Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 135

Well...........I'm not combining days today. I have been very good at meeting the daily challenge. That said, just haven't been so good getting them up before midnight recently. Just been so tired, leaving my house early and getting home very late.... I even missed Idol last night..... on demand here I come..... well, as soon as I get a chance.... LOL

Don't get discouraged. Stay with the challenge. It will be so rewarding as you do something interesting every day.... just  5 or 10 min. if that's all you have.

So I'm getting this up early and later I will do today's..... posting is the harder part. ( probably why there are very little comments).... we are almost up to 4,000 page views..... WOW.....

So I had the unique opportunity to visit with the ARTLANTIC group. ( Fung Collaboratives)

 Showing us one with nature.........................

These beautiful images are of Art,  that is created all around the world, to fill empty parcels of land and beautify it.  Well wait, that third picture is just a parcel of land ! (and it doesn't look so hot)
That is the newest site for the fun collaborative art project.........."Glorious".  Stay tuned as we will be able to share that with you when it is completed.  You can also see a VIDEO TOUR on their page.

The "Noah's Ark" themed space was the first one brought to Atlantic City. That is called "WONDER". It was extremely humbling and beautiful to stand in the completed Art section of the city with children, adults, festivities and beautification. It is truly amazing what is being done.  Thank you Laymen, Lance, and the Fung Collaborative team for bringing all of this Art to life !

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