Friday, October 14, 2011

Who makes you smile?

Wow...once again it has been little while yet I always enjoy grabbing a few moments to blog here. I have been blogging for areas of the "Patch" mostly in Galloway. Patch is an online newspaper that is just a wonderful place for information and fun things going on your communities. Check out Galloway at See my blog there under local voices.

Today, we allocate time to recognize special people in our lives. I could blog for days on all the special people in my life today. I'm sure you could too if you thought about it, right? Well, I just want to mention a couple of people here..... I just feel the need to have you know about these 2 remarkable ladies if you don't already. One of them is Sandi Tuttle....
Sandi is a remarkable woman full of love, life and laughter. We really hit it off when we met. We are both extremely busy however, when it is time for us to catch up, it's like we never missed a beat. Sandi has an AWESOME on line radio show and you can check it out at It's truly amazing and I was honored to be one of Sandi's guests at one time. We must never forget the people who move us into new places. I will never forget how Sandi is always there for me if I need her. Funny, we met at an eWomen event which brings me to the next person that I cherish dearly and that is the wonderful Marilyn Kleinberg.
I can use an entire notebook on the amazing people that have come into my life through eWomen. I wouldn't have met any of them if it weren't for Marilyn. So again, never forget those people that put you in places to change your life. It is all about transformation and how we move from one place to another to be better at all that we do. Check out Marilyn at Better yet, come out to one of our next meetings and I will personally introduce you to her.

Thank you Sandi and Marilyn for being inspirational, educational, and 2 of the most cherished people in my life. As always, you can always reach me at and let me know who you have in your life that makes you smile. Remember, when you smile, someone usually smiles back.
Make it a great day and say hi to someone special in your life.

Ava Holly Lewis

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