Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 126

Weekends are so tough for me and I get so backed up on Mondays...... I set it aside for an office day. I started on the computer at 9:30 AM and got off of it at 10:15 PM............. was going to watch a little TV and fell asleep on the couch for an hour !  Just beat up these past few days......
I did, however, take a break for a slice of pizza, a break to read just a little........., and a break to do my 5-10 minutes of relaxation or whatever.............

I found an article, actually Art showed it to me, and I took a break to read it and think about life.

I don't know A LOT about one sport.....but  I know  A LITTLE ABOUT ALL SPORTS......... I love sports. I ran track in High School and loved volleyball. My Dad taught me how to shoot a basket and I remember that like it was yesterday. He truly loved basketball.  I love watching sports movies and even movies just around sports. I love watching sports..... I have to ask a lot of questions for I never got into any ONE sport totally............but I just love all sports. Needless to say, I'm a huge Olympics fan.

We lost one of our sports figures............. a woman who was the inspiration for the Character that Geena Davis played in "A league of our own".  It was a cool movie...... I took the time to read the article and see how wonderful it was to know that person existed .  As my friend JD says it best.... Enjoy your life. It is too short. Do things that you love. Be around people that you love and share your love and your life with others.
Love you JD.....

"We played every night of the week," Paire-Davis said, "doubleheaders on Sundays and holidays."
She won championships with the Racine Belles, the Grand Rapids Chicks and the Fort Wayne Daisies, but she never actually played for the team featured in the film, the Rockford Peaches.
"That's Hollywood," she said. "They had to take 10 teams and 12 years and make it into two hours."
The league was "temporarily suspended" in 1954. Play was never resumed.
Davis said his mother spent much of the rest of her life as a sports fan — she rooted for the Dodgers, Angels and Lakers — and an advocate for her favorite game.
"She taught me how to switch hit when I was 3 years old," said Davis, one of two sons, a daughter, four grandkids and an older brother who survived Paire-Davis. "She touched a lot of people around the world with her baseball exploits. She was a great ambassador for the game."
Paire-Davis said, looking back from 1995, that she couldn't "honestly tell you I knew the history we were making back then."
But, she said, "I can tell you we knew we were doing something special."

Well I had pulled some other general sports photos but can't seem to locate them..... LOL..... 
I think you get the idea........ 

Enjoy your life and take those 5-10 min. to peak your interest, find something new, or just relax.... 

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