Thursday, December 22, 2011


Well Hello Holidays !!!!!!

With the holidays right on top of us, it gives me great honor and pleasure to allocate time for our long awaited launch of FOXX CODE Magazine into the Atlantic City area has finally arrived. A launch party will be forthcoming at the Beautiful One Atlantic. You can check out the gorgeous One Atlantic Ad in the magazine. What a great gift for that aspiring Actor/Actress, singer, media mogul,entrepreneur or anyone who likes high fashion and high business. So what do I mean when I say high business?
Well..... this magazine is different because it houses a ton of reviews along with the regular content. There is a special “Review section” towards the back of the magazine. There you will see not only fashion icons, entertainers and artists but also, business success stories, entrepreneurs, designers etc.... The reviews in this issue range from Katy Perry, Steven Tyler and Scotty McCreary, to Lisa Ajello, Russ Elliott and our own Lloyd D.Levenson and Gary Hill. ( reviewed by myself and portions of our amazing writing staff) So high business encompasses all forms of fashion/entertainment and business rolled into this issue. It is a delight to read and see.
As we spoke of in the past, Atlantic City has been added to the magazine , now giving it 6 major cities of distribution and recognition. The photo shoot took place at the fabulous Knife and Fork Inn. The spread for A/C also shows all the local credits and thanks right in the center of the magazine. So the magazine is released in Chicago, Las Vegas, L.A., Miami, New York and now ATLANTIC CITY. It took many people to make this happen.
“So, Ava, where can I get this great gift, jammed packed with all this cool stuff?” Funny you should ask.... LOL The magazine is featured right now at Atlantic City News Agency . They are located at the corner of MLK B'lvd and Pacific Ave. AND they are open 24 hours for your convenience. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and chat with owner, Stuart Weiss. “We have been in this business right here for over 35 years and we carry everything !”, says Weiss. You can't miss the beautiful storefront too, all be-dazzled with lights ! Stop in and see Stuart for your news and magazine needs. Make sure you tell them Ava sent you ! You can get your copy of FOXX CODE magazine for 38.00. ( prices are higher as you travel North so get your copy right here in A/C ). What a great gift this will make for that special someone with a Passion for Fashion and Business.
You can also check out Atlantic City News as a featured company on my website for January and February. Thank you Stuart for being a great part of our community. As always for more info, you can contact me at I'm Ava Holly and we'll catch YOU in 2012 !

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