Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 35

Today was interesting....first, I sent a small care package up to North Jersey. A place called Union Beach. I found a page on facebook, "Restore our Piece of the Shore". There, I found out about people who needed socks and chap stick desperately......

Then for lunch, I was thinking about something my MOM used to make me all the time. My MOM has been on my mind so much. (Well, everyday since she passed but more recently since "Sandy" as our town we all grew up in was destroyed)
My Mom used to make me "quickie pies" . Anyone remember them? I have my Mom's old quickie pie maker. (see photo below). To best describe it, you can make round grilled cheese sandwiches. This contraption, so to say, has a round set of pans that interlock. There are long handles to put them together. You place the pan parts on the stove and cook on both sides. When you squeeze the bread together, the edges come off and the sandwich becomes round. You can put anything inside to cook. Grilled Cheese is the most common. I do believe there are similar things on the market today. Still love Mom's old one !
Lunch was good !
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