Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Sit at the table and stay hungry !

 Wow ! What a pleasure to get this "hump-day" blog up about the amazing Mike Peluso and all that he brings to the table..... come sit at the table and soak up all we are serving up today !

Well, I thought I was the most positive person I know...HaHaHaHa..... meet the amazing Mike Peluso, if you don't know him already.... 
Mike has been a coach for the last 12 years. He credits his rich ability to "see" the things he does by growing up in a family of entrepreneurs. He says, "the one greatest struggle in the coaching industry is scaling to create passive income." He claims he has always survived with referrals. At some point he needed to find that one system that allowed him to do everything in one place. ie: scaling , delegating, teaching, etc.... 
He needed to find something versatile in the marketplace. He has found that system with JoinOcity !

The reason I made the "O" bigger there is so you don't confuse it with Join City (which I was doing for some time).... it's actually Joinocity and you can find out more about all that at

This is a lead generation site where you can register and have a 14 day free trial with a free 30 min. strategy session. 

After meeting Mike on the True Living platform, I got to meet him in person and let me tell you his up-lifting spirit is so contagious you want to go home and change the World in one day ! LOL

I just adore Mike and you will too when you get to know him. So having a free 30 min. session with him is worth the "trial period". His mission statement is to fully automate lead generation so you can spend more time with family and friends. This means more travel time, less time working, doing the things you love to do and with whom you would love to do them with !

Mike says he would like the system to create a collaborative community with business owners supporting each other to create massive income. Mike says that transforming the lives of people who are struggling personally and financially is not easy. It is alignment with all the physical, spiritual and emotional dimensions that will make a difference. Having someone guide you through that is like having a wealth of gold !

Overcoming his own struggles with ADHD ( also known as Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Mike was forced to  focus on health and self-discipline.  Kids would always come to Mike for advice and he knew inside that by overcoming his own struggles hew was going to be able to help others overcome theirs...

Among the great gifts he has received , is his marriage and his children. Through all of hia struggles he has been able to create these positive situations and masterpieces - if you may- to give others hope. That comes both personally and professionally and now with the addition of joinoicity !

If nothing else, check it out on the free trial and get access to the Amazing Michael Peluso.  I am so blessed to know him and bring him to you !

Ava Holly and Mike Peluso

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Monday, May 10, 2021

The Wonder of You !

 Hellllloooooo Monday...

No, this is not our designated Elvis time, that will come later this month, however the Title is so appropriate for this Celebrity blog post today..... If you are curious about this marvelous Actor, check out his book at:

We are talking about the dynamic actor in the Man of Jordan Rhodes. You may remember him in such shows as "Adam - 12", "Marcus Welby, M.D.", the movie "S.A.M", .. and many other countless roles. 

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to sit down and break some bread with this fine man and his lovely wife, Lynne. 

His book is just amazing. The story is remarkable in of itself yet it shows the true meaning of perseverance and determination. Jordan has taken on many roles and wore many hats along the way while staying true to the love of his craft. 

These are images in his early days of the duo the "Castaways" and also a stint in radio. (courtesy of Jordan and the book, A Blue Collar Actor)

 I found his book, A Blue Collar Actor, to be so engaging and interesting - Going from Tobacco Road to Buckingham Palace. 

The relationships he has forged along the way are amazing . All the years in this crazy business and he has been able to build great business relations and stay in the field as a working actor. Business relations were had with the likes of Sean Penn, Robert Wagner, Jill St. John, and many more ....and some have given lasting friendship a new name.... 

The road wasn't always easy and Jordan has had his share of trials and tribulations yet he pursued. He overcame the obstacles that kept showing up in his life. These are just unsolved situations and we solve them as we go along. That doesn't mean that obstacles don't bear the scars of hurt and disappointment yet we find ways to pursue.... 

I always say there is so much power in the next great connection. There are times when you don't even know the little spider web that is being built . 


.....Sykes was the first person to introduce me to Dennis Hopper. Dennis was appearing in a Broadway show that Sykes and I attended. After the performance, Sykes took me backstage so she could say hi to Dennis, and she introduced me. The play was entitled "Mandingo" and it had a short run. Years later I'd meet Dennis again, and I worked with him in "The Indian Runner" directed and written by Sean Penn. I would also meet up with Sykes years later in Arkansas, where she had returned in seclusion. I was working with Gregory Peck, Stacy Keach, and a stew of other name actors in "The Blue and the Gray", a blockbuster mini-series for television.    ......

Catch the full story in the book. It is so interesting , not only for an actor or aspiring actor, yet for the chance to take a glimpse into life experiences and how they relate to you and your endeavors. 

Front Cover A Blue Collar Actor

                                                         Back Cover A Blue Collar Actor

                                                             Wedding photo to wife Lynne


Mike Schnorr

Bryce Nicastor

Christopher Johnston

A Blue Collar Actor


Jordan Rhodes

Shout out to International  Internet Hall of fame Radio show host- Geri Petito who introduced us. Catch her on and other stations. You can find her on Face Book.  Also a thank you to Jordan for appearing on Ava's Casual chat ant Teens with dreams at Hamilton Radio....

So Jordan....hats off to the Wonder of you and all you continue to bring to us !

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Monday, November 23, 2020

It IS Possible...

 Hello Monday eve ! 

hoto by Greg Willson on Unsplash

Thank you Greg for this great image

Hope you are all getting a great start to your Thanksgiving week.  It is quite difficult these days to maintain a sense of "Normalcy" is you may.... I know I find myself more depressed than not lately and I am constantly finding ways to stay positive. ( that's usually no problem for me, yet these days it's been challenging).. 

That all said, we all desperately need to learn to live in Possibility ! want to make sure that you are not "giving up" on anything no matter what your situation is. No matter what is going on in the World , we need to keep moving forward. In this crazy time in the World and with Thanksgiving coming up- let's be grateful for any little thing we have. Let's be grateful for any little thing we can get , and let's be grateful to be able to help one another during these times.... I love a quote I heard a long time ago....

"No one ever went blind by looking on the bright side"


P =  Perseverance

O= Observation

S= Signs

S= Situate

I= Intuition

B= Brave

I= Intelligence

L= Love

I= Integrity

T= Thankful

Y= Yearning

Put all these together and connect the dots to your Possibility ! Happy Thanksgiving everyone !

Let's see what our Possibility is as we move to close 2020 and move ahead to 2021 

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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Who's got my pickle????

Well, this crazy time has definitely not done much for my positive outlook on life. That said, through collaboration and connections, I am coming back to myself. It's been some time and we played the catch up game several months ago .... now I feel I can finally come back here. I thank you all for being loyal "eyes" on this blog and now we can continue to grow !

What better way to start back than celebrating National Pickle Day ! Woo Hoo !!!!

So what are the benefits of pickles?

I Remember using pickle juice to help with overnight leg actually worked....

So who's got my pickle???   LOL

 According to google.... pickles can help with digestion. They are full of good bacteria known as probiotics. Cucumbers are high in an antioxidant called beta-carotene, which your body turns into vitamin A.The high vinegar content in pickles is said to boost fat burning abilities and improve and promote overall weight loss.....So let us celebrate National Pickle Day today !!!

( if you are not a pickle fan, hang on and we'll do something sweet soon ! LOL)

....Again thanks for being loyal viewers of this blog....    

                                           WE ARE BACK NOW FOR SURE !

We are also updating our web page so bear with us at this time and I will have a new link for you soon to check out all things  #4ASTAR  #AVASEYBAGZ and more ! Great to be back.....

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Balcony Blogger "Catch up " 1

So now we play the "catch up" game as I have content that's been sitting around through many different situations.... We are on a motivation trip and are ready to get back into things even if that may be only on line....

I have got serious ways to make money on line while we wait out the crazy unprecedented trip the World is taking right now.... We will be growing 4 A STAR with a brand new website and new things to offer everyone... in the meantime, let's get caught up in here.... so we go back to our Kindness event. We covered this event last year and now we bring you some new content for the event that took place in November.  Hopefully, we will be doing this again in November coming and all of this will be behind us....

So Red Bank NJ is the way we kick off National Kindness week. It starts with the streets being blocked off for the cool "Dance with Kindness" event.  People can register on line and learn the dance to participate in.... then everyone rehearses on a back lot... and then the dance explosion begins....;

Heading up the Red Bank event is my good friend and business associate TereseRolke....

find her on Face Book and tell her Ava sent you to find out more about Kindness week.... Here are some highlights from the event....

Well, I must say we have all been through something historic between November and now.... let's look to the future ....join us in November when we hope to Dance again in Red Bank !

Enjoy !

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Hang in there.....

Well hello hello hello.....

Wow ! Are we all going through it or what?  Between whirlwind "stuff" and all the new "stuff" going on now.... it's a wonder I can even get in here..... We have A LOT of catching up to do and with people staying at home for the most part, maybe we can provide some interesting reading...

For right now, I want to just speak to the matter at hand. Whether you are working from home, working out in the public, serving the public or not working at all ( and going crazy).... just take it one moment at a time, one breath at a time...

I have no idea what our "New Normal" will look like or even when it will look like.... yet stress is a factor that can make everything worse....

The best we can do right now is do what we feel is right in our heart and stay clean....

WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY ( and at least 20 seconds.... singing Happy Birthday twice or going through the alphabet will give you the proper time to wash your hands)


STAY HOME IF YOU CAN... Or if you go out, follow guidelines and social distance....

All of these things are said to keep us safer and avoid spreading .

I am no expert yet I am watching and learning.... find actual facts...don't buy in to some of the stuff that is just not true ! Use trusted sources for your information....

That all said....we are in this together and this will pass at some point so Hang in there....

In the meantime, I will be back tomorrow with much needed catch up !

Stay safe and be well..... make sure you breathe.... do some light exercise....go for a walk around your house or development.... do a hobby...get in here and read -  LOL

Love ,

Your International Blogger


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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Let's talk Turkey !

Wow ! I can't believe Turkey Day is here already.  Let the eating and shopping begin ! LOL

 Many of us have said we thought 2019 was a horrible year...Let's stay focused on what we are thankful and grateful for and let's look ahead to better times. I know there are close friends of mine, family, and even our own family going through "things" as we round out 2019....

Let's support each other where we can and know that there is a higher power guiding us no matter how we believe in it. For now, relax ....keep calm and Turkey on !

For those who are vegetarian or vegan, check out Tofurky products.... totally Vegan and Kosher !!!!
*just google tofurky   ( or click the link I enclosed for you... :)  )  Oh and don't forget about the butterball hotline if you need any questions answered about your Turkey !
 ( The hotline comes right up at the top of the web page)

So a little Turkey humor as we approach Thanksgiving !

So a little Turkey humor as we approach Thanksgiving !

Y'all have a wonderful Day !

Enjoy !...

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