Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So let's start today by wishing all of the 11,600 readers a wonderful Holiday Season.... Merry, Happy, and good wishes go your way............

Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some important people concerning our handbag release. So stay tuned for the buzz words, the teasers, the contests and all that goes with our fabulous release of the "Eye don't care" purse line next year....

In making the rounds in NYC... I came across the fun holiday give away of Stella Artois Beer.... Check out the cool photo.... Great way to go viral by sending your photo out on social media....
( AND I got to keep the glass ! )

Talk again soon....
Enjoy !

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Don't let ILL make you ILL... and a new welcome !

Don't let ILL make you ILL      and WELCOME to our newest client Terri Rozyla

First off, I've been a little under the weather the past week. It's been crazy with this weather and all. I love the warm weather, though, I could take this all year long !  Meanwhile, when your body tells you to rest- you need to rest. Well, "OK", you say, but your still have work to do..... Rest your body and don't think about being down. I know it has helped me a lot. I'm able to do some things, then I have to stop and take that rest. I really think it's helping me to shake this !   So don't THINK ILL  for that alone could make it worse. Just rest, relax, and do the things that your body is telling you !

Now...we want to welcome Terri Rozyla to the 4 A STAR family !

Terri is building Rose Yoga. Well that sounds pretty nice but what is happening behind the scenes is even nicer !  A development of the ROSE Lifestyle, ROSE Essential and part of the whole picture of

Terri's new studio will be offering Power Yoga, re-conditioning/therapeutic experiences .
Runners, Cyclists will be built into the active program with more to come....

Terri is having a soft opening on Dec. 11th and 13th and a hard grand opening is expected on Dec. 16th.

For more information check out   and tell them Ava sent you !!!!

Congratulations, Terri and welcome to our family here at 4 A STAR
Photography by Larry Berman of Mays Landing...find him on Face Book !