Sunday, February 24, 2013

Day 145

So Sunday is our Day of Change..... ( scroll back to see what we do on Sunday's....before Day 1)

I know this is a day I want to keep as a family day, a whatever day etc.... for all of you ! It's not one of my OFF days so I wanted to share something very cool with you today. I also have to say I'm extremely excited to be getting a post up before 2 AM.... LOL

I happened to go to a Literary Series Lunch today locally. It was the first one of the series and came from the brilliant mind of Terri from the Point Diner. The room was paced , lunch was great, tables were set up beautifully and we got to listen to one the brightest "Stars" I know out there today..... Lynn Bardowski.
Native of the area and friend to Terri and and myself.... what better way to start this series off than with the MILLION DOLLAR PARTY GIRL ! Many familiar faces were in the room too, like Dr. Martin Brown and his wife Joy....Winnie Anderson...... Kinko Hamilton with her husband Scott and son Hugo.......... Janet Garraty of Go Jane News and a few others that I knew..... the house was packed !

I have to say that whenever I hear Lynn speak, she always finds a way to bring a tear to my eye and goose bumps to my arms...... I just think our visions are so similar and I am so truly proud of her. She is one of the most giving people I know. Take a moment to enjoy her book.  I'm sure you will agree about the passion for life and what it can hold for all of us. Lynn has a wonderful way of putting a picture in our heads to do just that....  Check out her WEB PAGE  and see why Lynn Bardowski is the Million Dollar Party Girl.

The day was perfect and  the Point Diner, with Lynn as the launch of this series, is a new place for people who like to read, or write for that matter, where we can mingle with like minded professionals . Thank you to  Terri and the staff involved at the Point Diner. This series is sure to be a # 1 Best Seller......Just like Lynn is !

I so enjoyed my few minutes away from the norm today..... even on our day of change !

Enjoy !

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