Thursday, December 22, 2011


Well Hello Holidays !!!!!!

With the holidays right on top of us, it gives me great honor and pleasure to allocate time for our long awaited launch of FOXX CODE Magazine into the Atlantic City area has finally arrived. A launch party will be forthcoming at the Beautiful One Atlantic. You can check out the gorgeous One Atlantic Ad in the magazine. What a great gift for that aspiring Actor/Actress, singer, media mogul,entrepreneur or anyone who likes high fashion and high business. So what do I mean when I say high business?
Well..... this magazine is different because it houses a ton of reviews along with the regular content. There is a special “Review section” towards the back of the magazine. There you will see not only fashion icons, entertainers and artists but also, business success stories, entrepreneurs, designers etc.... The reviews in this issue range from Katy Perry, Steven Tyler and Scotty McCreary, to Lisa Ajello, Russ Elliott and our own Lloyd D.Levenson and Gary Hill. ( reviewed by myself and portions of our amazing writing staff) So high business encompasses all forms of fashion/entertainment and business rolled into this issue. It is a delight to read and see.
As we spoke of in the past, Atlantic City has been added to the magazine , now giving it 6 major cities of distribution and recognition. The photo shoot took place at the fabulous Knife and Fork Inn. The spread for A/C also shows all the local credits and thanks right in the center of the magazine. So the magazine is released in Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A., Miami, New York and now ATLANTIC CITY. It took many people to make this happen.
“So, Ava, where can I get this great gift, jammed packed with all this cool stuff?” Funny you should ask.... LOL The magazine is featured right now at Atlantic City News Agency . They are located at the corner of MLK B'lvd and Pacific Ave. AND they are open 24 hours for your convenience. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with owner, Stuart Weiss. “We have been in this business right here for over 35 years and we carry everything !”, says Weiss. You can't miss the beautiful storefront too, all be-dazzled with lights ! Stop in and see Stuart for your news and magazine needs. Make sure you tell them Ava sent you ! You can get your copy of FOXX CODE magazine for 38.00. ( prices are higher as you travel North so get your copy right here in A/C ). What a great gift this will make for that special someone with a Passion for Fashion and Business.
You can also check out Atlantic City News as a featured company on my website for January and February. Thank you Stuart for being a great part of our community. As always for more info, you can contact me at I'm Ava Holly and we'll catch YOU in 2012 !

Friday, October 14, 2011

Who makes you smile?

Wow...once again it has been little while yet I always enjoy grabbing a few moments to blog here. I have been blogging for areas of the "Patch" mostly in Galloway. Patch is an online newspaper that is just a wonderful place for information and fun things going on your communities. Check out Galloway at See my blog there under local voices.

Today, we allocate time to recognize special people in our lives. I could blog for days on all the special people in my life today. I'm sure you could too if you thought about it, right? Well, I just want to mention a couple of people here..... I just feel the need to have you know about these 2 remarkable ladies if you don't already. One of them is Sandi Tuttle....
Sandi is a remarkable woman full of love, life and laughter. We really hit it off when we met. We are both extremely busy however, when it is time for us to catch up, it's like we never missed a beat. Sandi has an AWESOME on line radio show and you can check it out at It's truly amazing and I was honored to be one of Sandi's guests at one time. We must never forget the people who move us into new places. I will never forget how Sandi is always there for me if I need her. Funny, we met at an eWomen event which brings me to the next person that I cherish dearly and that is the wonderful Marilyn Kleinberg.
I can use an entire notebook on the amazing people that have come into my life through eWomen. I wouldn't have met any of them if it weren't for Marilyn. So again, never forget those people that put you in places to change your life. It is all about transformation and how we move from one place to another to be better at all that we do. Check out Marilyn at Better yet, come out to one of our next meetings and I will personally introduce you to her.

Thank you Sandi and Marilyn for being inspirational, educational, and 2 of the most cherished people in my life. As always, you can always reach me at and let me know who you have in your life that makes you smile. Remember, when you smile, someone usually smiles back.
Make it a great day and say hi to someone special in your life.

Ava Holly Lewis

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Isn't that amazing"

So the last time I was in here we were kicking off the Summer and now we are into the first week of August, Isn't that amazing.... so what have I been doing since then.... do you care? Of course you do or you wouldn't be in here.
So first, I have to tell you about the fabulous eWomen Network International conference that I attended recently. It was truly a life changing experience. It is difficult to put into words what I took away from it. There were a lot of amazing speakers, surprises and great energy. If you have an opportunity to attend an eWomen event or get to a conference , take advantage of it, you'll be glad you did.

We also had one of our best mixers of the South Jersey Network at King Pin bowling ..... What a load of fun , networking and great sounds from "Tear it up". Thank you Dr. Dave for creating the largest networking group of it's kind in South Jersey !

I have been blogging for the Galloway Patch as some of you may have seen. You can visit me there under local voices at . I also have a small networking piece in the Galloway Patriot and I just love doing both of those.

Aside from all of that, you know my saying... I never turn away the opportunity to make a connection.... so through a friend, through a friend, through a friend.... I wound up meeting the most wonderful lady.... Francince Watkins. Check out her book From the Ground UP.
Another place you can check out is What a great place to get a little mind-sharpening ! Isn't that amazing !

I could take up several pages telling you how I met this cool lady, and her son ( oh and can't leave out Hubby--he's really cool too) so I'll just say..... I met them by intention..... You know I can't say accident for I don't really believe that. There are no accidental meetings. Everyone you meet, comes into your life for a reason. So I met them by intention........what a great intentional meeting !!!!! I'm already loving my new connections and my new friends. PS....thanks for a great dinner ! I will be blogging about Granny Franny at the Patch this week so check it out AND her son, Steve, is 4 A STAR's positive person of the day. (4 A STAR Facebook page - Thurs. 8/4)
Until then, stay positive and always give yourself permission to let your light shine brightly!
Lots of jammed in notes this time around. Just playing catch up and squeezing it all in for now.... Isn't that amazing !

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kicking off the Summer....

Hello, and today we allocate time for a collection of thoughts:

We kick off the Summer and a lot of things come to mind. First off, school's out, so you have all the students out and about, looking for jobs, looking for friends, looking for fun..... Take time to say an encouraging word to one of them. They are looking..... and no matter what their ages, they are going to head back to the fall with a new outlook on a new year.... Let's encourage them!

Next, Take some of your "off " time to re - energize your own mind. You, too, will be heading into the fall with a different outlook. Maybe you have a business and your busy time is now, so YOUR outlook will be different in the Fall. Maybe your busy time is in the Fall so you are enjoying the Summer off. Maybe you do a little of both. We are always moving forward, so use some of your time to just re-energize !!!! Very important.

Take time to leave me a post. Take a minute and tell me what your energizing thoughts are. Maybe I can even blog about it. I am blogging for the Galloway Patch, and doing a networking piece in the Galloway Patriot so I'm really not in here that much anymore. If there are posts or comments, I can work them into a story for you. Take a moment and say hi.

Last but not least a thought to ponder that I heard on the radio the other day.."Why is it that a Slim chance and a Fat chance are the same thing..... but a wise guy and a wise man are opposite?"

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Think of those less fortunate, less healthy, and those that are out for the Summer. Re-energize you heart, soul and mind and use your brain to think!

See you next time......

Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Show Must Go On"

Hello again..... today we allocate time for one of the most dynamic people I have recently met, Patti Lattanzi . Many of us know, whether it's "show business" "business" or just the business of life.... that "The Show must go On". That has never been more true for entertainment guru Patti Lattanzi. If you haven't seen her show on Tuesday evenings, check it out at Filomena's - 13 Cross Keys Road, Berlin , NJ at 8 PM. From there, 2 weeks later, you can catch that same show on air at WVLT Cruisin 92.1 FM from 7-8 PM. So let's find out how this all started and what makes Patti Lattanzi stand out from the crowd...... Well if you didn't know it, Patti played in many bands when she was younger as the drummer. When she fell in love with entertainer Joey Lattanzi, magic started to happen. They started a radio show in 2001 and married sometime after that . In 2003 Patti , sadly, lost Joey to Cancer...and so did the rest of us. They were only married about 18 months.That didn't stop Patti from carrying on what the 2 of them saw together. Patti worked hard doing shows, networking events and all that it takes to make the show and the dream live on. Eventually, things started to click..... Patti knew a fabulous entertainer by the name of Billy Carlucci. Billy had worked with Bobby Rydell, Danny and the Juniors and had the group Billy and the Essentials for quite some time. He and Patt would get together and work on the shows, events etc... until the the show became "Patti Lattanzi, Billy Carlucci and & the Gang Show". (which is the show we now see every Tues. at Filomena's) Patti also has her charming mother involved too. Patti and Billy work very hard on producing and putting on a great show. There are many entertainers that come out and support the show, knowing they will be on air and be exposed to the many guests that come out to see the show. Patti praises Billy and his family, saying that she is treated like a Sister. Today, Patti spends 2 days sending out emails for each show, working on 18 groups of people each week with 40-75 people in each group. That's a lot of work and it's a work Patti Loves. It takes a lot, each week, to make that show go on. Patti is so proud of this work, of working with Billy and some of the great talent that comes out each week to be in the show. She's proud of the guests and special interest people that come out to support the show, and is Proud of how the show has evolved. Sharing old time stories, old time standards and splashes of new and upcoming talent, Patti is moving and shaking. If you would like to audition for the show, you can contact me for a personal introduction. Just to see Patti and Billy and how they light up the stage is such a treat. Patti ends each and every show with a shout out to her love, Joey Lattanzi, or "Batch-a-gal-oop", as she refers to him lovingly... Patti makes the Show go on each and every week keeping love and fun alive on stage. Thank you Patti for all that you do and we will see you soon.

Friday, February 4, 2011

How to see what you need to succeed.

OMG, again, it's been over a month since I've been in here. That's just a crying shame. I will make a better effort in 2011. Just so busy, which is a good thing, that I can't get in here...

So, today we allocate time to see how YOU can see what you need to succeed and we are going to talk specifically about 2 things.... and then some general thoughts....

First , let's talk about my annual mixer, "Cross the Line" which took place last night at the beautiful Foundation Room of the Showboat. What an awesome staff, crew etc... in this venue . If you haven't checked it out yet, book and event there or attend an event there. They are listed on facebook and have lots going on. It is a private club but there are plenty of things you can do there. Consider a membership and it will be well worth it.... So........ this is the 3rd year we are doing the event there. The first year we had about 45-50 people, last year we had about 75-80 people and this year we had about 90-100 people so the first thing we share is CONSISTENCY. Be consistent in what you do....even if it takes you awhile, stay with it, stay consistent and it will eventually pay off. We have been invited back to do the "Cross the line " Mixer again next year !
How special it was , too, to have a great alliance with Ken Schaffer who invited the beautiful and talented Juanita Holiday , Jimmy Wells and Ceasar Berry- famous entertainers to my event. ALIGN YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE

Next, I want to talk about a great group of up and coming artists, RESIDENT STONE. Through connections with FOXX CODE MAGAZINE AND ANGEL RAZE 88, I was able to meet up with Goldheart Records and sign Resident Stone to their label in N.Y. My own trained ear and that of Carl Van Nevius 111 of Angel Raze88/Foxx Code Magazine and Vince McCartney of Goldheart records was able to see the talent and potential in the Rock music forum of RESIDENT STONE. The reason I bring them up is many fold....first of all, they are willing to do what it takes to succeed. They know what they want, how they want to go about it and what they are willing to do to get it. This is so important. I couldn't be any prouder to represent this group for they talk to each other, they talk to me and they are open to new ideas without sacrificing what they have created.

So from experience I say this: Align yourself with the right people and not the "quick " people. Don't always take the short fast route. Weigh it out, and align yourself with those people. Make sure your health is good so you have time to weigh it out and align yourself with the right people. Even in our busy lives, any little effort on your health, is better than no effort at all.
Stay true to who you unto others as you would have them do unto you.... How true is THAT statement. Never let the nay-sayers get to you. Stay focused on your goal. The only one who can change things is you and at the end of the day it is YOU that makes or breaks your success. Don't give up ! Learn to work hard and play hard and I don't think I have to explain that. I truly believe everything in moderation is a good thing but know when to work and when to play. Make true relations, both personally and professionally. Make sure you laugh !

These are all things that come with time and practice, like a good rehearsal, a good game or a good show. You are always selling yourself no matter what line of work you are in. YOU need to be in the game. Just like the foundation room experience, just like RESIDENT STONE. If you are not serious about YOU, don't expect others to be.

So this has no technical support my friends, and many of you may have heard this stuff time and time over but you need to practice this, on a regular basis, to succeed. YOU have to do it, no one else can do it for you. See the raw material, see the end result, have patience, have goals, ALIGN YOURSELF WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE, roll with the punches, give back, stay focused, stay positive, work hard, play hard and you WILL get there. Make sure that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you like who is looking back at you !

As always with much respect,
Ava Holly Lewis
President and Founder of 4 A STAR, the eeFuerst Foundation for Brain Cancer Research, founding member of the Galloway Twp. Business Association, Board member of the South Jersey Network, Entrepreneur, mother, and friend.