Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 33

About a week ago or so I posted about finding games to play on line Every now and then I want to play a game..... make time for one etc....I love "real" pinball. Don't get the chance to play that too much. Can never find a pinball machine when I need one !
So if you remember, I couldn't find a game that I liked. I stumbled across that "AVA TINGO BINGO"....that was just wrong.... LOL
So today, I'm home sick in bed with a bad head cold (YUK) and I have "Pawnn  Stars" on the History channel on TV. I  love that show. I really learn a lot watching it. It's great. So a commercial comes up for the history channel games on line.....Hmmmmm
I go there, register , and find a game called YOU GOT PAWNED....ok so this was going to be fun.
The first game I played , I did lousy. I thought I was so good.....but the second game I played I got them all right ! Yippeee..... it was fun. A great break from my lousy cold and my overload of Hurricane Sandy... (Prayers are still with those in need)
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