Monday, December 1, 2008

2 great people with 2 great businesses !

Hi all,

This is Ava and today we allocate time for 2 great people, Whitney and Lois.

Whitney is a great gal who has a business called "My jewels by Whitney". Recently, her earrings made it into an ec0 friendly magazine and to celebrate this, Whitney is having an event tonight at Sonsie Restaurant in the Pier at Caesar's ( Atlantic City). You are welcome to come out ! There will be free appetizers and reduced drink prices . I will be there too and we will be set up from 6pm-8pm. Whitney's jewels are all hand made. They are a combination of fine crystals and rare beads ! Her jewelry is gorgeous so pass it along. Better yet, come out and see for yourself tonight at Sonsie !!! Whitney's web page is You can also contact me for any information on Whitney's business.

Lois is also a wonderful person who has a business called "Razzle Dazzle Roses". You can not believe that Lois' roses are artificial. The cool thing about her flowers is that they are not only made out of silk, but many are made out of shaved wood ! She even has some made out of feathers ! Her wood pieces also come with a scented oil bottle so you can drop oil in the center of your flower and give it a great scent for quite some time. Lois specializes in weddings but can be available for any of your personal or corporate functions. She sets you up by appointment only as her work is quite exclusive and she wants to give you the best possible service. You can meet Lois tonight at Sonsie as well if you like. She is making some wooden Roses for Whitney to hand out to some very special people. Lois's web page is You can also contact me for any information on Lois's business.

Lois and Whitney do not know each other. This is a perfect example of people helping people today ! Learn more by coming out tonight or going to my web page which is

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I couldn't get in here last week due to appointment obligations. So enjoy this week and come out to Sonsie tonight to meet us !!!