Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 39

Today I went to a "Dedication" of an Art space in Atlantic City..... although I went as part of growth for my company, I also took a few minutes and stepped aside.... I walked over to my car and viewed the entire area being built from a little afar.... I took a picture of the beautiful sky against the edge of one of the casinos.... I just marveled at all the people standing out in the cold and watching the kids enjoy the space being set aside for "Art"....sculptures that will change the look of empty space in A/C.... enjoy the photos....they really don't do the space justice....
I wanted to get that "outside look experience".....stepping out a little from the crowd. It's not everyday that you can go out and enjoy a project like this as it is being constructed....THAT  is why I chose this as my little extra time spot today. :)

                                              Below is the sky just gorgeous in the crisp air.....

Below is the edge of the sculpture....You have to see the rest, it's beautiful. If you are local , the space is located on Pacific Ave. b/w Indiana and Martin Luther King...A/C
Fung Collaboratives is behind this project

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