Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who is on YOUR team?

Well, the sun is shining now and I'm so over the snow!!! Hope it lasts for a little while. It's early March and it looks like it's easier for me to get in here once a month rather than once a week. Imagine that!

So today we allocate time for teamwork!!!
Who is on YOUR team? So what do we mean by team, are we all sports figures now? Well, maybe in a way.... your team is your support team. Who is there that you trust that you are buidling ties with in your business. It is extremely important that you create business relationships with other like minded people. Seek them out. Be the one that initiates the teamwork. As in personal relationships, in life- the give and take is the same. Make sure it's a win win for all parties and build it. Make time for each other-you have to in order to thrive. Learn from each other and be that support system you each need to take you further. You may cultivate a lifelong friendhip too but you will definitely cultivate teamwork, experience and shared interest.

Til we talk again,
Ava Holly Lewis