Sunday, November 8, 2015

Samina's Dresses Get Around....

Hello all,

This is your opportunity to get involved in our blog page. It has been a wild ride since the 365 day blog challenge last year....

Now we are going to follow Samina Mughal Fashion Designer and create buzz for her beautiful gowns and dresses... we will be "photo" shooting her dresses all over the Tri-State Area . 
So what's in it for you??? Hmmm..... more info at the end of this blog....

First, a HUGE shout out to Lainy Gold of Lainy Gold Designs for helping to arrange our Photographer in Las Vegas !  Thank you to Jim Cook of Jim Cook Photography. Thank you Bob Zucker for the amazing Tesla that we got to use in the shoot. Shout out to  Miss D'Ann  and Miss Milan. (Amazing girls).  Wyndham Resort for the beautiful backgrounds . Lory Zucker, Art Korth and of course the talented Samina Mughal.

So here is the scoop. 4 A STAR will be representing the styles of the Samina Mughal Fashion Collection. Contact me for information on seeing or purchasing one of her awesome pieces. Now we are not her only representatives so make sure when you find her, you tell them Ava sent you !

Creating buzz is something I just love to do.... so what we have decided is that we are going to "photo" shoot her dresses wherever we can... for now, in the Tri-State Area. ( Well, Vegas just happened to be on our list too )  We just  had an awesome shoot in Las Vegas today !!!  .....and what happens here....doesn't necessarily stay here, it goes on Face Book and in the blog. Ha Ha

Next week sometime, we will be announcing the prize package we are working on for spotting our photo shoots through this blog.

You can:   Show up at the photo shoot and check in personally
You will find information on where and when right here at the blog page

You can:  come into the blog and "join" or follow this blog ( IT'S FREE) , COMMENT ON THE BLOG  and be entered into the drawing that way . ( so check in at this blog page)

Stay tuned as we "Get around" in Samina's dresses !

Don't let the "join" count fool you...this blog has over 11,000 page views from all over the World...
See you soon with more details....

Enjoy !