Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 56

So I wanted to go back to a bit of an old fashioned distraction for a few days now. Today, I decided to attempt this, after I got "computer head". THAT is where your head is ready to explode from sitting at the computer and filling your head with all kinds of things. Not even a chance for the wheels to keep turning.... hahahahaha

So you will see in the pictures below that my attempt to do this failed....epically.... LOL
The 2nd photo with the Ace of hearts in the forefront, was about as good as I could do after 15 minutes of focus !!!

My attempt at a house of cards was fun but frustrating because I couldn't do it. At the same time, it pulled my focus away from the eye straining, back breaking, time consuming computer.....

I picked all the royal cards.....ACE, KING, QUEEN, JACK
A royal house of cards. LOL

Didn't get very far, but I had fun............eventually................

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