Monday, February 22, 2016

What's the name of the game???

Hello all,

So the answer has probably baffled people over the course of time. Not only in the fashion/entertainment industry, but in life as we know it. It's the game of life, as they say. How do we define what we do and what we say?  I hear things every day that just baffle me. It's a crazy World. If you live in the fashion/entertainment industry , you know how "dog eat dog" it can be.
I started my Company, 4 A STAR, to be the change in the industry and regardless of how the World rotates, I will BE that change. The ones who come out of that, will be the ones who move on in life with integrity and grace. I make strategic alliances wherever I go.... and I know I have blogged about that in the past. That is very important if you are in business, even in life.....
Some things that sound so bad, will never change. However, if you WANT it to change, you have to be the first one to initiate change and you have to stick to your guns no matter what happens. Yes, there have been times when I feel that tug from the one side saying, "Go ahead, follow along with the others....that's the way the game is played.... "....then I get the other side saying, " You are the difference , you are the game changer, you are the one putting in the sweat equity to make a difference. ". So I go back to two sayings that I love.....
1. " I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference..... " 
2.   "Take a chance and go out on a limb.... after all, that is where all the fruit is.... " 

So let me talk about a beautiful casting I was at recently for a charitable fashion event to help feed the hungry. ( a cause that I am also passionate about)

I met some great people. All the people involved were superb. The models were awesome.
I have to add some of the industry game that I heard though..... stealing back stage.... models that will put food on other people's "stuff", "clothes", in their bags etc... to make them look bad. Photos being taken back stage of designers' clothes that are set for magazine releases.... Did we not just hear about this in the news??? How backstage "things" are being leaked out before they get a chance to release their............. "music", "clothing lines", "exclusive photos".....???
So this is all part of the game and my hats off to show organizer Orlando Gordon for not allowing certain things to take place behind the scenes at HIS show.  Again, Integrity and Grace.

These are just things I heard and , again,  make me question the industry that I love so much. I keep coming back to being the game changer..... being the first....
Nothing will change the negative things that go on in a "dog eat dog" World no matter what the industry is. However, BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. !!! That is the only way things can begin to look better.

I also want to point out that loyalty is also something missing in this industry. ( In many industries out there.) I will only work with those that have the same values that I do. I've also mentioned this before. I will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but push the wrong buttons and you are done for good. Loyalty SUCKS in this industry. People often forget where they came from, who took them to the start of where they are now and who will stand by them through thick and thin. I don't begrudge anyone for moving in their own direction, however, loyalty should remain in tact. Things can always be worked out when you do the right thing and I , personally, will not change who I am. I will also give the best advantages to those who remain loyal and ask questions, and work things out so everyone can benefit.

Congratulations to the beautiful models that I met recently, including our own Hasheley Ani Chery .

 Also to the other wonderful models that I met this past week......







Sergio ( Geo)


These are just photographs of their comp cards so the images don't really do them justice however they all ROCK !!!!

More to come as 4 A STAR makes waves in the industry .... including our "Salt and Pepper" steppers, our quarterly MMM meetings exclusively for models who want to be in the know.....
1st rule: Don't show up to a casting call without a comp card !!!!  If you don't have that, at least bring a photo or something for the people casting to remember you by !  
In the meantime.......

Enjoy your day and we will be moving and shaking again soon !

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Samina's Dresses Get around.... a passion for fashion...& more....

Hello all,

What a crazy month January has been. Need I say more. Viewing January as a planning month, it was surely hectic putting certain things into place and some of it still not done..... what the heck???

That said, we head into Winter Fashion Week with a bang.....

New York Shows, Atlantic City shows, all with A PASSION FOR FASHION....

Samina Mughal will be showing in New York on Thurs. Feb. 18th and we will be right there to cheer her collection on.... Where can you find her dresses next???

Check out our beautiful model, Kelsey Meredith in a gorgeous Samina Mughal gown. This shot was taken at the Annata Wine Bar in Hammonton N.J. at our annual Cross the Line Event.

Then, you can head over to Atlantic City Fashion week on the 26th and 27th for the main shows at The Claridge Hotel in AC..... Visit Atlantic City Fashion week on Face Book to get your tickets to this event. Come and meet me at a vending table too !
Samina will also be in this show with her fabulous collection. 
Contact me to see more of her line or to purchase an original Samina Mughal dress or gown !

Next we move on to the funny side of life with one of our newest clients Michelle Tomko. Michelle has recently received the coveted AC Nightlife award in the Comedy Category. 
She is riding in her own lane with the "Wedding Roast"  
Contact me to book Michelle for your next Corporate Event, Special Event or Wedding Party event !

And last, but certainly not our newest sensation..... Spoken Word Artist with a flair.... 

Stay tuned for more info about these artists, as well as Where Samina's Dresses will be next !