Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 149

So today, look at that.....waaaaaaayyyyyy berfore midnight !!!!  I was checking out some video clips on You Tube..... I was actually screening an audition for a new upcoming reality series..... SHHHHHH !!!!!

That's all I can say about that !  In the meantime, I ran across some of the things I enjoyed listening to over the last few weeks ..... you may recognize at least one of these as I'm sure I have blogged about it before. I just think these people, this music, and the ideas presented are so powerful..... if you don't see it in the clip....go back and research a little..... some of the back stories are truly amazing and I am honored and blessed to know these people, work with some of these people, and be a part of their journey as they are a part of mine.  Great few minutes of joy today !!!!!


PITCH PERFECT CUP SONG   as seen on David Letterman

Rory London



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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 148

So I got in here at 11:45. I was so excited I was going to post before midnight ! Well it is now 1:25 and I have an 8 AM meeting..... go figure !

I actually did a lot today on the road..... was in Long Beach Island visiting our partners in
 Foxx Code Magazine.... they lost their home in Hurricane Sandy so staying on track has been a little crazy. We are all moving along though.... forward.....

Then I met Mari and Viv and we drove to Philly to see the "Please Touch"  Museum....

I have never been to this Museum in Philly. One of the things I found out was that the structure that they are located in now was home to the World's Fair exhibits..... it was really special to view that space today....

I think I had my break away moments though perusing the channels on You Tube and listening to some great sounds.....

I just want to leave it at that for now and I'm heading to bed.
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Day 147

We are now up to 18 followers and over 4100 page views since we started the challenge. Very interesting. I can see where the views come from and they are from all over the World. Thank you to those of you following and to those viewing. Remember it doesn't cost anything to "join" or follow the page/site.
Google is a great place to be................

So I sat still for 5 minutes ...... I took in the hard rain that was hitting my roof top. I just stilled my mind from all the running and all the "falling asleep".... LOL

I listened to the rain.  A lot of times when I meditate , I do it to the shower running..... just for 5 or 10 minutes. It's such a cool feeling to listen to the water falling.

This time it was the rain outside. And although I don't consider this particular time a real meditation.... it was a relaxing 5 minutes to just sit still and listen to the rain.................

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 146

Aghhh!!!  Fell asleep again with the taxes receipts in my lap. Can't wait for THAT to be done and set up a better system for this year. LOL

I had to wonderful honor and pleasure to be on blog talk radio with my good friend Sandi Tuttle. The main topic of discussion was Indie Authors....

You can LISTEN TO THE SHOW  if you like.... it was fun. We got to chat about several other things too including events, fashion, etc....

This is something I LOVE to do, radio interviews and the like.... That was a great break for me as I don't get to do them that often.

What did you do ?

Enjoy !

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 145

So Sunday is our Day of Change..... ( scroll back to see what we do on Sunday's....before Day 1)

I know this is a day I want to keep as a family day, a whatever day etc.... for all of you ! It's not one of my OFF days so I wanted to share something very cool with you today. I also have to say I'm extremely excited to be getting a post up before 2 AM.... LOL

I happened to go to a Literary Series Lunch today locally. It was the first one of the series and came from the brilliant mind of Terri from the Point Diner. The room was paced , lunch was great, tables were set up beautifully and we got to listen to one the brightest "Stars" I know out there today..... Lynn Bardowski.
Native of the area and friend to Terri and and myself.... what better way to start this series off than with the MILLION DOLLAR PARTY GIRL ! Many familiar faces were in the room too, like Dr. Martin Brown and his wife Joy....Winnie Anderson...... Kinko Hamilton with her husband Scott and son Hugo.......... Janet Garraty of Go Jane News and a few others that I knew..... the house was packed !

I have to say that whenever I hear Lynn speak, she always finds a way to bring a tear to my eye and goose bumps to my arms...... I just think our visions are so similar and I am so truly proud of her. She is one of the most giving people I know. Take a moment to enjoy her book.  I'm sure you will agree about the passion for life and what it can hold for all of us. Lynn has a wonderful way of putting a picture in our heads to do just that....  Check out her WEB PAGE  and see why Lynn Bardowski is the Million Dollar Party Girl.

The day was perfect and  the Point Diner, with Lynn as the launch of this series, is a new place for people who like to read, or write for that matter, where we can mingle with like minded professionals . Thank you to  Terri and the staff involved at the Point Diner. This series is sure to be a # 1 Best Seller......Just like Lynn is !

I so enjoyed my few minutes away from the norm today..... even on our day of change !

Enjoy !

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Day 144

Today we got to spend a few hours doing a catalogue shoot with Miss India.

This was especially designed to make a viral video and shoot inviting colors and styles for motives cosmetics. It was a lot of fun working with Stevi and Nigel and of course, India.

You can check out the motives line HERE and tell them Ava sent you. At the undisclosed location, I got to sit at a gorgeous baby grand piano (brings back wonderful memories) with real Ivory keys. (Not the Iveloid keys they use today)

I can't say where we were shooting however it was an awesome feeling to be working with people close to entertainment greats. (including the late Michael Jackson).....

All of us are involved in putting together some unique things to come. Motives is a big part of what we do, especially with our models. This was a great break relax and enjoy the shoot.....

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 143

Wow ! We are at 4100 Page views to current..... Very cool Thank you for checking us out and taking the "Balcony Blogger Challenge".....

So today was a strange day. Things were just swooping down and around and it wasn't til the dinner time hour ( well what you may consider a normal dinner time hour) that I was able to relax a little with some great friends.

I had planned a dinner engagement with some friends I knew when Brie ( my daughter) was little. We used to live next door to them and on many occasions, Vicky would watch Brie for me. It was nice to have such nice people as neighbors. Vicky and Frank became like part of the family. Vicky used to decorate so cool for Halloween..... she would even stand outside dressed in whatever theme was going on that year, and hand out candy. We used to love stopping at "Aunt Vicky and Uncle Frank's " House ! LOL

So since we moved, we haven't really seen them much. I happened to be in their area one day and saw the car in the driveway.... I stopped in.... and it was like old times. We made these dinner plans for the middle of this week....... in checking those plans, both of us had to re-schedule. So I'm sitting in dunkin donuts at a meeting and I get a call from Vicky..... As soon as I heard her voice I was like, "We were supposed to have dinner tonight , right?"

We scrambled.... and turned a hectic day into a great time with some old friends. It doesn't matter how you make the change in your day, or how you figure out how to do something different or something you haven't done before..... just figure SOMETHING out and do it.......when you look back, it will be so gratifying. We actually made plans again for the near future.
Enjoy !

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 141 and 142

So I'm posting for both days here..... I got my stupid cold back so I've been sluggish for a few days....falling asleep here and there and still trying to keep everything going.....

I had the opportunity to visit again with the Philadelphia Entertainment Network....better known as PEN....
A few times a year the New York Film Festival comes out to share things going on in film and in the industry. This is the 3rd time I've visited with the NYTVF.

It was so nice to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones. This group is so fabulous. You can find them on Facebook where you will also find the Atlantic City Entertainment Network. Here , the events and happenings are always posted. I am looking forward to when we can make the ACEN a physical monthly gathering as well.

Enjoy checking these things out....... do something fun this week !

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 140

So late last night, I fell asleep again in the middle of work. It just gets hard to stay up late and be up early. LOL
what I did for the first time was go to a site called EVENT BRITE. (as an organizer) Here you can set up an event and have guests print tickets for it right at the site. Even if the event is Free.... In this case there is a ticket price for our Fashion Event. People can pay via pay pal or however you set it up and the event brite company gets a small fee. Easy Pisi....

I have never used this site before but I've had a few friends use it lately for events. Both seem to like it. I'm on the fence as I had some small problems setting up the event. I think I was able to figure it out.....

Check it out and see for yourself. You can navigate in there and just play around on the site. Nice way to spend just a couple of minutes and gain some insight as to the new things on line available to us.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 139

Sunday................OUR DAY OF CHANGE..................

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Staying with the theme of the "Good Better Best " event..... I got to do something really cool today.....
Now mind you I've been in the Foundation room at the Showboat many , many times and I run several events a year in that gorgeous facility.....this time I got to see it from the Pleasure side....

I was invited to the "members only" party. Now they do this members party about 3 times a year.....
This was the first one for 2013. I am actually a brand new Foundation room member so this was my first event like that.  I loved the Karaoke band they bring in from N.Y.   I got to meet Brandon who runs the band. ( and is the lead singer). That's really different than seeing it done with machines. Very interesting. I am now looking forward to the WHITE party they do in August. That is where everyone wears white....

Great experience in a great place.....

What did you do this weekend????

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 137

Oh how I just love it when I'm so "crashed" that I fall asleep over things...... Lately it's been crazy. Can you relate? Who does this?????  LOL

Ok....back to reality.... I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the beautiful TUTU that is being made  for our adorable little 6 year old models for our Fashion Event. Our event is taking place on March 29th from 6-9 PM at the Foundation Room of the Showboat Casino, Atlantic City, NJ
This is event is entitled "Good Better Best"..... you know the saying right?

Well the event is on Good Friday Evening..... so make your GOOD Friday BETTER, by coming out and having the BEST time with us......

Anyway, we have 2 six year old models that are going to open up the show. They are wearing TUTU's from TuTu Sassy boutique here in Smithville.  Stephanie , the owner, hand makes her TuTus and makes them for all ages..... in fact one our Teen age models wore one to her prom....

This was a few minutes well spent as I got to see some beautiful garments in the shop at TuTu Sassy !
Located at Historic Smithville, Village Greene Shop #86

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 136

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Steve Wyrick Magic show at the Golden Nugget A/C.

The show was very good. I mostly enjoyed the very casual yet powerful audience connection. Steve has a way of making you feel very comfortable being part of his audience. His amazing magic yielded a standing ovation. Great way to take a break and enjoy Valentine's Day !

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Day 135

Well...........I'm not combining days today. I have been very good at meeting the daily challenge. That said, just haven't been so good getting them up before midnight recently. Just been so tired, leaving my house early and getting home very late.... I even missed Idol last night..... on demand here I come..... well, as soon as I get a chance.... LOL

Don't get discouraged. Stay with the challenge. It will be so rewarding as you do something interesting every day.... just  5 or 10 min. if that's all you have.

So I'm getting this up early and later I will do today's..... posting is the harder part. ( probably why there are very little comments).... we are almost up to 4,000 page views..... WOW.....

So I had the unique opportunity to visit with the ARTLANTIC group. ( Fung Collaboratives)

 Showing us one with nature.........................

These beautiful images are of Art,  that is created all around the world, to fill empty parcels of land and beautify it.  Well wait, that third picture is just a parcel of land ! (and it doesn't look so hot)
That is the newest site for the fun collaborative art project.........."Glorious".  Stay tuned as we will be able to share that with you when it is completed.  You can also see a VIDEO TOUR on their page.

The "Noah's Ark" themed space was the first one brought to Atlantic City. That is called "WONDER". It was extremely humbling and beautiful to stand in the completed Art section of the city with children, adults, festivities and beautification. It is truly amazing what is being done.  Thank you Laymen, Lance, and the Fung Collaborative team for bringing all of this Art to life !

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 134

Today I got to do something I don't get to do that often. That was do  a little "networking" training at my meeting......

It was fun. Several trainers for our annual SOUTH JERSEY NETWORK training.....

My topic was one-on-ones and building successful business relationships....I had a good time adding to what I already know about one on ones.... I found these sites with cool articles on them from

Check out SOUTH JERSEY NETWORK. You never know what kind of surprises await you in our group. What a great bunch of business professionals!

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 133

Wow....5 min. before midnight!!! LOL

Today I had an interesting experience. I went to a small meeting at a friends home about a water purification machine that is used in virtually all the hospitals in Japan.....
It actually separates the Alkaline water from the Acidic water and I learned some of the differences. I learned that you can even clean with the Acidic water.  I learned about pesticides that linger on certain fruits and veggies.... like blueberries, and grapes.

It's amazing when you can actually taste the water. I really enjoyed the experience......

Change your water, change your life was the Slogan I got from Representative GUS....

contact me if you'd like to reach out to someone about this product.

I couldn't believe all the stuff I heard and saw about the water we put in our bodies.... and I only went to be a supportive role for another friend who invited me. I'm so glad I went, saw, and mingled....

Enjoy your day/night !

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Day 132

 Sunday is our Day of change..... How are you all doing with that?

My newest goal is to stay on top of this blog challenge..... and get the posts up before midnight....instead of trying to work on them in the wee hours which sometimes spills into the actual daylight of the next day !

Sunday is our easy one ! We should all be able to work on that one.  Scroll back so you can see what Sunday is all about in this blog challenge.....

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 131

So each day I've been exploring events and happenings ( and the last 2 are out of order... LOL)..... sometimes, as you can well see, they are business related but something I don't get to do everyday. Make sure you keep all that in mind. Sometimes, they are just fun things to break up the day. We all need that too.... go back and see when we started the challenge, all the things you can do to make your day special.
This time, I spent 5 min. with a few people talking about those silly "hand" things we did as kids.... like rubbing you belly and patting your head at the same time. How about harder ones, like making big circles in front of you with your hands except the right hand goes one direction and the left hand goes the other..... Here are a couple of things I pulled off You Tube that fit right in.
Enjoy !

(Yeesh....couldn't put the links in at the right time because I WAS DOING IT WRONG! ) So here we are....

David Letterman w/ Anna Kendrick and the cupping song....

Cup and Hand Clapping Game

Now mind you when I was doing the hand clapping in the school yard.... there were no cups involved. Even though it's still a simple task, it is much more evolved I do believe !

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 127, 128, 129.....
Well, I definitely kinked the chain this week. LOL.... falling asleep over the computer and spending hours trying to figure out google doc/drive to get the rest of my book to my editor......

I will mention this week when we do our "end of challenge overview".... Yikes !!!!!

I can't event begin to describe the last few days.....I can, however, describe today and my few minutes was worth every minute.....

I decided to ride up to Betty's house (Art's Mom) with Art and surprise her for her birthday. It worked out so great..... we found out yesterday she would be home ( and that's always a chance). I called her on the phone 5 min. before we got to her house.  She was cracking up when she opened the door and saw us there just after she spoke to me. Seeing her expression and her excitement to see us was worth the hour drive for a short visit.....

We had  a great visit and ended it with candle-lit Dunkin' Donuts !

Celebrate with those you love....even if it's just a short visit !

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 130 this is my day to have a "do anything" day. I am really trying to stick to my guns for my Monday office day and my Friday "do anything day".... well , mostly I worked on the computer today but did it in a relaxing way.... no stress, took my time with anything I wanted to do today..... It was pouring rain anyway as we await the outcome of storm NEMO.....

Today I went to a site,   and tried this cool game.... Tropix Puffer Popper.... it was so cool... you have to pop these bubbles that you shoot out of a crabs claw, before they line up and flatten your castle !


Ok...... I spent my few minutes well !

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 126

Weekends are so tough for me and I get so backed up on Mondays...... I set it aside for an office day. I started on the computer at 9:30 AM and got off of it at 10:15 PM............. was going to watch a little TV and fell asleep on the couch for an hour !  Just beat up these past few days......
I did, however, take a break for a slice of pizza, a break to read just a little........., and a break to do my 5-10 minutes of relaxation or whatever.............

I found an article, actually Art showed it to me, and I took a break to read it and think about life.

I don't know A LOT about one sport.....but  I know  A LITTLE ABOUT ALL SPORTS......... I love sports. I ran track in High School and loved volleyball. My Dad taught me how to shoot a basket and I remember that like it was yesterday. He truly loved basketball.  I love watching sports movies and even movies just around sports. I love watching sports..... I have to ask a lot of questions for I never got into any ONE sport totally............but I just love all sports. Needless to say, I'm a huge Olympics fan.

We lost one of our sports figures............. a woman who was the inspiration for the Character that Geena Davis played in "A league of our own".  It was a cool movie...... I took the time to read the article and see how wonderful it was to know that person existed .  As my friend JD says it best.... Enjoy your life. It is too short. Do things that you love. Be around people that you love and share your love and your life with others.
Love you JD.....

"We played every night of the week," Paire-Davis said, "doubleheaders on Sundays and holidays."
She won championships with the Racine Belles, the Grand Rapids Chicks and the Fort Wayne Daisies, but she never actually played for the team featured in the film, the Rockford Peaches.
"That's Hollywood," she said. "They had to take 10 teams and 12 years and make it into two hours."
The league was "temporarily suspended" in 1954. Play was never resumed.
Davis said his mother spent much of the rest of her life as a sports fan — she rooted for the Dodgers, Angels and Lakers — and an advocate for her favorite game.
"She taught me how to switch hit when I was 3 years old," said Davis, one of two sons, a daughter, four grandkids and an older brother who survived Paire-Davis. "She touched a lot of people around the world with her baseball exploits. She was a great ambassador for the game."
Paire-Davis said, looking back from 1995, that she couldn't "honestly tell you I knew the history we were making back then."
But, she said, "I can tell you we knew we were doing something special."

Well I had pulled some other general sports photos but can't seem to locate them..... LOL..... 
I think you get the idea........ 

Enjoy your life and take those 5-10 min. to peak your interest, find something new, or just relax.... 

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Day 125

Sunday............Our Day of Change.............scroll back if you are not sure what this is !

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 124

Posting pics post to follow....will be coming from another computer so I'm getting the pics in now..... maybe it'll have you thinking..... LOL

Ok....I'm back ! Did you miss me ? Hahahahaha

Above is New Jersey. LifeStyle Magazine where I met Bill and Barbara today....(owners of LifeStyle Mag.)
             .....we talked about our magazines....LifeStyle and Foxx Code.....                        
                                I also met Diane from Mystical Enchantment Gardens who is also an author !            
                                We talked about our books.............                    


We did this all at my favorite coffee house, Barista's..... and that's where it all began......

I went to Barista's to have that great cup of coffee with Brie.... and by the way Mark, the pizza bread is amazing !...... and these nice ladies were looking for a table as all the tables were full. I invited them to sit with us (we were only using 2 chairs at a nice big round table.)  That's how I met Diane . ( From Mystical Enchantment)...... when they left, Mark and Debbie of Barista's, introduced me to Bill and Barbara of Lifestyle magazine........... both meetings were unexpected and fun...... great conversation, great food, great coffee. What more could you ask for......Excellent break from the day !

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Day 123

Funny, I'm so crazy about numbers ( just in the way they show up in my life) !  We are at day 123....that is the birthday of the newest little star we signed to my company,  OLIANNA ROSE.... birthday 12-3..... (123)

You are a STAR, my love !!!


Today , after the snow cleared up (good thing), I went to have lunch with a couple of friends that I hadn't seen in awhile. It was great to see them and catch up a little.

People come into your life for a reason , a Season, or a lifetime.... didn't we say that here once before ? It's so true.....

Peggy and Jean are those in for the lifetime. We have spent some great times together . Even now, as our lives go in different directions from when we met..... we still have a wonderful bond of friendship !

Pick up the phone, or better yet, have lunch with a friend. Never let those sweet moments pass you by !

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