great performer, he was a great friend. Ted, you are truly missed. Your Star lives forever on the dressing room door of the music pier in Ocean City.  Thank you ! Thank you very much ................................................................................................................................................................

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 46

Today was cool....went back to nature and left the computer alone.....'til now.....LOL
Today I went "Tree Surfing"
Instead of surfing the net, I spent about 6 minutes surfing streets looking for beautiful trees !!!!
I started because the sun came out late this morning and some of the trees I saw were just so gorgeous..... I didn't want to miss capturing that, enjoying that, and sharing it with you !
These are the few that I took that came out of them, I was actually standing underneath of.... one of them had a bird sitting there for the longest time but when I snapped the shot, it flew away.... hahaha
Hope you found something for YOUR 5-10 min. (or longer) today that was cool !

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Day 45

So this time I fell asleep right over the lap top.....what a crock!
Now it's 5:45 AM, getting ready for a meeting and yes, finishing my blog post.....yippeee !!!

I've been having a lot of fun looking up cool things on the Internet. I love mixing old school and new school. I do it all the time. So sticking with the Internet surfing, I found something very interesting by accident. I was watching one of my favorite reality shows, Project Runway, and one of the guest judges was a teenager.....

Now this particular teenager has blown up on the scene with her fashion rookie.....
Her name if Tavi Gevinson and if you haven't already heard of her, she is really making a splash for herself. I took a few minutes to read her blog, to see her own on line magazine and to hear how she is moving herself forward in an industry she loves. Isn't that what we all want to do? Well, some may be content to just do the normal routing every day, however I think most of us want to learn how to follow our dreams.......

Check out Tavi's blog at the style rookie..... link below.... Enjoy !

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                                                            The Style Rookie

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 44

Today I found something on line that caught my eye.... a photo I saw of a Fashion Company.....of course, I had to check it out. I zoned out in my little world reading the story that went behind this company. It was so interesting that I was compelled to contact the company and chat. The story takes a good few minutes to read.A true "follow your dreams" story and I'm all about that ! Looking through the site takes some time too.
check it out and see if you get lost in it like I did. If you like will........... below is a sneak peak...... enjoy !
                                          Black Milk Clothing

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Day 43

Wow! Since the Hurricane I've been playing catch up and falling asleep in front of the TV at night. What a crock!  So let me get in here early this morning and play catch up here too..... I know we all do it...... it's all part of the process....

So Tuesday was a bit interesting. I wouldn't say it was totally away from the norm, however, it was a different part of a normal routine.... maybe you have had a similar experience. I am a board member of a group called the South Jersey Network.   (among a couple of others that may come up in conversation some time....or blog-versation.... LOL)
The SJN group meets twice a month. Once during the day, and once in the evening. (2nd and 4th Tues. of each month) We were at our 2nd Tues. lunch meeting.  At this particular meeting, a panel of experts were put together, directly from our group, to field questions regarding Hurricane Sandy and how we could utilize our expertise to help others. This panel discussion went on for about 20 min. to half an hour and was so worthwhile. I mention it here because it was truly out of the ordinary for what we do at our meetings. One gentleman mentioned how he has really been depressed and I guess his body has just been overwhelmed by all the devastation. I had to agree with him. I'm not the only one feeling that. "Sandy" has truly impacted many lives in one way or another.
So let me just put out there:
 Michael Wrigley from Liberty Public Adjusters, Jim Gibbs from Serv Pro (mold remediation), Marc Ludwig from Allstate, Derek Weikel (electrician), Dan Hoffman (plumber), Al Stiteler (roofing), Dave Camey (Handyman), Mike Demling from MDA Architects  and several people from our group offering services or discounts on services including Arzum Sanchez from Keller Williams Real Estate.

In the wake of Sandy, I felt the need to share this info with you..... If you need any help or any information on any of these people, feel free to contact me at my web page ( link below) or visit the South Jersey Network, (link below).
That few minutes of my life was so worthwhile......
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                                                           South Jersey Network

Monday, November 12, 2012

Days 41 and 42.....

Ok... I put these 2 days together for a couple of reasons....1st, yesterday was Sunday- (Day 41) ....that is our DAY OF CHANGE.... you can follow back to the first post to find out what we do on Sunday.... It was also Veteran's Day. I hope you enjoyed it. If you are or were a Vet........THANK YOU !

The other reason is that I was helping out someone who lost their home from "Sandy". I was so exhausted when I got home that I fell asleep for the night.......early.........guess I needed that....

For Day 42, today, I did another cool thing I used to do when I was little .....
Brie and I were out shopping and we found something cool.....glow in the dark Silly Putty ! How many of you remember Silly Putty? Do you remember how much bigger the little eggs were ? Amazing!

Below you will find the imprint I took out of The County Woman ( )..... it is from my friend and associate Vicky Satinsky. (Check out her review at )  Her sun protective clothing line is beautiful and functional.... Her logo....Yolo Sol.....  ( You Only Live Once.....and Sun....) ties it all together.....
Now remember when you pull up the print , it's backwards !  I don't know about the glow in the dark part yet, but I certainly enjoyed playing with the Silly Putty like I did when I was a kid.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 40

Wow....40 days and counting....just missed one or 2 during "Sandy". Not bad.... LOL
Please keep passing this along so we can see where it all winds up at the end of the year..... our year, of 365 days.... :)

Today, I write quick and to the point. I know we all have a heavy heart when it comes to Hurricane Sandy. Anything we do surrounding it will certainly be out of the ordinary scope of our day. I really just had to share this. You can not even imagine the scope of the damages from the pictures. I got to drive through the area just above Long Beach Island today..... My dear friends and business partners lost their home in the storm. I only found out that the home was destroyed for good today. When I got to their street, all the neighbors had things out that we have seen in all the pictures, I know they had stories we have all heard recently, and there was something in the air that was strange. It's not what you was a feeling, to me, of Hope.....
People were cleaning out their life long and personal belongings right as we drove up the street. There were signs all around saying, "remove me"....or "don't take me"......signs posted up over piles of memories.....

My heart sank into my chest as I rode through and saw my friends with all their belongings on the street......
My childhood town of Seaside was also destroyed and that has left me really sad this past week or that area, people have to be bused in with just a few short hours to gather what will fit into 2 bags.....then who knows when they can go back.....

I did , however, feel that feeling of Hope in the air. I think everyone will move forward. It's just going to take time.......
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Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 39

Today I went to a "Dedication" of an Art space in Atlantic City..... although I went as part of growth for my company, I also took a few minutes and stepped aside.... I walked over to my car and viewed the entire area being built from a little afar.... I took a picture of the beautiful sky against the edge of one of the casinos.... I just marveled at all the people standing out in the cold and watching the kids enjoy the space being set aside for "Art"....sculptures that will change the look of empty space in A/C.... enjoy the photos....they really don't do the space justice....
I wanted to get that "outside look experience".....stepping out a little from the crowd. It's not everyday that you can go out and enjoy a project like this as it is being constructed....THAT  is why I chose this as my little extra time spot today. :)

                                              Below is the sky just gorgeous in the crisp air.....

Below is the edge of the sculpture....You have to see the rest, it's beautiful. If you are local , the space is located on Pacific Ave. b/w Indiana and Martin Luther King...A/C
Fung Collaboratives is behind this project

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Days 37 & 38

These 2 posts will be interesting.....

Firt, Day 37.....couldn't get the post in for by the end of the day, I had lost power in our newest storm, "Athena"..... The "Gods" wouldn't let me post.....hahahaha    I had actually come home from a meeting at Applebees. While we were there, yes , in the snow.... the power went out. So here we are with an important associate, my new intern and staff, Art,Brie and we are eating in the dark ......
I get home and it's pitch black so I climb up my 3 flights of stairs with a flashlight. (at least I had one in the car) Brie and I enter a pitch black apartment. I have just enough "C" batteries from the last storm, Sandy, to put into the radio. Doing that by flashlight and I drop one of the batteries....can't find it....LOL....Art saved the day when he came home with some C batteries....we got power back at 5 AM....

Day 38
Today was just a hectic day. Had a model interview with Brian and then prepared to attend a funeral. (well , the viewing). Very sad when it's someone who was only 26 yrs. old. Makes you wonder.....

So neither of these days held things that we would want to do for 5 or 10 min. (or even longer).....but they both certainly held things that could change the way you see something. I don't think anyone goes through a black-out , a storm, a community loss or a personal loss without feeling something deep down inside. It's human nature, isn't it?

It's certainly a wonder why we always gravitate and long for our "pictures". They are our memories, sometimes our souls of events,

Doing this blog is intended for us to feel something and see something that maybe we weren't looking for. This just happens to be parts of life we have to deal with....These are shortened stories of the past 2 days can get the picture just by this, I'm sure....

Til tomorrow. Be safe and cherish all the things that you have.
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 36

Well, now we are into the new day, LOL   That's what happens, I guess, when you are fighting a cold and your sleep pattern is thrown off. It's almost 3 AM....fell asleep early, woke up to watch election coverage and now I'm posting my blog..... what a day! I'm sure many of you can relate......

Today I took the time to visit with a couple of friends. Yes, we discussed business and things of that nature too, however the point of us getting together was to get together. In both instances, we wanted to make sure that we don't wait so long to see each other again.

Maybe it's time you contacted an old friend, schoolmate, associate.....whatever....just someone you haven't gotten in touch with for some time. It's great that we have blogs, social media, phones, texts whatever.... but there is still a need for the human touch and the human condition face to face. If your friend is too far away, by all means use whatever you can to reach out. If your friend is in your "backyard" take that 5-10 minutes
 ( or longer if you can) and visit with them....catch up with them. The conversation will be great yet the important thing is to connect with someone.  With all we are going through in many areas these days.... connect with someone and brighten up your human spirit. That positive energy will go a long way...........
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